An Interview with Harrison Craig

Harrison Craig has been wowing audiences with his voice since 2013. With the release of his third studio album Kings Of Vegas (featuring new interpretations of classics such as Almost Like Being In Love, She’s A Lady and I’ve Got You Under My Skin) displaying a mature sound with swing-inspired direction, this platinum-selling artist (and soon-to-be author) is on a national tour paying homage to the icons he grew up listening to.

Last time we spoke you were working on the Kings of Vegas album – you said it was more in the direction you’ve been wanting to go, about coming into your own and where you want to be musically for the rest of your career. Having now recorded and finished album, do you feel this still rings true?

Yes, I think so. I also strongly believe there’s always room to grow. There was a great quote by Prince and, from not remembering the quote word for word, he was trying to say you should always be looking to grow and expand. You shouldn’t stay in one place for too long, but stay in that line that works for you. Don’t switch to being a metal performer, if that’s clearly not your jam, but don’t stagnate is what he’s trying to get across. That rings true for everything, for this as well. I’m looking forward to going on tour with the Kings, but also growing and pushing that out as well.

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On The Red Carpet with Harrison Craig


I spoke to singer, songwriter and all-around nice guy, Harrison Craig, for the tiniest of minutes, on the red carpet at the Singin’ in the Rain opening night last Saturday.

Harrison, you’re no stranger to singing and dancing in the rain yourself, is it as joyous and momentous as the song, musical and movie makes it out to be?

It is! It’s very much fun when you get on a role, and get to dance and perform – and perform doing what you love. I guess, with this particular show, it’s such a great movie, and now a great musical, and it’s got very talented people in it. It’s gonna be great, so I’m looking forward to it very much!

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An interview with Harrison Craig

Harrison CraigHarrison Craig, the winner of the second series of The Voice, is one of the top performers set to perform Surfers Paradise LIVE – a free three-day musical event celebrating a diversity of genres on the Gold Coast – it really is set to be something spectacular. Currently hard at work on his third studio album, I spoke to the 21-year old about the new record, Mother’s Day, Josh Groban and all things Disney.

You’re performing at the Surfers Paradise LIVE  – what can you tell me about it?

We’ve been rehearsing now for one month and it’s just been an absolute blast! I’ve got a big band coming up with me and we’re going to be doing tracks off my last two albums, and some tracks from my new album that I’m just recording at the moment. It’s a really good place to have this kind of three day event and everyone behind it, the teams, are just great, so I’m just really pleased to be there.

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