On The Red Carpet with Harrison Craig


I spoke to singer, songwriter and all-around nice guy, Harrison Craig, for the tiniest of minutes, on the red carpet at the Singin’ in the Rain opening night last Saturday.

Harrison, you’re no stranger to singing and dancing in the rain yourself, is it as joyous and momentous as the song, musical and movie makes it out to be?

It is! It’s very much fun when you get on a role, and get to dance and perform – and perform doing what you love. I guess, with this particular show, it’s such a great movie, and now a great musical, and it’s got very talented people in it. It’s gonna be great, so I’m looking forward to it very much!

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Interviews with cast/creatives of Singin’ in the Rain

I was lucky enough to attend the media call for Singin’ in the Rain, well, both of them, in fact. I always find interviews interesting, so if you’re interested in what went on with the cast and creatives during the call, read below. You can also see more Singin’ in the Rain related things as seen on this blog.


For more information and tickets, go to: http://singin.com.au/

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