My Coconut Journey

I’ve been reading up on the hype of coconut oil and coconut water and I must say it has me a little curious. There is so much information and testimony out there about the many benefits of coconuts. It’s apparently a very good source of moisture for your hair, skin and overall hydration. However, as you can’t believe everything you read, I decided to test it out for myself. I bought a jar of virgin, cold pressed coconut oil for the purpose of my experiment and tried a couple of different coconut water drinks. Here’s what I have discovered so far: Continue reading

My War on Pimples

For some people it’s a battle, for me it’s an ongoing war.

My skin is fairly good, not overly oily and not usually too dry (unless I’ve been obsessively scrubbing my face and over experimenting with cleansers) but unfortunately I am faced with reappearing acne as well as blemish marks that don’t seem to completely disappear. The problem areas for me are my chin, forehead and that annoying area between the eyebrows. Every time I seem to have a breakout or giant rebel pimple under control I discover a fresh set or new pesky pimple has popped up overnight. *face palm*

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