An Interview with John Williamson

“True Blue” Australian country music legend, John Williamson has never been shy to voice his opinions on topical issues. His two latest singles are no exception or void of controversy: “Pigs On The River” expresses his anger towards irrigators on the Murray-Darling River and “Love Is The Word” about hatred in the world.

Back in October you performed on Crusin’ Country No7: Family Reunion – a specialised cruise perfect for country music fans and music fans alike. How did you find the whole experience?

It’s a lot of fun because it’s the one time a whole lot of country musicians and excellent players too, get together. At the end of the day, when there’s a bar open to anybody who wants to jump up and play, that’s a lot of fun. I only had to work my own show on one day so the rest of it was having a good time with some friends.

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The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with John Williamson


How’s your Deni Ute Muster experience been so far?

Wet (laughs). [But] this is the first time I haven’t brought a Ute. I’ve brought my SS Holden Ute when I had one of those. Then I brought my ’51 Holden Ute; it broke down in a little village just outside here before I got here but they found a part for me. Then I brought my Variety Bash Ute last time – so this is the first time I haven’t bought a Ute. The first one I didn’t, so I think this is my fourth one, might even be fifth one now that I think of it – but that’s not many of 18 years. No one on my crew’s allowed to drink until the show’s over. Then we’ll have a drink.

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