The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with Adam Brand


The Deni Ute Muster marked the end of an era, the last gig in the books, the swan song for Adam Brand and The Outlaws. Originally started as a one off project, having had the idea brewing for almost ten years, Adam teamed up with fellow musicians, Mike Carr, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell and Drew McAlister and thus, a band was born. They realised their self-titled covers album in January earlier this year, as well as the two singles, Good Year for the Outlaw and I Fought the Law.

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The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with John Williamson


How’s your Deni Ute Muster experience been so far?

Wet (laughs). [But] this is the first time I haven’t brought a Ute. I’ve brought my SS Holden Ute when I had one of those. Then I brought my ’51 Holden Ute; it broke down in a little village just outside here before I got here but they found a part for me. Then I brought my Variety Bash Ute last time – so this is the first time I haven’t bought a Ute. The first one I didn’t, so I think this is my fourth one, might even be fifth one now that I think of it – but that’s not many of 18 years. No one on my crew’s allowed to drink until the show’s over. Then we’ll have a drink.

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The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with Troy Cassar-Daley


Continuing with my Deni Ute Muster interviews, we have Troy Cassar-Daley …

It’s such an honour to be speaking to you. Your album Almost Home was the first country music album that I ever bought – so I thought I would start by asking you what the first country music album you ever bought was?

My first little single was this really obscure thing, but when it came time to buy an album I think it was Slim Dusty’s Live at Wagga Wagga. What I really enjoyed was thinking that it was written about me. I said to my Mum, because I heard it on the radio, “I want to buy this Slim Dusty record because it sounds like he’s written it about our home, our place and where we live in the bush.” That was the reason for that.

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