The Mount Hunter Country Music Stampede Files – An Interview with Adam Brand

On July 13th, 1998, Adam Brand released his debut album. Fast forward to 2018, and he’s done what a lot of artists have failed to do before him – and that’s last 20 years in the competitive music industry. Celebrating his two-CD release Milestones…20 years, after a nation-wide call out for unique venues, he’s taking his current tour to big cities, small towns and places he’s never been.

Your latest release Milestones…20 years was released twenty years to the day (on July 13th, 2018) featuring all your greatest hits, like The Anzac, Good Friends, Get Loud, Hell of a Ride and many more. Do you ever get sick of performing these songs?

You hear artists talking about their first songs and singles, and, then, later in a career, they don’t want to play them anymore. They want to play their newer stuff, because they’re sick of playing the old songs. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve played ‘Dirt Track Cowboys’,  ‘Good Friends’ or ‘Last Man Standing’, I could buy a bigger house! [laughs] but those songs are the reason why I’m sitting here today, so, I’m quite the opposite. I don’t get sick of singing those songs; I’m thankful. I count my blessings.

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The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with Adam Brand


The Deni Ute Muster marked the end of an era, the last gig in the books, the swan song for Adam Brand and The Outlaws. Originally started as a one off project, having had the idea brewing for almost ten years, Adam teamed up with fellow musicians, Mike Carr, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell and Drew McAlister and thus, a band was born. They realised their self-titled covers album in January earlier this year, as well as the two singles, Good Year for the Outlaw and I Fought the Law.

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Interview with musician, Adam Brand


Firstly, congratulations on the success of The Outlaws. Everyone seems to be really embracing the idea. I read that you’ve had this idea in your head for ten years or so – why has it taken so long to finally make happen?

It’s one of those things, to get five guys all with a little bit of a break from their schedules all at the same time,  it’s a pretty big ask! I suppose it just had to wait to the point where it happened all very naturally, where everyone was like, ‘Yeah, I’m free, I’m free…’ That’s how I kinda knew that okay, it must be the right time.

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Adam Brand and The Outlaws at Hallam Hotel


Who & What: Adam Brand and The Outlaws
Where: Hallam Hotel, Melbourne
When: 28th January, 2016

Take five musicians, mash them together and what do you get? – Australia’s newest country super-group, of course. I’m talking about the Outlaws, consisting of Adam Brand, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell, Drew McAlister (of McAlister Kemp fame) and Mike Carr (also known as the musical comedy character, Buddy Goode). All talented musicians in their own right – with their own respected fan bases to boot! – it’s hard to imagine how an idea like this could possibly fail.

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