A (romantic) Interview with Adam Brand


I interviewed singer-songwriter, Adam Brand on Valentine’s Day and we talked about all things romance. And although this won’t be included in the final edit, I wanted to share it here before the article goes live. Enjoy the interview, lovers – full article will be up soon x

Do you believe in Valentine’s Day?

No, I believe every day should be Valentine’s Day. People always think you buy roses, chocolates, teddy bears and stuff, but it doesn’t count if you’re not romantic all the other days – people treat it like a get out of jail free card. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t just be nice to your partner one day a year – you gotta keep it up! (laughs).

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?

Putting a rug in the back of the Ute, a little picnic dinner and parked down by the river – that’s my version of romance.

It is likely Leave It On, off your new album Get On Your Feet, will be a part of someone’s romantic plans tonight – how do you feel about this?

I hope so! It was meant for people to get their smooch on! It’s a smoochy song – no use denying it! No use beating around the bush with it! Come on, grab someone, smooch them! This is the song for it! (laughs).

What is your favourite romantic movie?

Even though I’m partial to a romantic song here and there, I’m certainly not into romantic movies very much. A movie that I actually really enjoyed, when it comes to that kind of movie, was Hitch. I thought that was an awesome movie! The next romantic movie after that is Rocky IV (laughs).

What is your favourite romantic song?

Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful. That’s romantic song.

For more on Adam, please go to: www.facebook.com/AdamBrandOfficial

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