The Broadbeach Country Music Festival Files – An Interview with Troy Cassar-Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley has had a mammoth year! Continuing the success of his 2016 release, Things I Carry Around and the autobiographical book of the same name; he took home the Golden Guitar for Album of the Year and was named the 50th inductee into the Australian Country Music Roll of Renown, Australian Country Music’s highest honour. With over 20 years in the industry, he’s headlining alongside one of the band’s he used to open for at the Broadbeach Country Music Festival.

You’re playing at Broadbeach Country Music Festival on July 28th-30th, 2017. What makes the festival so special and unique?

The best thing is – it’s free. It’s got something special going on there. They set this festival up so that it’s accessible for everyone. It’s really important to show everyone where country music is. You can see the whole broad spectrum of where the genre sits. I’m very excited, not only to be a part of that, but it gives people a good introduction of our music. If you’re going to get people to come along, and experiment with your music and with our genre; if it’s free, what a great way to get people to a show to start with!

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An Interview with Adam Harvey

Charismatic, multi-award winning, singer/songwriter, Adam Harvey, alongside buxom poster girl Beccy Cole, have recently released The Great Country Songbook Volume II album, with a tour soon to follow. Following the success of the original 2013 release of The Great Country Songbook and tour with Troy Cassar-Daley; the 2017 release pays homage to some of the greatest male/female country duets ever written.

You released the Great Country Songbook with Troy Cassar-Daley in 2013. Last week you released Volume II of the Great Country Songbook with Beccy Cole.  Did you always have the idea of making a second chapter?

I did. I remember when I did the first album with Troy Cassar-Daley and both of us were surprised at the success of that album. It made me realise that people still want to hear those great old songs. They’re timeless. I went to Troy and said, “Mate, I’d love [record] those great, classic, male and female duets. Troy said, “Harvey, I can tell you right now, there is no way I’m going to sing all those female parts!” I said, “Come on, mate. I’ll put a blonde wig on you, we’ll blow up some balloons and put them down your top – you’ll look just like Dolly Parton!” (laughs) He said, “No, you go and see your mad mate, Beccy Cole (who happens to be Dolly’s #1 fan) and see if she’ll do it with you.” That was how he came about with Beccy – who else can you pick, you know? Beccy and I have been such great friends over the years. She loves that classic country stuff [and] I love working with her! She’s the best in the business.

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The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with Troy Cassar-Daley


Continuing with my Deni Ute Muster interviews, we have Troy Cassar-Daley …

It’s such an honour to be speaking to you. Your album Almost Home was the first country music album that I ever bought – so I thought I would start by asking you what the first country music album you ever bought was?

My first little single was this really obscure thing, but when it came time to buy an album I think it was Slim Dusty’s Live at Wagga Wagga. What I really enjoyed was thinking that it was written about me. I said to my Mum, because I heard it on the radio, “I want to buy this Slim Dusty record because it sounds like he’s written it about our home, our place and where we live in the bush.” That was the reason for that.

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