Interview with Musician Simon Gibson of The Coolites

a2664581741_10Singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer – Simon Gibson is a well rounded performer. He returns to Australia, after living/performing in Vietnam, with the newly-formed band The Coolites and brings you their debut album Caravan Park Summers. I spoke to Simon about living overseas, performing, summer memories and the new album.

You just got back from Saigon. How was it? I’ve never been.

Saigon’s a great place. It’s pretty wild [and] it wears you out. It’s [also] very busy and noisy but it’s an interesting place to live – particularly when you first go there. In the first year or two, it’s actually really really good, but I’ve been there for over 7 years. Having said, I will be going back there in a while for a couple of weeks because I still have a lot of stuff over there. It’s a good place, it’s fun, it’s interesting. It’s another world really.

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