Can True Love Be Found On Tinder?

Can True Love Be Found On Tinder? I got the idea from a review website which gave out paid trial memberships to singles looking for love. I cannot remember what the website was called, but I remember one reviewer saying she approached others yet was completely humiliated because she got no interest back in return.

Feeling inspired, I wanted to see for myself if it is possible to make a romantic connection online. As Tinder is the common acceptable form of finding love these days amongst people my age, I signed up for a three day experiment to see if true love can be found of Tinder or if it only deserves its infamous “booty call” title.

On doing research for this project, I found a couple who met via Tinder who are now engaged. There were also articles (such as here) which spoke of the negatives of online dating. This expanded my experiment to see if I would experience any abuse from potentials.

I had three key rules:
1. I would not include a photo of myself – even if one was requested.
2. I had to be 100% truthful during all communications – IE. no pretending to be something I’m not, like something I don’t etc.
3. I would not judge men on their photos and/or profiles. Each and every man was considered a potential.

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