Can True Love Be Found On Tinder?

Can True Love Be Found On Tinder? I got the idea from a review website which gave out paid trial memberships to singles looking for love. I cannot remember what the website was called, but I remember one reviewer saying she approached others yet was completely humiliated because she got no interest back in return.

Feeling inspired, I wanted to see for myself if it is possible to make a romantic connection online. As Tinder is the common acceptable form of finding love these days amongst people my age, I signed up for a three day experiment to see if true love can be found of Tinder or if it only deserves its infamous “booty call” title.

On doing research for this project, I found a couple who met via Tinder who are now engaged. There were also articles (such as here) which spoke of the negatives of online dating. This expanded my experiment to see if I would experience any abuse from potentials.

I had three key rules:
1. I would not include a photo of myself – even if one was requested.
2. I had to be 100% truthful during all communications – IE. no pretending to be something I’m not, like something I don’t etc.
3. I would not judge men on their photos and/or profiles. Each and every man was considered a potential.

Day 1: I struggled to change my date of birth (it kept insisting that I was 16 years old which, of course, is not true), add photos of myself (even though I had no plans to, figuring out how to add photos was a problem I couldn’t solve) but it was easy to write/change my profile bio.

I then liked each and every person who came upon my screen. Within the first hour of signing up, I already had approximately 30 matches and 10 messages. (For those who are unaware of how Tinder works – you must like them and they must like you in return for there to be a match).

There were some interesting profiles – such as the ones below. – but for the most part, most guys seemed genuine, friendly and, at times, witty. Profile photos seemed to be a mix of selfies, getting drunk with mates, model photos, shirtless pictures, sports, dogs and/or exotic locations.

So far there’s two guys who I’ve enjoyed talking to. They seem honestly lovely and sweet. I’ve had numerous guys send me lame jokes and others who have been downright strange! And I mean REALLY strange! Like wtf have you been smoking strange! I’m finding that most people say they “find my bio interesting” and my “lack of photos only adds to my mystery.”

I didn’t realise this until it happened to me; Tinder locks you out for 12 hours if you like too many people (unless you pay and then you can like to your heart’s content) It is a nuisance in terms of the experiment – but I shall sleep on it and wake to swipe again!

Day 2: I’m hating myself because I’m starting to enjoy it! But I’ve become so lazy, due to the limited amount of daily likes, I am only choosing people based on physical attraction. I feel so shallow. I’ve never been a girl who goes for looks but it’s a lot easier to just like/discard based on appearance. I’ve turned into one of those people I despise. Ugh. I hate myself for it.

I, so far, have been asked twice to share a photo of myself, and some obvious hints (IE I’m curious what you look like), but for now, most guys appear on their best behaviour.

Everyone I spoke to yesterday, I’m continuing to speak to today as well as some new potentials. I’m finding it all very flattering. I find myself wanting to check it often to see how many matches I’ve gotten. Maybe it’s an ego thing – I’m not sure – but I’m always surprised when I get a match based on not having a photo. I thought guys would be more shallow. (Sorry for the stereotype)

Many matches still haven’t sent me a message. Is this common? It seems odd to like someone then not make the first move. I believe men should always make the first move so I’m not going to say a word. I still haven’t had any abuse/negative comments … yet!

Day 3: I woke up the morning of Day 3 with more messages than I can keep up with. Every second my phone beeps with a new message from somebody. It’s getting out of hand. How does one expect to have any kind of life when they are constantly starring at a little screen?

It is my last day on Tinder and I’m regrettably sad – not because I want to stay but because I feel like I’ve made some connections with people that I didn’t expect to. Nothing romantic but definitely friendships have blossomed. I feel like I am Sebastian in Cruel Intentions. I have played these boys for something of a conquest, a challenge, an article, if you will, and I feel sick about it. Do I come clean to my “Annette”s or do I say nothing, close my account and never speak to these people again? That is a very big question.

People seem to be genuinely nice everyday people – though I am well aware that you can make yourself appear to be anyone online – Perhaps they are playing me as much as I am playing them?

In conclusion:

  • Over the three days, despite not having a photo, I received numerous matches and messages.
  • At total count, I’ve had only ten people ask to see what I look like out of the 60-so conversations I had.
  • I was never asked for a booty call or cheap hook up. “Booty Call App”, surely you jest!
  • I received no abuse and/or negative comments.
  • Around 10% of potential matches send messages.
  • One guy liked me enough – not knowing what I even looked like – to ask me for my phone number, another asked if I had Facebook – both of which I did not give out.
  • Can true love be found on Tinder? I don’t see why not.
  • Would I recommend Tinder to those seeking love? As long as you are completely honest and genuine in who you are and what you want, don’t give out any personal details you’re not comfortable with, and ALWAYS meet in a public place after adding researching via social media then it’s a good way to meet people in this digital age.
  • I went into this experiment with the idea that it would be filled with sleaze, sex and lies, and I honestly expected to hate it. What transpired was the complete opposite. I enjoyed the experience and value the connections I made.
  • To the lady who inspired this experiment, I’m unsure why you got no interest back from potential matches, but perhaps give Tinder a go and see how you go there =)

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