Why I’m forever destined to be labelled as a “Crazy Cat Lady”


Originally posted on Cry Little Sister.

I once dated a guy who I later found out was allergic to cats. Did I give up the chance of potential Mr Right for my cat? No, I didn’t, but I knew one day I would have to make a choice – and my cat would always win. Always. Sorry, Prince Charming but you never stood a chance.

Does that make me crazy? If so, sign me up for the crazy cat lady club. I will even put my hand up for president. These days it seems like any single lady who owns one cat or more is labelled as a ‘crazy cat lady’ when clearly that is not fair.

But here’s the thing, when it all comes down to it, having a cat is pretty much like having a man anyway.

When I need someone to talk to, my cat is always there. Sure, cats don’t give any helpful advice and they never really listen – but that’s pretty similar to a lot of men.

When I want someone to keep me warm in bed at night, my cat is always there. Cats snore too loud and they often weasel their way in between your legs – but that’s pretty similar to a lot of men also.

And, unless you’re one of those lucky ones who has a man who likes/does cook, than you’re pretty much in charge of feeding – just like you would a cat. And let me not mention, the most frightening of conditions they usually leave the bathroom in!

Now, I know what you’re going to say. What about when it comes to sex and intimacy? Let’s face it, it’s not really that hard to go out and find someone willing to give you a cheeky pash or one night stand if you’re feeling randy.  Sure, your self worth could plummet, you risk numerous STDs and you could feel like a cheap hooker, but at least your cat will be waiting for you at home to make everything all better again.

– M

This post was inspired by all my crazy cat lady friends out there! We have decided that weekly crazy cat lady meet ups would be a good idea to get us out of the house every once in a while =P Also, note this article is riddled with sarcasm and stereotypes.

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