Celebrity Apprentice Thoughts on S14E2

I’m behind – so bare with me …

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E2

PMs: Kevin Jonas for Vortex vs Kate Gosselin for Infinity.
The Task: To create a commercial for Neat.


I could go into episode details but I won’t because all the good stuff happens in the boardroom. Infinity wins (you got lucky, Kate! You should be on your hands and knees thanking that team of yours!) – and Kevin brings back Geraldo Rivera and Ian Ziering.

Oh Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. Haven’t you ever watched an episode of Celebrity Apprentice? Tut tut. You could have made it close to the end, kid, but instead, you went home way earlier than you should have!

I truly believe that Kevin could have made it to the Top 4, at the very least. He wouldn’t have won, mind you, but he could have come damn close. But when Donald Trump gives you the opening ‘Does Ian deserve to be fired?’ – when clearly Geraldo had no chance of being fired – you must answer yes to save your own butt. This was Kevin’s downfall. If Kevin had said yes, than hallelujah, Kevin is saved! and Ian goes home. Simple.

You could tell that Donald liked Kevin and didn’t want to fire him. He gave him every opportunity to stay. Kevin was not at fault for losing the task. He did a good job – everyone said so. And yeah, Geraldo is annoying and a distraction, but he wasn’t at fault for them losing the task. You simply can’t say that Geraldo had little to do with the task but then point fingers that he is to blame. Donald doesn’t fire like that. Donald was gunning for Ian. He wanted to fire him. Ian, in my opinion, didn’t fight hard enough and that’ll be his downfall towards the end – because I think he will make it to the Top 6 and rightly so! – but he was saved by Kevin.

As for Geraldo, the only way he will be fired is if he makes a huge mistake that causes the team to lose. He won’t be fired for being a pain in the arse. It doesn’t happen like that. I’ve watched a lot of Celebrity Apprentice and you can be the biggest tool in the world, but if you work hard yet not hard enough to get fingers pointed at you, and if you fight – you can make it to the end. I like to call this the Trace Adkins-way of playing the game.

I also feel strongly that no male could outbeat Geraldo. I think only Vivica or Leeza could hold their own against him. I’m not saying that if it came down to Geraldo vs Vivica or Geraldo vs Leeza that Geraldo would go home, but I think they are the only ones who truly have a chance against him. I guess we shall have to wait and see but Geraldo would be better off staying on an all-male team for as long as he can though.

My predictions for the Top 4: Geraldo, Ian, Leeza and Vivica. But anything can happen 🙂

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