Celebrity Apprentice Thoughts on S14E3

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E3

PMs: Terrell Owens for Vortex vs Vivica A. Fox for Infinity.
The Task: To create a product-testing presentation for Luvo.


Well, Vivica, you got some leadership skills! Look at you go! The ladies were smart too in making the product appeal to the every-man. Clearly they learned something from the task before. But Shawn clearly looked ill and throwing her under the bus was uncalled for, Vivica. What’s wrong with you, girl? You get to bus throwing if you lose, not before. And it is kind of tacky to talk about that time of the month in the Boardroom. Just saying. It’s a place of Business, not a Sorority House.

But even so, Infinity wins. Terrell brings back Gilbert and our ol’ friend Geraldo.

Terrell should have gone home, in my personal opinion but Gilbert didn’t fight and that’s why he went home. Gilbert wasn’t at fault for losing the task – but I don’t think anyone wants to hear about how low Gilbert’s wife self-esteem must be so low to have slept with him at least twice for her to get knocked up. The faces on the executives, the Trumps and the diners said it all. Didn’t it? No words necessary … it was just A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

Could Terrell have made Gilbert write a script? Yes. Could Terrell have made Gilbert stick to said script? No. Although, Terrell could have been smart and not let Gilbert be part of the presentation at all. It would have been a real slap in the face, but they may have had a better shot at winning.

Just like Jerry Seinfeld’s philosophy to ‘look to the cookie’, Terrell’s philosophy should have been to ‘look to the Ian’ – because clearly he saw what disaster was about to unfold. Ah, Ian, I adore you. You are my front-runner for favourite.

Any who, Donald, you made the right decision. I for one am happy to not have to listen to that voice again. Period. No pun intended =P

Celebrity Apprentice is on Arena at 8.30pm Mondays. Us Australians are oh so behind.

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