Celebrity Apprentice Thoughts on S14E4

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E4

PMs: Johnny Damon for Vortex vs Jamie Anderson for Infinity.
The Task: To create a four page fitness editorial for Cosmopolitan magazine.


Let me first mention:

  • Love your self(ie) naked is genius!
  • Ian talking about Geraldo taking his shirt off, his wife etc. You are hilarious! I adore you!
  • Donald Trump talking about arse-implants made my night!
  • I think Geraldo enjoyed getting close to Johnny a little too much …
  • Don Jr and Ivanka, my two favourites were back! Always makes for good television!

But onto the boardroom, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, have you never watched the show before? Donald Trump doesn’t like weakness in the boardroom. If you make a mistake, you mention it and move on. You don’t repeat it over and over again because that just gives him a reason to fire you. And not surprisingly – he did!

He didn’t want to fire you – he already said so before you made the mistake of not bringing Brandy back to the boardroom. That was your first mistake. Your second, was mentioning it over and over and over again (which I repeat due to not being able to believe the absolute stupidity I witnessed). Admit it, move on and then throw someone under the bus hard and fast!

Jamie would have been smarter to lay blame on Kate. She didn’t do anything wrong, but Donald kept cutting her off whenever she tried to speak so he obviously doesn’t respect her as a player. Granted, it would have been hard to do because she didn’t actually deserve to be there. Ivanka already called Jamie out on bringing back a weaker player which could have possibly been another obstacle, but a smarter player could have made it happen.

So once again, in the end, he had no choice and the right person was fired. Although, did anyone else get the impression that Jamie had taken a heap of Valium before the boardroom? Either that, or some really good hallucinogenic drugs! 😉

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