Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E10

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E10

PMs: Johnny for Infinity vs Kenya for Vortex.
The Task: To create a photo-bomb campaign for King’s Hawaiian.


Vortex has lost four times in a row. “Win, even if we lose” – Kenya. That’s the team spirit!

So onto The Task:

  • I thought the idea of a photo-bomb campaign actually sounded pretty cool.
  • Johnny says he “stepped up” – which I think he more so was more lightly coached into it.
  • Ian – now one step closer to God after last week’s win is able to get a helicopter – genius! This man has so many resources. Who knew?! Perfect for the “Rise To The Occasion” concept.
  • Ian you loose points for your “Johnny, I think we’re gonna crush them again, Buddy” because it was the PERFECT opportunity to say “gonna crust them again” Come on, you love a good pun!
  • Vivica has turned into Brandi with her comments about Kenya. Oh, snap!
  • “I like big buns” is the concept Kenya comes up with. Yes, I think it’s clever, cheeky and I kind of love it but there’s NO way that the executives are going to go for it – ever. And “Baby wants Buns” – just no. No. What does that even mean?
  • Geraldo – “Kenya your bun is bigger than Vivica’s” … eek Poor Vivica and her smaller arse gets made to hold the coats. Kenya, it’s not smart to leave out a teammate because if you lose, you can’t really blame the task on anyone except yourself.
  • Leeza, what a star! Underlining the importance of brand messaging and during the presentation. Which the executives later called them on – go Leeza! I think it’s going to be hard to choose who makes it to the finale. I still think Leeza, Ian, Vivica and Geraldo will make it to the end – but only time can tell.
  • Kenya, a little extreme explaining that she will not only throw Vivica under the bus but drop the bus on her, get in the bus and run her over with it. And yeah, you can do that – but she won’t have lost the task for you if you lose. So it will not work.
  • #checkmatebitches – Oh Ian.
  • During Vortex’s presentation, I think Don Jr’s face said it all, didn’t it? Total red flag! Courtney didn’t look too impressed either … Although, I do think they had better hashtags as a whole.
  • Vortex will lose and Kenya will go home. But if Infinity surprisingly loses, I think Johnny would be the only one to blame.

The Boardroom:

  • Donald jokes that Johnny is fired for not including the Trump Tower in his campaign. Donald, I adore you! Although, the funniest line came from Erik about the babies being “sexually attracted to your ass” Hilarious!
  • Not even close – well duh! Vortex loses! I wonder how the teams will get shook up next week … someone is moving over to Infinity. My guess would be Ian or Leeza, maybe.
  • I got worried when Vivica started putting the blame on Geraldo as that is a bad move because he won’t be fired. And you could tell that Erik quite liked Vivica. And Geraldo did speak up for her too, which is nice.
  • Vivica calling Kenya a “dirty ass bitch” is a little extreme. I think toxic summed that up quite well … Although Kenya is a good player in the boardroom. She knows how to fight and be sweet and charming even after the bitter end. She fought hard.
  • Don Jr, Donald and even Geraldo all saying that Kenya has been nasty to everyone. Four against one, I’m afraid.
  • What? Firing has now come down to what’s written on Twitter?! Wow!
  • So let’s get into this. Vivica’s phone goes missing during the task. Kenya, in the boardroom, brings up that Vivica tweeted that she’s going through menopause. Don Jr checks it (although Don, why are you not following Vivica already – honestly?! Tut tut) and there is a tweet about menopause. No one really believes when Kenya says she didn’t steal the phone and write the Tweet. I will give Kenya the benefit of the doubt because it doesn’t look very good – it’s all a little too convenient, isn’t it? I think if presented to a jury, Kenya would be found guilty.
  • The main thing is, Donald didn’t believe you and then you start digging a hole for yourself about the task. Donald has no other choice and sends Kenya home – good call too. It was her fault. There is no one else to blame.
  • Vivica doesn’t have anything to say to Kenya. And Geraldo explains that it “is possible” that Kenya did steal the phone. But I guess we shall never know.

Best. Boardroom. Ever.

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