Survivor: Worlds Apart Recap on S30E4&5

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E4&5 (with a little S30E2&3)



  • Woohoo! Vince is gone! Happy days!


  • Oh well hey nudity! We haven’t seen you for a while! Dan you should consider a job as a fashion designer because your underwear-shirt is simply divine, darling!
  • But hey, Shirin, why show your vagina and not your tits? What’s up with that? I wouldn’t want vag juice in my crabs – ehm.
  • Tyler was clearly uncomfortable with the female nudity. But don’t worry Tyler, I’m sure your wife and Shirin will have a good laugh over vag nudity at the reunion.
  • Poor Nina for feeling leftout/voted out. The truth is though, if she wasn’t deaf she probably still would have felt left out. That is sometimes the nature of the game …


  • Jenn got the Idol – can I say yay?! She’s still my favourite!
  • Joaquin calling Shirin a sociopath was classic! “Started with a mouse at 14 ….” Shirin, you kind of made me sick though! Leave the bunnies alone!
  • Dan claims to be so much smarter than he looks. That’s good, because you look pretty stupid. Okay, that was mean and uncalled for. I actually like Dan … for now.
  • Rodney you are SO demeaning! and saying you want to “spank [her] like a baby” is wrong on SO many levels! Please get your arse off my television screen! Jeff is right – you just offended millions of people with your comments at camp/tribal!
  • Lindsey thinks one of the Blue Collars will win the million. I’m only writing this down so I can go back and double check this at the finale. Although it won’t be her because she got voted out. I think it was a smart play as Lindsey and Sierra were two-strong. You should always break up a duo – although, sucks to have Rodney stick around …


  • Mike and Dan rip into Sierra telling her that she shouldn’t be upset because her name was written down. I’m with you, Sierra! I wouldn’t stick with the Blue Collar’s either after that! But I feel for her too that after the switch up, she’s still with Rodney, Dan and Mike. And she’s the only girl in the tribe … fake it til you make it and then vote Blue Collar out one by one!
  • Dan tries to apologize to Sierra to win her back over to “their” side. It is one of the worst apologizes that I’ve ever heard. Dan, is this you being smart (in regards to E4?) Fail. Clearly, you haven’t spoken to more females than Mike. Fact.
  • Rodney please go home!
  • The new tribes are Nagarote (Red): Jenn, Hailey and Will (NC), Shirin, Max and Carolyn (WC) and Kelly (BC). Escameca (Blue): Rodney, Sierra, Dan and Mike (BC), Joaquin and Tyler (WC) and Joe (NC)
  • The new tribes seem very uneven in terms of brawn – clearly blue is going to have the advantage in any challenges requiring muscle – as displayed in tonight’s episode. Red are in trouble! Although both Jenn and Carolyn have Idols, and I’m unsure who is aware of that on either Tribe. Joaquin, I believe, also has one on Blue?
  • Everyone on the Red Tribe takes not to Shirin and Max. Shirin is crazy (as displayed at tribal in regards to Jeff’s “look”) as described in Jenn’s hilarious comments! Carolyn also amused me. Red is now the comedic tribe!
  • Max’s wart, eww! And in their drinking water pot, double eww!
  • At Tribal, it looks like it’s between Max and Shirin – which they seem to have no idea.
  • Max gets voted off. Still happy to have lost the challenge there, Max?

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