The Amazing Race Recap on S26E2

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E2


Damn, I missed the first episode! However it sounds like an interesting concept – maybe they’re trying to steal some viewers from The Bachelor? Who knows – but if they give out roses at the Pit Stop it’s going to look quite fishy.

Thoughts, Comments etc.

  • Why do the racers have phones with them? I guess it doesn’t have internet – but I’d tap into that free wifi whenever I could. Hello Google maps!
  • Does anyone else think Hailey looks a bit like Anna Faris?
  • I have to say, Nagano looks like a nice place! The puzzle box place reminded me a little of 47 Ronin (because that’s my only reference to Japan comes from American action movies! Stupid uneducated Australian!)
  • It’s always funny when someone falls over – as long as its not you or they don’t get hurt … I laughed. Oops.
  • I’d have NO chance to get that puzzle box open. It reminds me of one of those slider box puzzles which I can never figure out. I just rotate the pieces in a square and can never figure it out. It’s pretty tragic!
  • Jeff, you ain’t as good at puzzles as you think you are!
  • Totes funny that that couple missed the train due to recording their video! Oh the irony! I guess having technology on the race isn’t such a good idea after all … they were sent home after all …
  • It always sounds funny to hear people try to pronounce a place that they’ve never heard of. I’m not even going to attempt to spell it even as I have no clue!
  • There’s nothing like a first date feeding each other noodles with a fan blowing on you! How lovely, weird and awkward! Laura summed it up so perfectly. Nothing sexier than being covered in broth.
  • But see the way Jenny sucked up those noodles … I’m unsure what she does for a living but I could see a certain someone having a very successful career in a certain kind of field … if you catch my drift. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.
  • There’s a lot of flirting going on between Jeff and Jackie. It’s kind of adorable and annoying at the same time. But best of luck to them.
  • I don’t foresee Bergen and Kurt feeding each other any time soon!
  • “Noodle Nazi” – funny yet mildly offensive. Jews represent!
  • Also, nothing sexier than a man having broth all stuck in his beard – ala Mike! :\
  • Mike is also a little too unfit and slow – as demonstrated during the “chair” detour. That will come back to bite him later on during the race …
  • The prize for coming first on this leg was some Fitbit gear and other stuff. Sorry Phil, but where’s the holiday?! I miss the real star of the show – the Travelocity roaming gnome!
  • Sorry Anna Faris, but I don’t think you can win … just saying.

Until next week!

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