Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E11&E12

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E11&E12

PMs: Brandi for Infinity vs Leeza for Vortex.
The Task: To create a jingle for Bud Light “Lime-A-Rita”flavoured beverages.



  • Ooh, two episodes. Apprentice, how you spoil me so!
  • “What’s next – poison?” – Geraldo’s response to Kenya stealing Vivica’s phone! Wickedly funny!
  • Usually I watch the episode on record so it was kind of fun to watch the credit’s (as I usually fast forward through them) and be like “oh that person” to all the people I couldn’t remember having appeared on the show this season.
  • Vivica about Kenya: “Thief, liar, snake in the grass” ooh burn!
  • Haha I love Donald Trump when he said to Geraldo “oh, don’t give me that crap! You’re lucky I like you” – see. I told you he liked him.
  • Although Donald should really question Geraldo’s jingle about meeting and picking up Rita at the bar. Also, snaps for his sexual-sounding lyric.
  • I don’t remember what episode it was, but I remember writing that I thought Leeza was maybe the only one who could take on Geraldo. I guess I was right there. Yay me. Called it.
  • Although I thought Leeza taking the phrase “nice over ice” from Geraldo was her way of throwing him a bone – but I guess I was wrong as they used it.
  • Ooh Brandi, I love your hot pink shoes!
  • I actually like Ian’s jingle “might sound crazy, but it’s true” I think it’s quite catchy and kind of funny. But that may be more to do with the La Cucaracha tune more than anything. I know when I think of tropical beverages, my mind too goes to dancing cockroaches.
  • Did anyone else learn what La Cucaracha means from watching The Goonies? Nope, just me. Okay then …
  • Brandi hit the nail on the head though – Ian’s jingle is not original nor creative. But hey, I still kind of like it. So sue me …
  • Johnny calling his jingle a song though is a really bad sign. Because yeah, it isn’t a jingle – it’s a song. And this is why I predict that you will lose the task. Brandi describes the “jingle” as sexy, creative and different. And yeah, it is, but it’s too song-like. It doesn’t have a catchy hook. Has Michael Bolton’s Jack Sparrow not taught you anything?
  • Brandi says Ian is “pouting like a little bitch” because he didn’t get his way. Ian’s reply is to “lead, follow or get out” – which is exactly what she did by not going with your jingle. Fact. But come on cat fight #3 of the season! Brandi vs Ian!
  • If Infinity lose, I think it will be out of Brandi and Johnny. I suppose Brandi will try and throw Ian under the bus though, fo sure. If Vortex were to lose (which I don’t think they will) I’m unsure who would be fired. It’s a tough call.
  • Ooh lots of matchy-matchy outfits during the presentation. Are Johnny, Brandi and Ian aware of the lyrics? They seem quite out of sync. Vivica and Leeza get snaps for their hideous dance moves. I’m not even going to comment on Geraldo’s “rapping”.
  • But I’m pretty sure Vortex has this in the bag.

So let’s talk Boardroom:

  • Donald Trump is oh so right! It’s a bad jingle if you can’t even remember the lyrics to it. Ian is right to doubt that his team won. All the signs are there. But Ian, your team could not have won with your jingle either. Remember that. Stay humble.
  • Although I would like to add during previous seasons where jingles were made, I would continue to have in my head hours after the episode ended. As I type this, I don’t have any. Just goes to show you that past jingles were better.
  • And to no one’s surprise, Vortex comes out on top – with no negatives being said regarding their jingle. Go Leeza for ending the losing streak!
  • Eric, good son 🙂
  • So let’s get into the nasty stuff. Ian, why are you digging yourself a hole that you can’t get out of? If you don’t push your jingle and don’t argue you have a better chance. You should be going after Brandi as the PM. The odds are against her. But Ian, you’re fired!
  • Donald says he liked Ian’s honesty but not his teamwork. Fair call – although, I don’t think Ian should have been fired, just personally. He dug that hole so deep that he couldn’t get out of it.
  • And then, SAY WHAT?! Someone else will be fired!
  • In kind of a bittersweet moment, Johnny and Brandi can’t bring themselves to throw the other under the bus because they are now such good friends. It’s kind of sweet really. And thus, Donald has no other choice but to fire both of them. They were equals on every level.

So why did Donald fire all of Team Infinity I hear you ask.
My thought is this, before the finale every season the finalists are called in to talk to whomever advisers are there. In sort of a job-like-interview, the top two are chosen by the advisers and thus, become our finalists. I believe that Donald already knew this going into this Boardroom. The goal was probably to fire two instead of three people but since the finale is near anyway, it didn’t do any harm to fire three because it is likely that Brandi nor Johnny would have fought hard enough to be finalists in the first place – as displayed during this Boardroom. So really, it saved the advisers talking to four instead of now three.That’s only my educated guess though. I’ve seen every season of the show so I imagine next week will begin with narrowing three down to two.

Sometime around the beginning of the show, I picked Leeza, Geraldo, Vivica and Ian as the four I thought would make it to the final four. I’m happy to have picked 3/4. That ain’t bad. I can honestly say though, I rarely can pick the finalists nor the winner. So thus I’m not going to – although I think I would like Leeza to take it out but if it’s based on fundraising and Geraldo is a finalist, then I think he would be hard to beat if it comes down to numbers … I guess we shall find out though, right?


  • Ugh. A recap show! Apprentice, you big tease!
  • I rushed through most of it but I shall leave you with this – the best.

Until next week!

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