Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E6

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E6


  • Poor Shirin being an unpopular little rich girl. In all seriousness though, I understand what she’s going through and I actually feel sorry for her. It’s hard to be on the outside and not know what you can do to fit in – when most of the time you just really have to stop trying so hard. It makes sense why she went naked in the first place – she wanted an “in” with Max. When you’ve been told to act a certain way, it is often hard to change your ways. She’s going to have to work really hard to get further in the game. Let your guard down, Shirin, and let’s see how you go.
  • Rodney distrusts Mike because he goes to church, doesn’t have sex and doesn’t party. Wow. How incredibly closed minded of you, Rodney! I’m glad you’ve found a fellow guy who likes chicks just as much as you do! Ugh.
  • Oh Sierra, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock being Dan and the hard place being Rodney. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t – but you’ve got to work with one of them. I wouldn’t choose Rodney though if I were you!
  • Ooh I like this reward challenge. Very very cool looking!
  • Joaquin is glad that Max is gone. No more nudity woo! Wait …
  • Can I just say wow?! to seeing the turtle reward. That’s amazing!
  • And I liked Jenn’s optimism that she can win Survivor because the odds are better than surviving as a turtle. (You had to see the episode to understand this, I guess)
  • Everyone seems to be tolerating Shirin at the reward – well, as much as it is humanly possible to do so I guess.
  • Rodney says he has tricks up his sleeve to win the game. Joaquin thinks he is the master of the game and is basically running the show. Tut tut. Never get too cocky or over confident in the game. Always be on your toes.
  • Rodney wants to throw the challenge so they can vote Joe off their team. Mike says that that never seems to work the way the mastermind wants it to. I guess we’ll see.
  • At the challenge, Shirin says she “sucked at that” Ah Shirin, forever the optimist. Perhaps you should keep your mouth shut so the tribe whom is already not fond of you don’t have another reason to possibly vote you out! Just saying.
  • Mike tries to throw the challenge to let his bud Kelly win for red. Sadly Kelly sucks at this challenge which in turn means Mike has to look like a total fool! Yes Mike you did! Kelly now trusts you 100% for letting her win – even if it took forever to do so! Still though, she does have a bump on her head so stupidity is forgiven.
  • So with the challenge lost, it seems like it’s between Joe vs splitting up the “power couple” that is Joaquin and Rodney – with Mike wanting to vote for Joaquin first.
  • I love Joe! Please not Joe!
  • Sierra says she trusts Joaquin and Tyler the most in the game – although that means she has to side with Rodney. Either way, she’s the swing vote …
  • Rodney looks really confused with Joaquin being voted out 4 votes to 3. This will not go down well …

Ooh the merge happens next week! That seems really premature! But hey, let the show properly begin!

Until next week!

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