The Amazing Race Recap on S26E3

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E3


  • Jackie can’t believe that after three short legs that she and Jeff are “already picking out each others underwear” Methinks that’s called love Jackie.
  • And off to Phuket, Thailand we go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Bergen and Kurt have already described themselves as being the same person. This episode we find out that they both like big strong men which neither of them are. Such a shame. Doesn’t everyone dream of sleeping with themselves? No? Bergen? Kurt? Bueller? Anybody?
  • As someone who has slept overnight in an big empty airport (I was in Copenhagen, just FYI) I could vouch for it being creepy!
  • Teams book flights getting in at 4.50pm, 9.10pm, 11.59pm and 9.35am. That’s a BIG difference in times!
  • Hey, Tiger Airways! Good luck reaching your destination in time!
  • That upsidedown house is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I want to visit one day!
  • I’ve watched most if not every season and the ski/tree detour have got to be some of the more cooler challenges! I would LOVE to have a go at tree one day!
  • Hayley tells Blair to listen to her. She got brains.
  • Who doesn’t find the wipeouts funny?!
  • Ooh so many pretty ladyboys! The all male crowd really seems to be enjoying themselves!
  • I think the bad drag dancing has officially taken over from the wipeouts as being the comedy in this episode!
  • Matt looks like he really enjoyed him! Tyler looks damn pretty!
  • Whenever I hear Americans say “fanny-pack” I cringe. Australians would get it. It just sounds wrong … on oh so many levels!
  • “Make the gays proud” hmm … I think they’d be more offended by the stereotype. You’re just lucky it’s a non-elimination leg!
  • Mike and Rochelle hit the mat first. I like this couple.
  • Matt proposes to Ashley on the mat – which is followed by Bergen and Kurt giving up their “date night” How lovely. Love is definitely in the air!
  • Yay! for the travelocity roaming gnome for making an appearance! I love my roaming gnome. I have a mini one at my house. I loves him!

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