Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E13

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E13

PMs: and the finalists are ...
The Task: To produce a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort.


  • Leeza says that the team have been waiting hours upon hours to find out who has been fired. Of course, last week we saw the whole team of Infinity fired but I like to think Donald Trump sat down with a six pack and killed a few hours before he brought Vortex back into the boardroom.
  • When Donald brings them back into the boardroom it’s to find out who will be the finalists. This is different to past years when the contestants have to talk to the advisers. Strange. I wonder why they did that this year.
  • Any who, Geraldo thinks he’ll win the whole thing – as he’s tough, confident and a winner. He also says that Leeza and he have the overall package.
  • Vivica says that Leeza is a better player than she is and deserves to make it to the finale over her. This is true. I thought it should be Leeza and Geraldo myself. But Vivica did bow out gracefully and owned up that Leeza is a “better player than” her. Leeza looked like she was about to cry. Bless.
  • Well, of course, there’s no way that Donald can’t fire anyone other than Vivica after that. But she is right. If the final task is based on money than Geraldo has it in the bag. If it’s based on leadership, then Leeza will take it. I think Geraldo will win just because he is playing the “Joan Rivers” game but I think Leeza deserves it more and I’d like to see her take it out. Having said that, I’ve never chosen a winner – John Rich maybe but I can’t remember who he went up against. But he deserved to win 100%.
  • But I’m getting off track. Vivica leaves saying it was “challenging, rewarding and woo – it’s a wrap!” I thin she will be back to help the finalists.
  • Actually, let me say this right now, I think Vivica, Ian, Johnny and Brandi will return. Maybe one of the Olympian girls too. That’s what I predict.

And onto the task:

  • Donald sends the finalists off on his private jet. I’m so jealous!
  • Geraldo compliments Leeza and then humbly says “Leeza has to say the same about me” ugh.
  • Leeza walks into the War Room and finds her team is: Brandi, Johnny and Kevin.
  • Geraldo walks into the War Room and finds his team is: Ian, Vivica and Lorenzo.
  • Geraldo thinks Donald is playing a cruel joke on him because he butted heads with two of his team mates. And he makes a crack at wishing Brandi was on his team.
  • Leeza thinks that Kevin will be her secret weapon. Johnny thinks that Kevin was a strong competitor. Kevin makes a joke that obviously not everyone thought so. I’m happy to see Kevin back because I thought he was a strong player. I remember saying that when I wrote up the episode where he was fired. He could have made it to the end. I still believe that. I do hope he will return for an All Stars season because he has the potential to go far – as long as he fights for his place and doesn’t try to outwit Donald then he’ll be fine.
  • Kevin also says that he will work just as hard as if he were a finalist – but he also wants to crush Geraldo!
  • Ian too says that he will work just as hard as if he were a finalist.
  • Brandi is glad to be on Leeza’s team because she’s never met anyone so genuinely nice and so inspirational. To be honest, I’m surprised that Vivica isn’t also on her team.
  • Surprise surprise Geraldo wants to feature heavily in the commercial! Did anyone not see that coming? Although “Harry’s World is now your World” sounds incredibly lame! But after meeting with the executives, the team likes “Discover your inner hero” and that becomes their concept with Geraldo playing reporter.
  • Ian remarks that Geraldo can’t work with others. This be true.
  • Leeza marks that Olivia Newton-John is happily flying across the country just to perform for her team!
  • Brandi and Johnny wander off for pizza and beer. Later on during the task, they decide to ditch the team and go on the roller coaster. Upon viewing their action shots, Brandi thinks Johnny “looks like a little kid” and her “boobs look good” which she’s happy about. I wouldn’t go on any of the roller coasters because they all look so terrifying!
  • Kevin seems annoyed at Brandi and Johnny for wandering off because the team has a lot to do. Leeza, on the other hand, doesn’t have time to be upset with anyone’s actions.
  • Leeza gets word that she has gotten a 120k donation – and that’s more money than she thought she would raise during the whole duration of the show. She later gets a 50k donation. Go Leeza! Take it home!
  • Geraldo thinks he can get at least 7 donations and expects 1 from each of his team mates. Geraldo has no fundraising concerns – but he’s not really focusing on the entertainment value which could possibly lose him the task. Although, if he does get Josh Groban, I’d be SO excited! Even if, as Geraldo says, it’s kind of a slap in the face to ask a headline act to perform at last minute for free. But hey, Geraldo, it’s for charity. Remember that. Failing that, Geraldo tells Ian that they may have to sing a song themselves. So please Josh. Please. Help a brother out! Geraldo and Ian dressed as wizards and singing is something I don’t really want to see in the finale.
  • Kevin is worried to shoot the commercial because he went home on a commercial task. Although, even though technically he did – he went home because he fell on his own sword.
  • I think it’s good of Geraldo to make Lorenzo direct the commercial and not Ian because I imagine he would take over – as last time he directed for Leeza. Although, knowing Geraldo he will take over anyway. So I guess it doesn’t make much difference either way.
  • Oh and just as I type that, Geraldo sets up the first shot when Director Lorenzo hasn’t shown up yet. Good thing Geraldo, Lorenzo and Vivica spent all day yesterday working on a set up list. Vivica is pissed, but Lorenzo mimicking her made this all worth it.
  • Vivica thinks that the team is in trouble but as the day wears on Geraldo relaxes and lets Lorenzo do his job. That is until no one tells the PA to get the child actors – and with 30 minutes left to shoot, it’s not looking good for Team Geraldo. Geraldo seems pissy and now plans to take over the entire shoot.
  • In past seasons part one of the finale ends with each team having their problems. For Geraldo, this is obviously what I wrote above. Team Leeza, I’m not really sure if they are having any troubles. I guess it may be Kevin trying to “keep his cool” due to needing to shoot 12 set ups.

Anyway, I like to think that Leeza has it in the bag as I think that she has the whole package and she deserves to win it. Saying that, I’ve said it before, Geraldo is playing the Joan Collins game and may take the win.

Until the finale next week – that’s all folks.

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