Potential is a dirty word

As someone who has at times struggled for months to find a suitable job, I’ve come to an conclusion – potential is a dirty word.

It is. It really truly is. Potential to me is like, “hey, we think you’re totally neato* but you suck just enough that we’re not going to hire you.” It can get really really depressing when you’re constantly told that you have potential for every job that you apply for. I’m not too fond of “we’ll keep your details on file in case a situtable position comes up” either, because, let’s face it, that rarely ever happens! I think my details are on every database possible and I still never receive a call back.

There’s a problem in this country when it comes to applying for jobs when you’re in the middle of the pack – you’re either over qualified or not qualified enough. So they tell you to be enthusiastic to make up for your lack of experience but naturally they’re going to hire Miss/Mr Enthusiastic With Experience. And just because you may be bad during interviews, it doesn’t mean that you would not do a kick arse job in the job.

The job market is so fickle. You may not get hired for saying ‘like’ once during an interview, for wearing too much perfume, for having a tattoo, for having too many piercings, for wearing nail polish, for your skirt being too short. The list goes on and on and on.

So to all my fellow potentials out there, I say this – If you can’t get your dream job; go out and make that job! Work hard. Strive hard. Believe in yourself. And above all else, find your sparkle. It will tell you which path you should take professionally.

*Yes, I was interviewed by Greg Brady.

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