The Amazing Race Recap on S26E4

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E4


* I only saw half the episode as I recorded and the football went over. Damn you sport!

  • I have to say, that date that Matt and Ashley won looked like a pretty amazing date! I’d like to go on that. Although they’re “lifetime of happiness” and smoochy smoochy stuff is kind of sickening. I find PDA all a bit unnecessary.
  • The plane looks like a bird! Coolest. Plane. Ever.
  • I was surprised Mike and Rochelle won the leg too, Mike.
  • The first team started the leg at 3.26am. The last team started the leg at 7.01am. That is a BIG gap to make up! Especially when all the teams – sans the last one – made the 6am flight. I predict that (I don’t remember their names – eep!) the couple with the speed bump will be going home this leg … I guess I’ll find out next week in the recap.
  • “Nipping, nagging, nonsense” – Blaire on Hayley. I predict no romance will come from them. “I 100% agree with that” – Blaire … don’t we all.
  • I also think Jelani and Jenny, as they are always fighting, also have no chance of romance. I think Laura & Tyler and Jackie & Jeff are getting along the best. Bergen & Kurt also seem to have a good friendship.
  • Wow, Bangkok has some CRAZY traffic!
  • I wish this episode was titled “We’re in Bangkok, bitches!”
  • So teams on the boat head to the market that “smelt like dead animals” and eat an 1000 year old egg. Matt and Ashley stop to buy an egg from the first shop they see and “eat it for no reason”. Idiots. That pink/black egg looks really fowl (get it) but at least it didn’t have a beak like previous years …
  • I think we should all take a page from Bergen and Kurt’s rulebook and think it’s “Just like Easter” if we ever have to eat an 1000 year old egg. Although, I too would barf. I couldn’t do it.

And that’s where my recording died 😥 If I Google that leads to spoilers so I don’t want to do that. Sorry!

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