Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E7

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E7


  • Mike sure loves his damage control! Rodney feels so disrespected but he was “too close to the situation” and he shouldn’t “take [it] too personal.” Shirin best summed blue up – “they hate each other but they’ve shown they’ll still vote together.”
  • Rodney though, still feeling disrespected explains bluntly that he was not “trapped in a bromance” – even though every single other person (once tribe merged) thought so.
  • I don’t how Rodney can be so upset when the exact same thing happened to Sierra and she was told to move on and vote with the blues. It’s the exact same thing. And Rodney too now says that the will get revenge on those people who did him wrong. I will speak more about this later.
  • Kelly is with blue until the end!
  • Dan is happy they had a feast! It’s the perfect opportunity to tell your new tribe mates about how you lost your underwear and had to make underwear out of your shirt. Come on, Dan. Don’t let me down!
  • Also, anyone notice that Shirin isn’t taking off her pants anymore?! I relate to her reasonings for this so much.
  • Ooh I like the new purple/black merged buffs! The new tribe name: Merica (as in the red, white and blue America minus the A). Hailey loves it because she wants to work in law and something something about the constitution (forgive me, American politics bore me). Shirin is “horrified and embarrassed” over said tribe name siting it the worst Survivor name in history. She says that even Sarah Palin would hate it and “all kinds of crazy crap comes out of her mouth.” She funny!
  • I forgot that Carolyn had an Idol. I also didn’t realise that she and Tyler were so close. I guess she was smart in telling him she had an Idol. My bad.
  • Day 1 on the merged tribe, Mike is back into action and in charge. We don’t see who was in charge of building the new shelter – but I’m sure Mike would have had a hand in building it. But everyone does good as worker bees.
  • Mike says that he, Dan and Sierra are still strong to Kelly. Why Sierra doesn’t flip is beyond me!
  • I wish I could have screencapped Joe’s reaction when Jenn asked him “is Rodney smart?” Brilliant!
  • The merged tribe stands like this. 5 blue collar. 4 red collar. 3 white collar. One would imagine that the whites are the swing votes. Jenn wants Shirin – even though they can’t really stand having her around. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.
  • Dan gets stung by a jellyfish (or stingray, he’s not quite sure). Naturally, he pees on it straight away and Shirin offers to as well – but sadly she never gets her chance, as former-lifeguard Jenn says to use hot water.
  • Ooh the classic pole Survivor challenge. Dan and Will are the first ones out of the challenge. “Shocking,” Will says. This challenge really isn’t suited to those who are tall, heavy and/or unfit.
  • Jenn gets stung by a bee in a private area during the challenge. “Come on, Life!” she laughs and cries. Still, she manages to stay on the pole for a while longer.
  • It comes down to Joe vs Carolyn. Youth vs Age. Man vs Woman. Blue vs White. Joe wins the battle and immunity is his. Yay Joe! Go “Golden Boy!”
  • Red gun for the Blues. Blue gun for the Reds. Red wants Kelly out. Blue wants Jenn gone (although, they tell Will to vote for Hailey)
  • I think it was Shirin who said that they need to take out the actual threats that is the blues – as there is five of them. So power couples are dangerous, yes, but numbers always win.
  • Mike and Rodney both believe they are in charge of the game and no exactly what every single player is going to do. Mike doesn’t trust Will and believes that he’ll play Rodney.
  • Tyler and Carolyn are two strong swings so they can decide who stays and who goes and “change the game dramatically”. Two-strong couples seem to be Hailey & Jenn, Tyler & Carolyn and Mike & Kelly.  Although Tyler and Carolyn are smart enough to not appear too chummy so as to not be voted off as getting too close.

And onto Tribal Counsel.

  • Will has everyone in laughter for this quote – “Jeff, you might get voted out tonight. Dunno who to trust. Ain’t nobody safe. Hope you got an Idol!”
  • Lots of talk about lines being drawn with an ice pick, chainsaw or knife. Jeff thinks it’s more like a bomb.
  • Joe think it’s “just fun” to “stab or get stabbed” – I guess that’s kind of the nature of the game of Survivor. But this vote will definitely show who is on whose side.
  • Jenn uses her Immunity Idol saving her from going home. Shirin is impressed. Joe remarks “Savage” and Hailey calls her a genius. Yay Jenn!
  • Kelly goes home stunning the Blues.

My thoughts as such.

  • I don’t understand why Will voted Hailey. Yes, this will show that he is indeed with the Blues. But Will would see that he was the only one who voted her and thus the Blues lied to him. So in a way, yes it does show that he is with the Blues but it also shows that they can’t trust him. And in a way, it’s the same thing they did with Rodney and Sierra. They held back information but yet then they want you to forget about that and vote strong with them. It’s a flawed game and only causes doubt and suspicion – and in most causes, wanting revenge.
  • Also I can’t understand why Will would go with Blue. If they’re five strong – you’re the sixth out. Why not stick with the three Reds and be four strong. Shirin is the easy swing to get over to your side and that makes you five strong. Five vs Five. It makes no sense to me and it also leaves Will in a bad place. Because if he wants to now go back to Red, after Blue lied to him, will they want to take him back?
  • Also why vote with Rodney? Seriously. It makes sense to vote out blue before they become part of the jury. If a blue is in the finale, than the blues will vote for the blues. Vote out blue! My only guess is that Will thinks he has a better shot at the end against the blues. This is not the case though. It’s better to go up with two other Reds. Either way, Will doesn’t have a chance to win but he has potential to make it to the end. He’s likeable and not a threat in challenges. He also has no case as to why he should win so it’s an easy number to have at the end.
  • Now, I want to talk about Rodney and Mike for a second. Both believe they are in control of the game. They new exactly who was voting for who and how the vote would go – but they forgot one thing – never get too complacent. Yes, they had no way to know that Jenn had an Idol but still, one should never get too cocky.
  • Next week it appears as though Rodney wants to vote Mike out. Now this in theory is a good idea BUT what happened to staying with the Blues and then voting them out one by one at the end? Rodney is too paranoid. He makes a plan but can’t stick to it. He’s a bad player. I dislike him and he’s not smart enough for the game. I want him gone. I have a feeling they will bring him back for another season. I just know it.
  • I think Red is in trouble. White will fly under the radar. Blue will turn on each other – and that will be their downfall. They’ve made too many wrong moves. Tyler summed it up perfectly about wanting to know all the information (yet he still voted with Blue. So go figure). That is how Blue are playing. They want you to be a part of the alliance but they’re not sharing the information with every one. This just shows that there’s a power couple in the center and they will never truly 100% let you into the fold. Don’t trust Blue. They will welcome you in, use you, stab you in the back, tell you to get over it, welcome you back in but not fully, use you and then send you home.

Any who, my favourite is still Jenn. I still like Joe. So I’m on Team Red!

Until next week!

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