Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E8

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E8


  • “Well played indeed, Jenn” – Mike. He respects her game play.
  • Rodney and Joe think they’re going to run the ship once Mike gets voted out. I hope what goes down is that everyone votes for Mike – whenever it comes to that – he plays his Idol and Rodney or Dan goes home. Actually no. I hope they go home WAY before then!
  • I wondered what they were eating. Turns out – it’s salami. I must have missed when they picked that up. I guess it was when they merged. It looked like they were eating a feast!
  • Rodney thinks “respect is given, not earned” so off he goes to run and punch a tree. As Jenn said, “I f… hate you” You and me both. Ugh. Vote his arse out.
  • And to Dan and Rodney who aren’t even considerate enough to learn Shirin’s name is just plain rude. “Shiree, Shirin, whatever her name is … weed out the garbage” – Rodney “Shirinny. Can’t remember her name because she annoys me so damn much!” – Dan.
  • Sweet revenge when Dan fell straight on his face during the challenge. Although Shirin was by far the worst and provided most of the entertainment.
  • Go Go Joe!
  • Joe, Mike and Hailey make it to the next round with Joe taking the win. He takes Tyler, Will, Carolyn and Shirin on the reward.
  • Rodney doesn’t care because “they’re seven strong” and some other sprouted bullshit. I hope karma comes and bits him in the balls. Have I mentioned that I can’t stand him? He obviously wanted to go on the reward but he had to act like some macho.
  • Joe’s grin on the zip line was that of like a very happy little boy. So adorable.
  • Shirin on Carolyn being on the reward, “dammit. I don’t like her … I don’t want her to eat pizza” Seems fair.
  • Joe picks no blues and Carolyn points out that it was a good pick of people. The problem is it didn’t look like any of them talked strategy. So although it was a good idea to win some favour, it only works if you follow through. But hey, I didn’t know that Joe was playing the game – at least no strategically – so at least it’s something. Sadly, he couldn’t sneak the clue from Tyler. If he had been smart he should have gone to Jenn and Hailey and shared the information about the clue. I’m unsure if he did this but telling Tyler was a bad move. Perhaps it would have been a good move if Mike hadn’t seen them as he could have taken a moment to come up with a story of what he could have said. But, in my opinion, Tyler and Carolyn hold all the power in the game because they are swing votes and they can swing either way with no consequences. I wouldn’t have shared my clue with Tyler – especially if he got the Idol than he and Carolyn would have one each and that would make them very powerful in the game. However with Mike finding the Idol, obviously this is now not a problem. I’m just thinking out loud.
  • Mike playing spy vs spy was quite funny. Cue the spy-esque music in regards to Mike’s mad dash – it reminded me of the mob scene in Beauty and the Beast.
  • Dan insists that he’s just being nice to Shirin even though in his interviews he says continuously that he wants someone to slap her and refers to her as one of Joe’s minions. Dan where did you grow up? How is that considered being nice? Saying that there are two kinds of people who play the game “people who don’t do anything and get voted out or people who do too much and annoy everybody” Guess which person you are, Dan? Annoying arsehole. Ugh. I hates him.
  • Never do I remember hating too people in a season as much as I do this season. I don’t hate easily but I truly despise the kind of ethics and morals these two seem to have – or don’t have rather.
  • Mike says the people who work the hardest are the ones who find Idols. Not always true but I hope this enables him to vote Dan and Rodney out when the time comes. Although his happy dance is questionable.
  • When Joe handed back the immunity necklace; Rodney had his eye on the prize.
  • I’d have no chance at this challenge. I cannot do those end puzzles to save my life. I just can never figure them out. Best of luck to everybody.
  • Methinks that Jeff thinks Shirin is crazy.
  • Joe wins – again! – making him seem like an even bigger threat than he already is! He has to take out viewers favourite. He just has to. As Rodney said, “who wouldn’t want the all American white boy to win?” I’m still on team Joe and Jenn but their futures in the show look bleak 😥
  • Shirin hopes that her weakness is a good angle to keep her in the game. And you know what, it damn well could be. Although she gets on too many people’s nerves for this to probably be a probability.
  • I think Joe, Hailey and Jenn should start a band and call themselves the Tripods. I like it.
  • “Idiot savant – leaning more towards Idiot” – Dan about Carolyn. Tut tut.
  • Sierra says “I would leave my kids with Rodney before Dan” stating that he is “messed up” and the girls speak of starting up an all girl alliance. I for one LOVE the idea and how it goes ahead! Come on Sierra. Make a big move. Get revenge on the blues who so wrongly treated you! “Girls are gonna take you out [Dan]!”
  • Shirin called Dan out on his “fear tactics” during jury.
  • Bless Hailey’s history on flippers having a great historical record.
  • Did it seem like the shortest jury ever in the history of Survivor? It was on and over very fast.
  • And sad-face to Hailey getting blind sided. Did anyone else think Joe saying “I’m sorry” to Hailey meant that he voted her out? I’m SO glad that he didn’t as I would have lost all respect for him. It doesn’t look good for Jenn and Joe though in the future – which will also put Shirin in a bad place but hopefully she can become a swing vote and do some damage to the blues – although I see this as unlikely to happen.
  • Hailey doesn’t seem to mind being voted out because she wants whiskey and ice cream and can now have it.

Until next week! I’m going to pass out and sleep now.

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