The Amazing Race Recap on S26E5

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E5


  • Ah, so I guessed right as to who went home last week. I thought so.
  • Laura and Tyler went on the date even though they’re in the “friendship zone”
  • Poor Bergen and Kurt “not at all a match” sad face 😥
  • Aly and Steve met in Munich, Germany. How sweet. Love at first sight is often so sweet.
  • All teams on the same flight = equal playing field.
  • German guy wants everyone to get naked. I’d be searching for hidden cameras in those dressing rooms!
  • Ooh Tyler has left his pack! =O That may cause problems!
  • Watching this episode is reminding me of when I was in Munich. Ah, memories.
  • Jackie is just going to “sit and shut up” ooh lovers quarrel.
  • Mike looks good in his German gear.
  • omg the winter wonderland is the coolest thing I’ve seen in my lifetime! I WANT TO GO THERE!
  • Germany does seem to be bringing Aly and Steve a lot of luck.
  • That German winter lady was giving Laura and Tyler the death stare when they entered the warehouse. Scary. But their selfie was cute!
  • Bergen and Kurt, taking the penalty is a bad idea! And it’ll cost you a LOT of money!
  • Those boats are adorable and romantic looking – if you aren’t running a race.
  • 22 steins?! Wow! I struggled to lift even one! I needed two hands. Good luck teams!
  • Laura and Tyler are amused by crazy Hayley. “Wicked witch of the west” Poor Blair.
  • Aly is from Wisconsin so she has an appreciation for beer. I don’t really know what that means but she and Steve did a good job! It kind of seems like it was the easiest detour ever.
  • A two hour penalty doesn’t seem so bad. That is, unless their taxi is still on the clock because that would be painful.
  • Oh any challenge where you have to sing and/or speak another language is usually very funny!
  • It seems like the way to make Hayley smile is to mention beer.
  • Nice lying Jeff and Jackie :\ “He was playing dumb” … playing? Hmm.
  • Poor Aly gets water tipped on her “that is so mean!” I bet the woman doing the tipping enjoyed it though!
  • What a waste of beer! Hayley, you suck at this.
  • Aly on the singing “nailed it” – painful for the rest of us though =P
  • Woohoo people are doing stacking! I was hoping we got to see it done.
  • Blair is trying to help you Hayley. Just like you wanted him to listen to you the other episode, perhaps you should listen to him because he’s right this time.
  • Aly and Steve win a car. Nice. I like them. I’m glad they won the leg.
  • Ashley is going to serenade Matt’s arse. Eek! Nice to say that she sounds like a dying horse :\ But she sang it with love.
  • I want to stack some crates!
  • Wow Mike and Rochelle are going bad this leg!
  • The dating couples seem to be doing well. To be honest I miss the old race. Not to say that the show isn’t good now but I miss the added drama of having a fast forward each leg. I think it added something to the episodes that the newer ones don’t have. I know they were trying to do something different with having the dating/blind date couples but still not enough to gain enough extra interest. However, I still enjoy seeing the places they go too and the challenges they get to do.
  • Jackie looked like an angel on top of a crate Christmas tree … this could take off!
  • I don’t think Jeff is laughing at you Jackie … I’m pretty sure hes looking down your top. Oh. I was right. “Wet t shirt contest” classy, Jeff.
  • Why did Jelani and Jackie scream when getting the bucket? Was that necessary?
  • I want Rochelle’s red jacket. Where can I get one of those?
  • The pit stop location is beautiful!
  • Blair feels really really really small … and them insulting his partner along the way! Poor guy.
  • Kurt and Bergen have resorted to public transport. I feel sorry for them 😦
  • Go Rochelle for pushing through the fear of heights.
  • Mike made Rochelle’s heart flutter. That’s so adorable. I like them.
  • Bergen and Kurt, I think you’re in for bad news. It’s never good when Phil comes to you. Kurt is angry because Bergen gave up. Eek. I’m with Kurt as Bergen did sign up to do the show and it is wrong of him to give up just because there was no love. I find that so disrespectful. Not only to your team member but to all the people who applied to appear in this season of the race. So many people would have loved the opportunity and I feel sorry that the opportunity was taken away to someone who would have cherished the opportunity to compete.

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