Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E9

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E9


  • Rodney’s game philosophy 101: “Flippers do win the game at the right time with the proper blindside” I guess he’s still waiting for the right time because he appears to be doing nothing except riding Mike’s coat tails. How does one ride a coat tail? Where did that saying come from? I must Google this stat.
  • Dan, you’re an idiot.
  • Shirin’s game plan is to be a back seat driver and team up with team blue. Good luck with that! I’m unsure why she’d want to work with Dan. It’s going to be really hard for her to gain any power in the game. Sad but true.
  • Ooh chocolate!
  • Did anyone else laugh when Dan fell over but then laugh harder when Will fell over? Jeff was right about it being real awkward to watch but god damn, it was funny!
  • Jenn made up a LOT of time for red in the challenge. Once again – go go Joe!
  • I want to know how much one gets paid for sorting M&Ms by colour into those pretty different-shaped jars? Can I apply via seek?
  • “You’re getting snickers today, my man!” – Dan. Would this not make for the best all-male jail-rape line ever?! A good alternative to ‘Don’t drop the soap’ No?
  • “This would suck less if this would suck less” – Jenn. Love her. It makes me sad that they killed one of her chickens. I hate when they do that.
  • Rodney’s impression of Mike was spot on!
  • I feel so incredibly sad that Joe is all alone on the Island now that Jenn has decided to throw in the towel. He deserves to become the soul survivor. Jenn and Joe’s “love you” to each other was so incredibly cute! I loves them so much!
  • The challenge of balancing a wooden block on your head is an odd one. I imagine they may have done it before but it looks like it would be really difficult to do. I’d be gone within the first five minutes, if that.
  • Cue Rodney’s evil smirk when Joe fell out of the challenge.
  • Jenn came so close to the win! “Fought so hard in the challenge so everyone could vote me out” that’s kind of messed up. The things we do for love … I love that Jenn is trying to help Joe. I just can’t figure out if she genuinely wants to go home or if she’s using it as a strategy. I just really can’t figure the whole thing out. It’s like she has turned into a completely different person that first portrayed at the start of the show. I’m unsure if that comes down to Hailey being gone or what. Perhaps she’s just miserable to always be with Shirin. I’m unsure.
  • Ooh Joe’s fake hidden immunity idol is nice. Where can one buy his stuff? This is the first episode I’ve read that he’s a jewellery designer. Was that always on screen and I have just always missed it?
  • Joe reminds me of Ozzie from previous seasons.
  • Tyler has “no idea what is going on” and Rodney has “no idea what is gonna happen tonight” and Shirin can’t bring herself to fathom how she could vote a friend out of the game. And so, she doesn’t. She votes for Joe and as he walks away she whispers to Jenn how happy she is that she still has her around. I think Jenn’s face said it all.
  • I have questions. Why would Mike play the fake idol? Would he not have looked if it was similar to his own if he truly believed that he had an real idol? Also. Why play the fake idol for Will? I have no idea what is going on with Blue.
  • I for one cannot wait to see Joe when he’s all cleaned up next week. Bring. It. On. And ooh next week looks like a doozy! Mike vs Rodney – who. will. win.?

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