The Amazing Race Recap on S26E11

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E11


  • I started watching the episode last night but just wasn’t feeling it so I turned it off. So sorry for the lateness of this post. But who will make it to the finals?
  • Tyler had a temper tantrum last leg because “the race is so important and we’re so close” Come on Laura and Tyler for the win!
  • Ooh matchy-matchy Laura and Tyler in green!
  • First team left the mat at 6.39am, followed by 7.19am, 8.35am and 8.48am respectfully. That’s going to be hard to make up if there’s not a flight or an equalizer point involved.
  • 30 million tiles on that wall mural. Wow!
  • “Couples knew each others strengths and weaknesses. We had to developed all that” – and then some, Hayley! You guys have definitely come the furthest together.
  • But did anyone notice the flirty convention between Hayley and Blair in the taxi over car whispering. It seems the key to Blair’s heart is a kinky librarian.
  • Man oh man, that’s one scary clown!
  • Oh. He just lost his nose!
  • Detour: Shake Your Hips or Make Some Bricks. Shake Your Hips requires teams to learn a dance. Make Some Bricks requires teams to make bricks and then deliver them to the foreman.
  • Oh no. Mike and Rochelle have a bad taxi! I’d be holding on for dear life in that thing!
  • Mike and Rochelle feel they are only racing against Laura and Tyler – so basically, it’s a race to not coming last.
  • Rochelle thinks Tyler and Laura – “they’re pretty fast and good” but they’re the only couple left in the whole game and they should be really proud of that. I never would have guessed that they would have made it so far. I do like them but I don’t think they will win – but stranger things have happened so you never truly know.
  • Mike states that “One million dollars coule probaby buy the whole town” of wherever they live. That must be one small town! Pretty cool if they did buy the whole town though.
  • “Vroom vroom is universal in every country” – Tyler
  • Jenny, red lipstick and hot pink sweat pants, really?!
  • Wow that’s one bad looking brick!
  • Jenny is “plotting to dance our way to first place”
  • Laura – “I was literally just praying that someone got a flat tyre” even though she “feels bad for” Mike and Rochelle being stuck at the side of the road with a bad taxi. Tyler’s response is that “I kind of wish it was Blair and Hayley on the side of the road”, as does Laura, it seems.
  • Hayley “getting dirty as usual” No comment.
  • Hayley is easily pleased – “that brick’s amazing!”
  • Jenny describes the dance as “very romantic” and “passionate” – something that Jenny and Jelani don’t seem to have for each other.
  • “When we do tasks we have nothing to argue about because we’re on the same page” – Hayley
  • “Are you good at driving a wheelbarrow?” Hayley asks Blair. “Guess we’ll see,” he replies, before almost tipping the wheelbarrow over. I guess not …
  • Jelani’s dance moves are hilariously bad! The cape over the head made me laugh so hard!
  • The key according to Jenny is “we need to keep our chests sticking out” – this isn’t cinemax, Jenny.
  • Wow Laura and Tyler having some conflict during the tiles!
  • “Anytime now” Tyler clearly unamused by the clown’s antics. Laura says that he hurt the clowns feelings. He then calls the clown a “she”. “It might have been a boy, ” says Laura. “I’m not sure what it was,” replies Tyler. I’m not sure what it was either.
  • Tyler and Laura compare making bricks to building a cake. Mmm sand cake.
  • Now, that’s a funky surfboard! in the Don’t Rock The Boat roadblock.
  • “This is exactly what you wanted!” – Hayley to Blair, who replies “Hopefully I don’t suck” But he did. He fell off that board numerous times.
  • Mike and Rochelle decide to switch detours to dancing or rather “take the gamble”. That’s always a bad move because it’s better to stay side by side with a team because you at least know where you are in the race. If you go to another detour, you’re pretty much in the dark. Yes, there is a possibility that the other one may be easier and you could do it fast but when you’re already at one, the travel time to get to the other adds on unneeded time that you usually simply don’t have. I predict this isn’t a good move.
  • Also, I think Mike and Rochelle will probably struggle at the roadblock – not that they would know what it is of course, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to come last during this leg based on the tasks ahead.
  • “I wouldn’t say I was cocky but I was confident” – Blair, before falling out of the “wooden burrito” numerous times. It was quite funny to watch!
  • “Holy crap! That looks hard!” Rochelle’s reaction to seeing the dance they must perform. I would more like to point out how hideous her outfit is. It’s just really really unflattering!
  • Oh I just noticed that the clue to the roadblock is “Who wants to ride a seahorse?” That’s great!
  • Sure is easy for Laura to tell Tyler to “push through it” when he’s doing all the work carrying the wheelbarrow! And then she goes ahead and breaks a brick! Funny!
  • Tyler “then the door to hell” That’s a long long path they have to go!
  • “We know all of it, just our presentation is lacking” Mike on knowing the dance moves. Rochelle says, “I can’t fake a smile” nor does she like being watched and judged. Maybe you should have stuck to the brick detour methinks then.
  • Wow, nice flip kid!
  • Tyler is on “a million dollar run”
  • Rochelle is frustrated and crying because she’s struggling with the dance. So she decides to take a break putting them further behind in the leg.
  • Jenny describes Jelani’s boat technique as “created his own Jelani-way” when he decides to lounge in the boat rather than sit up.
  • Hayley and Blair win the leg and win a trip for two to India. I’m not sure if either of them will want to travel again but I guess they are kind of stuck doing so. “We started out at the bottom” and now they’ve worked out their communication problems, says Hayley. Blair adds that they’re the “team to beat” But I hope not!
  • Laura and Rochelle both have to do the roadblock because their partners have already done the most they can do.
  • “Boat is heavier than the bricks, ” says Tyler, well duh.
  • Tyler gives Laura a pep talk “have fun, be calm, we should be number 1, keep paddling”
  • So nice of Mike to be supportive until the very end. What a nice guy. Rochelle says she’s doing the race to better her son’s life. That’s nice too.
  • “Even though you look like a drowned rat” – Phil says to Laura on being team number three. Thanks Phil for the compliment!
  • And the race continues!
  • Mike and Rochelle hit the mat last but they aren’t eliminated as it wasn’t a real pit stop. And off to Dallas they must fly for the final leg. I predicted something like this would happen this episode – I said so last week – usually it’s a non elimination, but it makes sense that they would have a continuous leg as they’ve done it previous seasons and they haven’t done one this season. The other teams won’t be happy that it’s a final four but with someone getting eliminated mid episode next week, I guess the pressure really is on to stay ahead of the pack – especially as all teams should in theory catch up at the airport. Though very cool that they’re flying to Dallas.
  • Everyone thinks they are going to win the race. Also insults are thrown people’s way such as “Blair and Hayley bicker” and “Jenny and Jelani get lost all the time” so I guess it’s anyone’s game. Although no one seems very concerned with Mike and Rochelle. I’d like to see Laura and Tyler take it out.
  • All up it’s been a pretty good season. I only wish they would bring back the fast forward to every leg because I think it added such an interesting element to the game. I do miss it though.

Until the finale next week!

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