Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E14 + Reunion

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E14



  • Ooh finale time! Who is going to win?
  • Yeah, it’s not so live in Australia, Jeff. Just sayin!
  • I wonder how many people had to go out and buy their collar-coloured clothes. Wow, that’s a mouthful and I’m not 100% sure it reads well – but I imagine a lot of people on the yellows had to go out and buy yellow. I predict this.
  • How Will is still around I do not know.
  • Oh god! We have to see the happy dance AGAIN?! I thought we were over this!
  • Oh god! And we have to see Dan’s jiggling man boobs again too?!
  • What’s a barrel racer, Sierra? How does one get a job as a barrel racer? Can one find an application on Seek? I’m very curious about this.
  • “At times on the edge of sanity” Jeff describing Rodney’s game. No comment.
  • Did Rodney really dominate socially? Really? “Guaranteed soul survivor, ” Rodney, surely you jest!

Let’s get to the episode …

  • Poor Mike is all alone again
  • I’m surprised Carolyn didn’t figure out sooner than Mike voted for Dan too. “Mike had my back,” she said, and yeah that was true but I’m not sure if it was due to the best intentions or what. I think it just happened to be that way. But any who, it makes Carolyn want to “join forces against the common enemy – that’s my strategy” in regards to working with Mike as her alliance voted for her.
  • Ooh this looks like a very cool reward challenge indeed. I feel like Will will struggle, as usual. And the reward is time with loved ones and an advantage in the next challenge. Nice. Mike certainly needs this the most! I imagine it’ll be that there is more than one round and you automatically get moved to the last round maybe?
  • Nice mo, Joe-l (how does one spell it?) Very cute that he and Carolyn were high school sweethearts. They look cute together.
  • “Nothing can top a relationship of mother and son” – Jeff in terms of Mike and his Mother, Deborah. “You look great” – Deb. “You do too” – Mike. That kind of weirded me out, by anyway …
  • “I’m proud to be your son, brother” – Rodney … no comment.
  • Wow, Will’s wife Monequa sure is emotional right now. Will says that he’s “fat, no more” and he’s “looking like a hot mess” but Monequa replies “You’re still cute”. Naw cuteness all round!
  • The partner to parent balance is off this year. Must be a lot of singletons left.
  • Eww “skin is coming off” Jeff, that’s too much information!
  • Wow. I’ve never seen Will move so fast! Look at him go! Even Jeff is surprised! “Will has not been in a challenge for a long time” “Wife, woke him up!”
  • “Will drops again!” “Will drops again!” Wow that was a big fall!
  • Mike has one big lead over everybody! Go Mike! He needs the advantage!
  • I’m not sure why Rodney’s Boston accent bothers me so much. I absolutely love Boston Rob and his accent. It must just be my hatred towards Rodney that the hate for his accent comes through – like when you can’t stand a person, I guess.
  • Poor Deborah, Mike’s Mum, has to spend the night at camp. She’s not getting any sleep. Although she explains that she is going to be a “Queen for the day” at camp.
  • Mike says having his Mum at camp s like “ice cream with cherries on top” and a “top 10 moment in my life”
  • Mike explains game life to Deborah “Personal attacks” “villainized” “Days no one spoke to me” and how he’s “never seen a season with so many playing the game”
  • Okay, so the advantage. You get 30 minutes in the challenge ahead of tomorrow. I feel like it’s not much of an advantage because it would be very hard to remember all the ways to go when you are blindfolded. I feel like it’s all a matter of trial and error and luck finding your way. But let’s see how this goes.
  • Deb feels bad because it’s “so important to him. I’m the one who messed him up” when she’s not very good at helping him in the challenge. She says “he’d never say it” if she was the reason for him being sent home but her tears spoke volumes. Deb, you did your best. That’s the best anyone can ask for.
  • Where does Mike keep getting his mouth sticks from? Mouth sticks are us? Why does anyone ever need a mouth stick? What is the point of a mouth stick? Someone tell me because I honestly don’t have a clue.
  • This looks like one hard maze challenge! Let’s “see if Mike’s advantage paid off” – Jeff.
  • Wow, Mike is really doing well. I guess Deb really did well!
  • Rodney getting very close to Mike x2. All a bit man-huggy really.
  • Aww that’s nice of Rodney to help Sierra and Will – and kind of help Carolyn who seems quite lost.
  • “Mike, lone wolf” – Jeff. It’s a lot easier to move through the game alone than it is with others during a challenge – especially when blindfolded. It is probably working in his favour.
  • “Can anyone stop Mike in this game?”- Jeff. Mike wins for the 4th time!
  • I think Carolyn is in trouble right now … Carolyn wants to use her bond with Mike to get her through. She stats the obvious that this is the first time the alliance of four will have to turn on each other.
  • “Rodney’s dying anyway. He doesn’t help around camp” – Carolyn. “Never did” – Mike, love that sass.
  • Wow look at Sierra pleading to Mike that she will “100% vote Rodney”
  • “This is the final 3 right here” – Carolyn saying anything to Mike and Sierra to make sure she stays.
  • See how much Rodney’s face changed when Mike told him that the girl’s want to vote him out? He should never play poker.
  • “I don’t kiss men’s ass” Oh, Rodney. You’re saying that Sierra and Carolyn are sucking up to Mike but you’re pretty much doing the exact same thing in trying to win him over.
  • Rodney points out that all of a sudden Sierra and Carolyn are best friends. That doesn’t mean that they will vote together though. I’d rather hang out with anyone rather than Will or Rodney.
  • Rodney points out that “Sierra has done nothing” but is that a bad move? Don’t you want to point out how much of a threat she is not that she’d be easy to win against in the end? “Forget about these fake broads” Rodney says to Mike. But Mike doesn’t “trust any of these people” Is he about to make a million dollar mistake?

Tribal Council

  • Dan – channeling his inner leprechaun this evening!
  • Mike is the swing vote.
  • I don’t understand why Sierra is now so much more of a target than Carolyn is. Is it because Sierra now turned on her blue alliance with Rodney that he wants her out so badly now? Isn’t Carolyn still the biggest threat after Mike? Isn’t that what last episode showed us?
  • Even Jeff doesn’t understand what Sierra is staying to convince people that she should stay. It really does sound like she’s saying “vote me off” just not in so many words. The jury clearly agrees.
  • “If he doesn’t win immunity tomorrow, he’s gonna be sorry” – Will giving the kiss of death to Mike.
  • “It is time to vote” Ooh who will it be? Please be Rodney.
  • “I just outwitted you baby girl” – Rodney voting “Ciara” Yeah, not so much Rodney … not so much.
  • And with that, Sierra is voted out. Wait, did Will vote for Rodney?!
  • “Sneaky” Sierra says as she’s leaving. I’m honestly shocked that she went home. I was 100% sure that she was going to make it to the final three. I would have put money on it I was so sure. I guess you really can’t predict this game.


  • Last challenge of the season. Sad face.
  • I don’t think Will has a chance at this challenge. My money is on Mike or Carolyn. I think Mike’s long legs will help him in this challenge – especially with all those stairs. Didn’t Boston Rob do a similar challenge his final season? I remember something about his legs buckling under him when he won the necklace. I have a pretty good memory when it comes to Boston Rob and only him. What can I say? I’m a fan.
  • Wow, Rodney certainly did make up some time. Well, I guess it’s easy to when you’ve done nothing all season around camp. I jest – kind of.
  • Will looks like he may pass out and die right now. He’s breathing very heavy. He’s so exhausted. I’d be dead now though too. I couldn’t do it.
  • If Mike wins immunity he will join an “elite company” Jeff says.
  • And then Mike takes his 5th win. Well earned. You can see Jeff is on team-Mike.
  • That story from Will was beautiful. Tear. As is him wanting to put the necklace on as a team. Although that doesn’t make up for how bad they’ve treated him. But it’s a love-in today.
  • In the end though, it doesn’t really matter who Mike brings to the finale with him because he’s got it in the bag.
  • Oh god, the happy dance!
  • Rodney says something about “if I could do puzzles” they would have had a real contest. No comment.
  • Rodney tells Will that “Mike wants you and me” in the finale with him. Here’s the thing though Rodney. People lie. Will says that he doesn’t trust Mike – so clearly he is the only one with any sense yet he seems to do nothing about it. I guess it’s clearly easy to accept your fate when your name hasn’t been brought up to be voted out.
  • It seems to be down to Rodney or Carolyn tonight. Mike wants Rodney and Will to vote for Carolyn; and for Carolyn and himself to vote for Rodney so it comes down to a fire making contest.
  • Mike is no longer hardcore blue. He doesn’t want a blue sitting at the finale with him – and that’s his reasoning. Making the finale a white, red and blue if the Carolyn wins the fire making contest.
  • “38 days together, every step of the way,” – Rodney to Mike, who seems to have forgotten that he hasn’t worked with Mike for about half of the game. Idiot.
  • Mike says that Rodney just think he will “sweet talk his way” to the finale but Mike doesn’t want to “take two goats” to the finale. He would rather lose against Carolyn who he believes has a good shot at winning then someone he can easily win over.
  • Will – If you want a million, don’t bring someone whose name is Mama!”

Tribal Council

  • Wow Sierra is a bit heavy on the make up there. What’s with the butterfly sized lashes?
  • It’s not an idol, Jeff. It’s a necklace.
  • Rodney takes a vote for him so seriously in this “fickle fickle game” Once again, it’s the poker player thing. He just can’t believe anyone would have the audacity to vote for him because he believes he’s got it in the bag. Although I don’t find this at all surprising considering he has thought he had the game in his hands throughout the whole season. This has been shown time and time again not to be true and yet he just doesn’t seem to, as Carolyn says, have a back up plan.
  • Wow. That was the shortest tribal council ever.
  • And – it’s a tie! It comes down to fire making!
  • “By day 38, you should know how to make fire” – Jeff. Dan scoffs.
  • “Could be a million dollar fire you’re building” – Jeff
  • The jury are amused and bored. This is a joke, right?
  • 45 minutes in and Rodney has flame. No wait. It’s dead.
  • Still no fire. “If you were alone [in the game], you would be in trouble” – Jeff
  • 53 minutes in and boom Rodney has a fire.
  • Oh and now Carolyn has fire!
  • Who will take it?
  • Rodney’s flame looks like it’s dying!
  • And Carolyn takes it out! Woohoo!
  • Rodney, classy until the very end. “Whatever. Stupid piece of shit,” he says to Mike on his way out.
  • In this interview afterwards, Rodney says “I would have easily won the whole game. Mike’s gonna get what’s coming to him.” I wish I had a emoji or something that I could post when I thought that Rodney says something stupid. Just. I can’t even.
  • My predictions for the final vote are Will – II (Dan & Rodney), Carolyn – I (Tyler) and Mike – ||||| (Jenn, Hayley, Sierra, Joe & Shirin). Either way, I think Mike will take it out.


  • Carolyn has a good case to win the show but it is not strong enough against Mike, I think. I will very surprised if she wins. Her case is that she “made moves and won challenges” but so did Mike. And Mike won more.
  • Will says that he made the moves he had to make “maybe they weren’t big moves” but he has the red mentality.
  • Mike goes blue “We finish what we start. That’s what we do.”

Tribal Council

  • Rodney – challenging his inner-Wolverine tonight.
  • It’s funny because neither Mike, Carolyn or Will are really the best talkers. I guess Carolyn maybe would win by default. But the jury can come down who can convince you that you deserve it at the end. Someone really needs to step up, be clear, be forceful, be direct and convince the jury.
  • Joe, saying what I kind of said above to “man up, own your game”
  • Hailey says that Carolyn is “one hot mama”
  • Rodney calls Will his “BB. Best bud, Will, here.” Well we know who Rodney is wasting his vote on. Although Rodney does his best to make his case for Will to take the win. I don’t think it’ll work but he does do his best. I commend him for that. That was nice. Shirin is clearly amused by this though. “You can’t be here in the final 3 without playing the game,” Will explains.
  • Tyler thinks that Mike played a paranoid game. But can your really blame him? Everyone was gunning for him. Everyone. And if no one was talking to him what else is there for him to do except worry and be paranoid? Dan looks unamused at Mike’s answers.
  • Tyler is “heartbroken” “gutted” that Carolyn voted him out. Her apology to him kind of did seem a little fake to be honest.
  • Will wishes that he had Mike’s work ethic and Carolyn’s ability to take time to analyze the situation in regards to Sierra’s question. I like to call this Will explaining why he shouldn’t win the game. Teehee. Another nail in his coffin even though his coffin is kind of nail-less for the most part.
  • Oh Jenn. I missed you. She speaks the truth. “Half of you are bitter and so mad at Mike for playing the game.” This is what I meant when I said that someone needs to stand up and say why they should win. Jenn is doing this for you Mike. She is. She is winning you the game right now.
  • And then we follow with Dan …
  • “Mike, you didn’t care about the jury” – Dan and then he makes a crack about him saying no necklace tonight to save him. I don’t even know why he’s so angry. Mike says that his “biggest regret was losing your trust.” And that Carolyn, is how you apologize to someone. And Mike, I think you might have just won Dan’s vote.
  • Shirin’s speech is so beautiful. Mike is in tears.
  • Wow, Shirin made her first million at 25 years. That’s impressive.
  • Shirin describes Mike as a “Howler Monkey” (aggressive), Carolyn is a “String Ray” (stealthy) and Will is a “Deadfish” (a deadfish)
  • Shirin also, doing as Jenn did, telling the truth and telling everyone how each of them played the game. She’s a good talker. She must make presentations for a living because she done good. “Let it be the way mother nature intended”
  • Dan giving himself brain damage when it comes to him voting. Methinks he just voted for Mike.
  • We learn that Jenn voted for Mike, Sierra for Carolyn and Rodney for Will.

To the live reading …

  • Wow Carolyn looks so different!
  • Mike looks younger. Will is bald.
  • And Mike takes the win! Well deserved and played.
  • And that means that everyone except for those I mentioned above, voted for Mike. Jenn, Hailey, Joe, Shirin, Tyler and Dan all voted him the winner.


  • Mike thanks Jesus Christ. Jeff kind of cuts him off but doesn’t belittle his words. Religion is a touchy subject. It polarizes people.But regardless, Jeff was trying to say that does being an outcast allow you to make moves you wouldn’t otherwise make because you essentially have nothing to lose. Mike agrees that you have to do what you have to do when your “backs against the wall”
  • Dan now says that his relationship with Mike is “more than good”
  • Rodney looks damn good in his suit. It’s just a shame about his mouth.
  • So Jenn, Dan and who (I missed it?) would vote for Rodney if Carolyn had been voted out. He still wouldn’t have won the money though.
  • Jeff doesn’t want to play Joe’s tape “because we already know how cool you are”
  • Someone tweets “I love Joe and his precious man bun”
  • Joe is so adorable and I can understand why all the women are going after him. He was a good player and he seems like a nice guy.
  • Dan in his ‘Mail Escort’ tshirt.
  • Jeff tells Dan that maybe “you’re not aware of how you come across to people”
  • That was some pretty boring raw footage. In Dan’s defense I understand where he’s coming from with some of the comments he made but I think the damage is done and there’s not much he can do to fix his “image”
  • “It’s all good baby girl. It’s all a game” – Shirin on Will’s “apology” I like the way Shirin handled the whole situation. I’m not sure if I could accept Will’s apology either even if he didn’t intend to handle the situation the way it was handled. Shirin said it best “values change but wrongs has no expiration.”
  • I think Dan, Will and Rodney just took the comments too far and yes, I understand it’s a game and I understand people make jokes sometime – but sometimes words are hurtful to others that you yourself may not understand why.
  • Rodney gets a hat, cake and noisemaker (wtf?!) because he had to “endure the worst birthday of [his] life” – Jeff. Ugh.
  • Well that was cut short. Jeff hardly spoke to anyone in the cast. I hate reunions like these because you really don’t learn too much on a whole.The last ten minutes would have been better used talking to the current season suvivors rather than show who made it onto the Second Chance/Season 31. It felt unnecessary, long and pointless.
  • It felt like I was watching The Price is Right. Way to drag it out.
  • Most of these people I only remember by face and not by name. But I only started watching from season All Stars when Amber won so that could be why.
  • Cambodia – Second Chance coming soon!
  • No surprise that Joe was going to make it!
  • I feel like it’ll be a good season. I was thinking about not watching next season because I didn’t find this season to be the most interesting and/or enjoyable one to watch but next season interests me. I’d like to see how Shirin goes for one thing.

Thank you everyone for reading over the many weeks. I appreciate it!

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