When I first heard that a remake of the 1991 action classic Point Break was in the works, I shuddered. I feared it would be a generic, boring and completely pointless re-iteration of something that never needed to be remade. Sure, Point Break is cheesy and over-the-top, but it’s a product of its time and had some incredible action (that foot chase scene through the houses is worth the price of admission alone), great direction from future Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow, entertaining and memorable characters and lots of great one-liners.

I expected the remake to be bad, but oh boy, having just watched the trailer while hit the web today, this makes me depressed beyond belief. First off, this looks nothing like the original other than the basic premise and character names are the same, but where’s the fun? The original is still a blast to watch from first frame to last, and Keanu Reeves and the late, great Patrick Swayze had presence and charisma which helped the film immeasurably. But who are the stars of this one? We have Luke Bracey, a former Home and Away cast member in the Keanu Reeves role, and Edgar Ramirez, a familiar and prolific actor but hardly the most dynamic screen presence around. It’s a shame they couldn’t get anyone with real star power to star in this.

Aside from that though, it just looks like a generic Fast and the Furious rip-off, ironic in that the original Fast and the Furious basically ripped off Point Break, once again proving that Hollywood will continue to cannibalise itself again and again until the end of time. If you’re hoping for a joke or any spark of fun in this trailer, you’re going to be disappointed, as it’s nothing more than CGI-enhanced “extreme” action scene and shootouts. Ho hum.

I know this is just a trailer and as the saying goes, you can’t judge a movie by its trailer, but this looks so depressingly generic. This film really has no reason for being and it’s only hook is the name, the name recognition will get a few people in, but I will never see this, I promise you. I will however watch the original again and again and remember the days when Hollywood made action films that were both fun and exciting.

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