Thoughts on Tomorrowland (2015)

Spoilers! This is NOT a review. This is just my thoughts from after seeing the movie. Only people who have seen the movie will get something out of this. Tomorrowland. The land of Tomorrow. I had no idea what to expect upon seeing this movie. I went and saw it with my Mum last week. She’s a big fan of George Clooney and the small snippets of movie footage I’d seen had convinced me to go and see it. I’ve read some mixed reviews on the movie. Some people love it and others thought it was complete rubbish. Upon leaving the cinema I asked my Mum if she had liked the movie. She said that she thought it was weird, silly, too farfetched and she simply couldn’t get into it. She proceeded to ask me if I liked it to which I responded that I really enjoyed it. And I came to realise something. This is a movie for dreamers. Without giving too much away, in the movie pins are given to dreamers who see the world differently. Those who believe they can change their fate instead of just accepting it. I liken this to Wyldstyle in The Lego Movie. When she saw something, she saw it for what it could be and not what it was. Emmett, on the other hand, could only see something for what it is. There are those that recycle everything, those who recycle when they can be bothered and those who don’t recycle at all. Meaning, there are those who believe, those who want to believe and those who don’t believe at all. My Mum said I would be one who would get given a pin, whereas she would not. Hearing that I would be given a pin made me smile and filled me with pride. I’m proud to be a dreamer. It made me feel special. I am proud of the fact that I see the world differently to others. I am proud that I believe that there is something out there for me more than a 9 to 5 desk job. I don’t want to live my life stuck behind a desk hating my life because I’ve never gone anyway or strayed away from the comfort of familiarity. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Yes, this movie is farfetched but why can’t it be possible? It makes me sad that some people don’t have enough of an imagination or belief to believe that things like Tomorrowland could exist. I’m not saying that I believe that things like that do exist. I’m only saying that I don’t believe that they couldn’t. I guess I felt the same way about the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. A lot of people hated it but I felt like the movie held an important message. Just like Tomorrowland, the ending is one of hope and promise that we as a people can change. I’ve always felt like our planet is doomed and there’s nothing that we can do about this. But after seeing Tomorrowland, I came out of it with a hope that I wasn’t expecting. An important moral of the story is about not accepting ones destiny. Instead of now thinking that the planet is doomed, I’m going to believe that maybe our future generations can fix the mistakes we’ve made. We mustn’t stop trying until there is absolutely nothing left. After all, some of the best ideas come when the end is near. Tomorrowland is a movie about hope, friendship and believing in the impossible. I have decided to no longer focus on the negatives and look towards the good things in life. Is this a movie for dreamers? Perhaps. But as a dreamer, I wish that everyone could see the world through a dreamers eyes, because it’s amazing to see the world for what it could be and not for what it is. — I’d love to hear others thoughts on the movie. Comment below.

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