My Favourite Five David Hewlett movies

I’m currently in the middle of my Oz Comic Con panel write up, so I thought I’d take a break and bring you a favourite five from one of my favourite actors and overall human being that is David Hewlett. Follow his YouTube page > here.

#5 Nothing (2003)

This movie is weird. Really really really weird! The trailer makes it out to be a horror movie but it is definitely a comedy. A really really really weird comedy! I prefer the first 30 minutes before things get really really really weird! But it’s worth a look for how incredibly unique and different it is. Fun fact: The “tofu” scenes were shot using wires hidden in the cast’s underwear. Okay, that sounds weird … really really really weird! lol.

#4 Boa vs Python (2004)

I’m notorious for my love of bad movies. And if you’re looking for a bad movie – this is it! But it’s one of those terrible movies that you actually like because it is so terrible. How can you really go wrong with bad acting (not from David), unnecessary scantily clad females and two snakes making a porno. Okay, so that’s not really the idea behind the movie – but there is some full frontal snake action towards the end of the movie to tickle your fancy!

#3 Scanners II: The New Order (1991)

I have never seen the original so I cannot judge on how it compares, but I love this movie. It’s so violently good yet not at all scary, and David is so utterly charming in it – except for when he’s, you know, killing people =/ If you’re a fan of low budget “horror” movies of the 90s, then this is for you!

#2 Cube (1997)

I’ve spoken about Cube on a previous Favourite Five but this is a great movie! And even after all these years, the montage scenes still freak me out. I think it’s the movie but one can not be too sure … Also, why does David play so many characters named David in this list? Coincidence much?

#1 A Dog’s Breakfast (2007)

It’s hard to go past A Dog’s Breakfast – the movie David stars in, wrote and directed. If you ever wanted to understand the “Hewlett” wit, it is so clearly demonstrated in this genius black comedy. Condolences to that poor rubber ducky …. Dance Monkey, Dance!

I want to also mention that Treed Murray, Pin and Where the Heart Is could have easily made this list! I blame David for making such good movies that made this list so hard to pick!

Con write up coming soon ….

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