My Favourite Five: Brittany Murphy Movies

Brittany Murphy was a talented actress who proved she could act across genres and take on challenging roles. One thing I liked about her was that she wasn’t afraid to pull facial expressions and put everything into her role. I swear, there are some actresses out there that seem scared to crack a smile lest they wrinkle or look out of sorts.

Here are my favourite selections of Brittany Murphy movies:

5) Just Married

I wasn’t sure about Ashton Kutcher teaming up with Brittany but this movie worked well with them in it.

4) Little Black Book

A cute Rom-Com that tackles trust, love and career with humourous results. Favourite part? When Brittany belts out Nobody Does It Better.

3) Clueless

A 90s classic and a breakthrough role for Brittany.

2) Don’t Say A Word

If you naturally gravitate towards movies like What Lies Beneath, Double Jeopardy or Panic Room then Don’t Say A Word should be definitely be added to your next movie night. Creepy and clever with a solid cast, “I’ll never tell” will be in your head (in Brittany Murphy’s sing-song voice) for days.

1) Uptown Girls

I could not imagine anyone better for this movie than Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning. They counteract each other so well it seems effortless. This is a fantastic comedy that also touches on sensitive topics such as loss and heartache. With the way the movie is put together you can’t help but smile by the end.

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