Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E1

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E1


I’m a little behind in episodes. I also want to point out that upon watching this episode I didn’t know that Terry and Jeff were two different people. I actually thought they were one person – so when I’m speaking of them in this write up, I’m unaware if it was Jeff or Terry who said/did the things mentioned. I watched episode 1 and 2 together, so now moving on to 3, I know who is who. Sorry about that.

  • I may have missed the first part of the episode – I’m not too sure. But here goes – Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace … eh, I mean Survivor season 31 aka Season Chance
  • Who is that cruising on the raft? I don’t know this person but she saw looks cosy!
  • Woo – “Spotting our flag, I wanted to cry. I was so stoked. It was like receiving my first black belt” Whatever floats your boat there, Woo-hoo! But this time around he’s playing for himself and everyone who voted for him.
  • Vytas, those are some nice undies you have!
  • Kelly points out that it’s “immediately clear who the workers are” Hey, some of us just want to lie on the beach – okay?!
  • Kelly – “It doesn’t get any old school Survivor than me!” I never watched Season 1 so no wonder I don’t know who she is.
  • Spencer is happy that Terry’s kids like him. I wonder how long his kids will have sway with their Dad. Survivor is a fickle game. Spencer has other ideas. He’s going to use you and then stab you in the back. That’s the new way of playing Survivor. Get with it Terry!
  • Abi-Maria, oh gosh. I remember her! She wants her bracelet. She wants it bad! Why? Does her bracelet really give her superhuman powers like she claims? Methinks not. If only the bracelet was able to give her super personable skills then she’d be all right in the game. Burn!
  • Vytas finds the whole thing silly as the bag has nothing in it that she needs right now – she just wants her bracelet. Hmm.
  • Abi is trying to control her temper. This is roughly 10 minutes into the game. Let’s see how long that’ll work. Mmkay.
  • Ciera – “Isn’t it crazy, we’re back out here again?” And you don’t have to vote your mother out this season. Yessssss!
  • Ah Keith, I missed you! He’s “not gonna change a lot, maybe just tweak a bit” – in regards to his game and making it to the top four of his season.
  • Jeremy’s new game plan is to try and use his head.
  • Andrew reminds me of John C. McGinley from Scrubs.
  • Andrew’s story about his kids love for Joe. His 17 year old daughter – “He’s perfect” His 15 year old daughter – “yes, he is” God made man, then woman, then Joe. Yes he did.
  • Joe [on working with the strong males on his tribe] – “Alpha males go at each other or they can come together and work together. Let’s her each other help each other”
  • Stephen aka Fish feels out of place. You break that branch off, “you go Glenn Coco!”
  • Stephen feels like he’s either going to be “totally in change of my tribe or totally over play” At this rate – I’m going to say over-play …
  • Vytas believes he didn’t “manipulate the women” (on his past season’s tribe) he “manipulated their perspectives” His game plan is to show everyone that he’s a “sweet guy, happy to help out” etc
  • Shirin sees right though Vytas’ charms. “To me, Vytas comes off as swammy (is that a word? Sleazy? maybe. I’m not too sure). That’s how I read him in his first season and that’s how I’m reading his now”
  • Jeff to Shirin – “you’re very observant”
  • Jeff – “[Shirin’s] hitting the gas – what just bit my ass?” (My winner of the best quote of the episode award!)
  • Jeff hasn’t playing the game in 15 years – or, the Outback, season 2. He’s playing the game at right the right time because he’s about to turn 50. In regards to having his midlife crisis, some men “buy a corvette, cheat on their wives … I go on Survivor
  • Abi finally finds her bracelet in Peih-Gee’s bag (can I just write PG?) Parental Guidance is recommended when you write out Peih-Gee’s name. But ooh drama!
  • Abi wants to scream and let her temper out! “there is no reason to steal my bracelet … awaken the Brazilian dragon” etc.
  • PG just wants to makes friends this season, as she didn’t make the friends she should have on her own season. Diddums.
  • Kass, oh god! Why did people vote to bring her back?! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Stephen is looking for “wood” – eh, I mean the Idol.
  • Stephen hopes to find someone on his tribe who “will not judge me for being the nerd”
  • Andrew is in awe of Joe for being able to start fire. “We trumped Mother Nature on Day 1” – he’s taking it as a sign of things to come – aka, a good sign.
  • “I feel so gross” – Jeff is out of his element.
  • Jeff (or maybe it was Terry?) sees that the tribe is made up of old (shelter-people) vs new (beach-people) players. The new school way is all about making alliances. The old school way is just about making camp.
  • Kelley is all “sneaky, sneaky” looking for the Idol/”working”. What a smart cookie. Oh, he got it! No wait, it’s just a clue to where the Idol is. So the idol will be hidden during the challenge. What a great twist. I hope she goes for it. I know I definitely would try.
  • Kimmi seems crazy!
  • Andrew – “We are family. We are 10-strong”
  • Monica is worried that she’s so small. But she’s “stronger now” than her season she proclaims.
  • Keith is just like any average Joe (except Joe himself, it seems). “Get up, have coffee, go to work” – Keith, is just like 90% of the population. Bless.
  • Tasha enjoys her “Joga” (yoga taught by Joe) but “all I can think of is Joe’s body” Yes please! More Joe body shots please. I am not objectifying him, merely enjoying his screen time. Okay, I may be objectifying him a little. He’s perfect. Yes, he is.
  • Kelley – “Vytas’ trying to flirt and it’s just not sexy! [He’s] just like a bug. It’s annoying. Go away”
  • Shirin – “She’s looking at your Idol” Abi – “I don’t want to see his Idol”. Idol means penis, you hear?! Oh, that’s in regards to Vytas and his “idol” teaching yoga.
  • Vytas says his downfall last season was his “over-confidence” and he “needs to be more self-aware” this time around.

The Challenge

  • Although they’re doing the first challenge they ever did on Survivor, it seems quite similar to challenges we’re seen on more recent series. Just saying ….
  • What an incredible immunity statue. It’s so funky!
  • Kelly sure does seem impressed with Jeff for reminding her that she played and lost the challenge back in her season. Way to be tactless, Jeff!
  • Keith lost his fire. He really seems to be struggling!
  • Kelley, go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol. Go for the Idol.
  • Spencer’s sit is breaking! Oh no!
  • Kelley got the Idol! I don’t think anyone saw her take it. Sneaky, sneaky. The perfect play!
  • And – 15 years later, “same result” for Kelly. She feels like she “lost it for her tribe/feels responsible” but her tribe disagrees “She hasn’t let us down” – Jeff/Terry?

Oh snap! They’re heading to Tribal tonight! Yes! or as Spencer says, [Going with a]”Tribe with all your crazies under the sun”


  • Peih-Gee mentions “learning from your mistakes” camera flashes to Abi
  • Vytas mentions how his brother played the game and won against Jeff or Terry. Juicy.
  • Kelley – “I don’t know where anyone stands”
  • Kelly is voting with her gut instinct.
  • Abi is nervous for the vote tonight. “It’s obvious [Woo]’s voting for me”
  • Kelly is picking up the cues. Well, duh.
  • I will be very surprised if Abi doesn’t get voted out tonight.
  • It looks like it’s Vytas vs Abi tonight.
  • PG hates bugs.
  • And the result is – VYTAS! That was unexpected!
  • Abi received four votes (Vytas, [Terry or Jeff], Woo and Kelly)
  • Vytas received five votes (Abi, Kelley, Spencer, Shirin, [Terry or Jeff] and PG)
  • Vytas leaves with his head held high. “No hard feelings. All good.”
  • Vytas believes he was voted out because his tribe was “Afraid of me for good reason”


  • I hope they go to tribal straight after every challenge. I think it would add a chance twist to the game and also add some added excitement and anxiousness to everyone involved. It is hard to get your ducks in a row. So I would enjoy the spontaneity of this if it does happen.
  • Right now, my favourite player is Jeff. And I do secretly love Joe. He’s perfect. Yes, he is.

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