Thoughts on Pixels (2015)

I’ve wanted to see Pixels ever since the numerous viewing before every panel at Oz Comic Con in Adelaide back at the start of the year.

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I like to think I have a pretty open imagination, so I can believe the story line of aliens sending video game characters to Earth to destroy us. If you can’t stretch your imagination that far then you will never like this movie.

Can anyone remember when Adam Sandler last did a good movie? I thought, based on the preview, that Pixels had potential to be kind of cool. I love the premise of the movie. I think it’s totally unique idea – which is rare in the age of movie remarks. But all my hopes died when I saw that the movie was made under Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison. I thought all was lost. I’m surprised that there wasn’t a fart joke thrown in for good measure. There was an unnecessary pee-joke, but I can forgive them as I guess it kind of came from something like a house-pet almost …

Anyway let’s focus on the bad first, shall we?

  • On what planet would anyone elect Kevin James as president? Anyone? This is coming from someone who lives in a country where our PM used to wear speedos. So we know bad leadership. But really? Kevin James for President. I’m pretty sure you’d have to learn how to read to even be considered for President.
  • It’s nice to see Dan Akroyd’s face in a movie again. Anyone notice the plug of his Crystal Head vodka bottle? Subtle.
  • The movie had way too much exposition and not enough natural flow. Adam goes to install some electronics and the kid makes with his oversharing-life story. Adam, then finds himself chatting with the kid’s mother in a closet as the two of them overshare. When Adam goes in for a kiss, she thinks he’s crazy. If Adam was a millionaire with a yacht, she totally would have shagged him but because he’s an electronic fix-it guy, he just isn’t her type. So throughout the movie of some un-humorous flirting with zero chemistry, after he shoots off his big gun she sees something in him. After he saves the world, well, that leads to a big pash. Way to have standards. Does every single Adam Sandler movie have to have predictable female characters?
  • I mean, let’s talk about Peter Dinklage for a second. Serena Williams won’t give him the time of day, but after he saves the world she wants to shag him. And Martha Stewart too, wants to join in this rather weird-threesome. Ugh.
  • I’m sure Adam Sandler is a great father. But I hope his children don’t grow up to believe that females are charmed by any loser who comes along. We’re just that easy.
  • Would it not have made more sense to call in other video game experts? I mean surely there are more players out there who also were good at the game. They may not have been champions but if the world was being attacked, I feel like having a stronger army (and not those chumps who couldn’t figure out the pattern) would have been beneficial. It makes sense to bring in others, instead of just letting the main characters go up against the big bads.
  • The two hardcore army guys hugging = movie cliche. They couldn’t even kill off Sean Bean right.
  • And once again, Adam Sandler results to petty name calling. I’m pretty sure, even being the Presidents best friend (though I imagine the president wouldn’t associate with Adam even with their close upbringing), he wouldn’t be able to speak to people the way he does. Calling someone Gandalf and Harry Potter at an attempt at cheap laughter is not funny. Ever. Grown up.
  • Now Lady Lisa, the video game character was a twist. It took me a little while to figure this out as I would have thought when Lisa touched Ludlow that he would turn to pixels himself. But then I thought about it, and the rewards were able to touch people and not have them turn to pixels, so I figure they can turn it on and off when they want – or maybe it takes some kind of evil-forcefulness. I’m not too sure.
  • There are many many plot holes – but if you’re watching a movie like this then I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

So what about the good?

  • I know I’m picking on it a lot but what lets the movie down is the characters. They’re all just too one dimensional. I feel like maybe it would have worked if Kevin James weren’t president. If the people in charge called Adam, Peter and Kevin etc to help save the world, I think it would have been a much more believable movie.
  • Let’s give it up for Andrew Bambridge’s performance as young Eddie. He was amazing!
  • The visuals are spectacular. And as I’ve said, I like the concept of the movie. There were many young boys in the theatre and they laughed numerous times. Upon leaving, I heard many mentions of the words ‘awesome’ and ‘love’. One also said that he wanted to buy it. So I guess this is a good movie for ex-gamers, young kids and adults who still find Adam Sandler comedy funny.
  • Peter Dinklage once again shines. Can he ever do wrong? Josh Gad I also enjoyed.

All up, it’s a very good movie for its intended audience. It’s not going to be for everyone and that’s okay. This is very much an Adam Sandler movie. Viewer beware. But if you go in with an open mind and low expectations, then you will probably come out of the movie with a smile. I liked it but I just couldn’t get over the character flaws.

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