OZ Comic Con Sydney Write Up 2015

I always hate doing these write ups so long after the con as I usually don’t remember as much as I would if I had written it straight away. But I didn’t have time at all in Sydney and then I worked all week where I was close to exhaustion. So please forgive any forgetfulness during this post.

But here’s some bits and pieces I remember. Please note I am going off memory so some things may be slightly off.

Includes: Richard Dean Anderson, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Jim Beaver, Brian Krause, Jed Brophy, Stephen Hunter, Christopher Heyerdahl, Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis

Richard Dean Anderson

  • Richard said the mullet came from him having long hair and he kept trying to put it behind his ears. So the hairdresser on set started cutting it.
  • Richard said being in MacGyver didn’t help him get out of any situation in real life.
  • He said the people involved did the best they could with Dana’s situation on the show. And said he was a lovely man.
  • Richard said he liked to goof around on set and change the lines. But he was told that was intensive to the writers so from then on he could only change the lines if he told them ahead of time.
  • Richard said he liked to fart on set. So he started having a competition with Christopher Judge. They had a scene in a lift/elevator where he let one go and won the competition. But Chris got him back and remains the winner. PS eww.
  • Richard said he liked kissing Amanda.
  • He also said that everyone wanted the two of them to get together on screen but it’s against the military-ways. So they played with that. But Richard kept reminding that it’s just a television show.
  • Richard said he doesn’t think MacGyver set in now times would work as you could easily just use your phone to get out of things. He said people would expect him to make a phone by taking a phone apart. He said he would only redo it if he played himself now as older and slower and fatter etc. Although he said the show was right for the time.
  • Richard said he left television to take care of his daughter. Now that she’s about to go off to college, he’s thinking he will start acting again. He said his daughter is a good little actress and editor herself.
  • Richard said he is a big supporter of Sea Shepard and the work they do.
  • Richard said it was great being on the Simpsons because he got to watch the actors sitting in a circle recording their dialogue, some playing more than one character. He said it was like watching a play.
  • He said he loved working in London because he got to live there for a couple of months. He said he’d love to work in Australia because he loves it here.
  • Richard said he wanted to look everyone in the eye at his panel and was grateful to everyone for coming out to see him.

David Hewlett & Rachel Luttrell

  • Rachel said Alyssa Milano stuck out as the nice one on the set of Charmed.
  • They both said they wanted more character downtime scenes during SGA.
  • Rachel said she based Teyla on her mother a little bit. I think it was something to do with her growing up in Tanzanian.
  • Rachel said she didn’t know that Teyla was going to be a fighter. But she didn’t find it too difficult as she came from a dance-background.
  • Rachel said her son likes Spy Kids. David said his son wants him to be on an episode of The Walking Dead, even though the kid’s never seen an episode.
  • David said he hated filming in the Puddle Jumper. The sound guy would be crawled up under one of the seats looking miserable. Rachel said she didn’t mind it. But Jason Momoa would often kick seats.
  • Rachel said that many times Jason would show up to set not knowing his lines.
  • David said he enjoyed working on A Dog’s Breakfast because he got to work with his friends. He said he’d love to do another one. David said he liked who Rachel played because she got to make fun of herself a little.
  • David said his new movie (I spoke about it in the Melbourne write up) about disability being made obsolete due to technology is going well. He said that he’s been able to pull some strings because of his position and help the kid wanting to become an android. (Please look up more information if you’re curious because there’s too much to explain as to what this is in regards too. I’ve heard the story more than once at a con so it’s hard to know what’s been said and what I’ve written previously. Google is your friend)
  • David said he bought the klutziness to McKay. He also said that he loved playing a character who says all the mean things you think but never say. He said he’s just too nice to say those things out loud himself.
  • He said how everyone says his sister is so nice. I’m sure I’ve written this before – but Kate had to audition for the role on SGA. And was hired because of her Hewlettisms. And they were given a note to be nicer to each other because they were siblings. And David said “who’s nice to their siblings?” etc etc.
  • David said he would have liked to work with Alec Guinness.
  • David started singing songs from West Side Story.
  • Rachel (well, with help from the crowd) wants to play Catwoman.
  • Rachel said she didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she signed up for SG. She liked the movie but didn’t know of SG1 or its popularity.
  • They both said that they haven’t watched the finale of SGA. They all thought that there was going to be a movie as the show didn’t end as it was meant to.

Jim Beaver

  • Jim said that one scene he did Jared would pull on his toes.
  • Jim said that Misha is the character least like his character.
  • He said that his favourite bad guy is Gabriel. And Richard Speight Jr just directed his first episode of Supernatural.
  • He said his least favourite bad guys were the Leviathan. That season/story arch was also his least favourite.
  • He said he doesn’t watch much television.
  • He said his favourite episode of Supernatural is Weekend at Bobby’s.
  • He said that everyone thought that there would be a romance between himself and Sheriff Mills, so he and everyone else were really surprised when there wasn’t and they killed him off.
  • Jim said he didn’t really get pranks played on him, and if they did they ended up on the gag reel.
  • Jim said that he doesn’t use the term ‘Balls’ in real life or anything like that. He said he didn’t like the lines at the beginning, but it grew on the fans and stuck. He also said he swears enough as in so goes with that. If you’ve seen Deadwood, he said that that is a good indication. He has no problem with saying those words.
  • He said his favourite thing he’s worked on was Deadwood.

Brian Krause

  • Brian said he dated Alyssa Milano for a bit and said it probably wasn’t the smartest move because it made it awkward on set.
  • He said he was constantly worried about being fired on set. He said guys kept coming in and flirting with the girls, and then they’d never be seen on set again. So Brian would just come in and do his job.
  • He said the weirdest episode was when Leo was pregnant.
  • He said they weren’t told that Chris was Leo and Piper’s son. But when he found out, it was something like, “oh no. We raised this brat!”
  • He said that he is saw the actor who played Chris at an audition he was at up for the same part. He joked that he was getting old.
  • He said working with the actor who played older Wyatt (Wes) was great.
  • He said if he could have played any other character it would have been Cole.
  • He said he’d love to do another television series. He said he’d been cast for things because of his popularity in Charmed. He also said he is often typecast as the nice guy because of his role as Leo.
  • He said he is sure that the show would have been as popular is Prue continued on. He said he had his doubts that the show would last when they brought in Paige.
  • He said his most uncomfortable time on set was when he had to be naked on Return to the Blue Lagoon. He said he swam as a child and would just rip his towel off and jump into the water because he didn’t like showing his body – so it was quite an experience to be naked on set years later.

Jed Brophy & Stephen Hunter

  • Jed said it’s a bit tricky to say things about movies you’re in but he thought that no Dwarf in line of Duran would fall for Elf. Stephen said he thought that Peter Jackson was trying to please everyone – and how you can’t really have an action movie without a romance these days. They both said they thought Evangeline did a great job though.
  • Jed said he didn’t audition for the role. He was reading lines with the potentials and was offered the role.
  • Jed said his wife was meant to play an elf in the LOTR but she didn’t show up, so he put on a dress and wig and played a female elf in the movie. His son played Arwen and Aragorn’s song in the movie also.
  • Jed said he thought the dwarves would look more like Gimli. Stephen said he knew he’d be ginger but he didn’t expect to have such a big bald spot too.
  • Stephen said he’d try and sleep in the morning but Jed would come in all energetic and wouldn’t let him sleep.
  • Stephen said Martin Freeman liked to pull faces and stick his finger up during scenes.
  • Jed said that (I can’t remember if he said orc or dwarf) but someone walks like they’re got a full diaper/nappy.
  • They both got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch when he came to record his dialogue for Smaug.
  • Stephen said that Peter told them to imagine they had just walked into Riverdale, so they had to gasp and owe on the green screen. They filmed the entrance to Laketown on the same green screen, so they had to do it once again. Bofur (aka James Nesbitt) turns and says “It looks a lot like Riverdale”
  • Stephen said that when they had to react to the dragon being there, they were told different ways to look because Peter himself hadn’t worked out how it would look yet. He also didn’t know how the second movie would end as he was still figuring that out at the time too.
  • They both said they were starstruck to meet Cate Blanchett.
  • They said that the food on set was all real. Stephen had to eat many eggs take after take. Graham McTavish tried to feed him a tomato but he didn’t realise he was trying to shove it up Stephen’s fake nose.
  • They said Mark Hadlow was very much the father figure on set to the dwarves.
  • They said there should be about 20 minutes extra footage of the dwarves fighting in the extended edition DVD.
  • Jed didn’t like how the dwarves needed saving by the elves. During the end battle and when they were heading down the water in barrels.
  • They both said filming the barrel scenes were the most fun to film. Although, at one stage, they had to be in barrels that were on shopping trolleys and pretend they were in water. It’s very hard to mimic water.
  • They said the hardest thing to film was the goblin tunnels because it was so hot on set.
  • At the end of the panel on the Sunday we got to see the trailer for Stephen’s new movie Blue World Order. It looks so good! We got to watch it twice in fact.
  • I want to say – but I can’t remember if this is so – that Jed fell asleep in the make up chair once butt naked and they wrote I love Viggo on his butt and plastered them around the set. I THINK. I’m not 100% sure if this is the correct story.
  • Also one of the dwarves threw up on Orlando’s (or possibility Martin’s) shoes. But they were really sick at the time.
  • Stephen said that it was hard to eat as food would get stuck in their beards. He felt sorry for the hair people who had to clean his beard every day.
  • Jed said it was hard to feel like eating when you’re sitting watching orcs have lunch.

Christopher Heyerdahl

  • Chris said it was great working on True Blood. He got to sit through the read-through and it was great sitting around watching the actors read the script.
  • Chris said that the make up for Todd and Bigfoot took a while to put on. He said the make up for Todd was much more flexible and had to be stuck on his face. He spoke of how he did a mask course which helped him figure out how to move his face with a mask of. Instead of having to over-exaggerate his facial movements, he learnt how to move his face in different ways to help the performance, as your face looks different every way you move it. He joked how people when they get their photo taken turn their head to the side. It’s kind of the same thing.
  • His last name is Norwegian.
  • He said one of his favourite characters was Alastair on Supernatural. He said he hopes the character will be invited back. He hadn’t seen the show before but when he found out that his character had been played by someone else before, he asked if he could see some tapes so he’s seen a bit of the show.
  • He said when he plays Halling on Stargate Atlantis he thinks of the most repulsive things. He said Halling is really messed up on the inside.
  • Chris said that there’s a photo of him and David Hewlett that he has to sign. He said David has to sign off on these promotional photos and yet David looks terrible. Chris couldn’t figure out why David would have agreed to such a horrible photo of himself.
  • Chris said he was asked if he’d want to play a wraith in SGA. He was told what they were and was really not that into it. But after seeing what they did with episode Common Ground, he was blown away with the complexity of Todd.
  • He said he wasn’t aware that there were sexy fan-art photos of Todd online. Look them up people – they’re sexy. Yes, they are!
  • Chris said he has no desire to be a director. He’s happy just to act.
  • Chris said Todd is now living in San Fransisco eating people. He said prisoners mostly, because they taste the best and the jails are too crowded. Yeah yeah. Love this answer!
  • Chris said it was lovely working with Amanda Tapping.

Evanna Lynch & Robbie Jarvis

  • Evanna said when she was younger she wanted to be a cat. Robbie said he wanted to be a plane, which Evanna said was cute if he wanted to be a plane with a face but if he wanted to just be a plane that that’s just plain weird.
  • Evanna also said that she wanted to be a teacher when she was little.
  • Robbie said he was a big fan of the Marauders and even wrote Marauders fan fiction.
  • Robbie also said he’d like a spin-off featuring the Marauders.
  • Robbie said that he wrote to the people in charge how much he wanted to play Cedric. But was told they already had a Cedric but would keep him in mind. He said the casting of James was done differently to the open call of the larger characters. He was called up through an agency for the part. He said he had chosen his agent because they had other Harry Potter actors on their book.
  • Evanna’s favourite movie was the last movie. Robbie liked Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • Evanna said she knew she could play Luna. She always thought Luna was Irish and so she went into the audition thinking she was perfect for the part. She got a phone call from the casting director asking her if she could stop shaving her eyebrows. And she said she didn’t shave her eyebrows, so it has made her paranoid about her eyebrows. Her sister told her if they were looking at her eyebrows then it was probably a good sign that they were interested in her for the part.
  • Evanna said she was a big fan of the books. When she met the cast and was introduced to them all she knew a lot about them and so she had to stop being such a fan girl and separate the two.
  • Evanna said she got along best with Katie who played Cho. Robbie said he got along best with Daniel Radcliffe.
  • Robbie also said that Dan said that his cousin looks exactly like him. So that was a good thing for Robbie playing the younger version of his father.
  • Robbie said that Daniel didn’t mind getting stopped by fans – but it’s always the most overweight guy who spots him first.
  • Evanna said she often didn’t like how Luna was used as comic relief in the movies. She liked the lighter moments but she always saw Luna as more spiritual than as comic relief.
  • Evanna also had a moment when filming the last movie when they wanted Luna to be sad for the deaths. But Evanna didn’t think that Luna would be sad because she has dealt with death. But she was told that she would be sad for her friends being sad (I hope that makes sense)
  • Robbie says he hates when people think James is a bad guy.
  • Robbie also called Snape a git. Evanna said he was too harsh on Snape and felt like he really loved Lily but he had low confidence and perhaps depression and couldn’t express himself (she actually said it a lot better than I)
  • Evanna said she was happy to be alive after climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge aka she was terrified.
  • Robbie said he had to go through many rounds of audiences. One of them had a game where you had to hit like ten people on the head. Robbie saw the producers sitting in the corner so he went and hit the four of them on the head and then went back to running around with the other kids. He thought he had blown the audition. But he got the part because they thought that that was something that James would do. He finished the game before anyone else too, just to note.
  • Robbie had another audience where he was split up into a group of three and they were told they had to improv what they would do at school – and for some reason they mimed rolling joints and smoking them.
  • Evanna said that she had to stand in Dumbledore’s office during an audition and was told to do what Luna would do if she found herself in Dumbledore’s office. She started skipping around the floor because of the circular pattern on it.
  • Evanna said she was never pranked on set but she was often used in a prank. She said the kids who played Dean and Seamus often used her in pranks. One of them would say a food tasted delicious and she would go and tell Seamus. And the food was actually disgusting.
  • Evanna was surprised as to how playful the adults on the Harry Potter set were. She said she thinks that’s important when acting as it’s about make believe.

For more – or more details – I’d probably buy the DVD. It was great to also have the opportunity to talk to a bunch of the actors during the signings too. I didn’t know who a lot of them were but the Scrubs guys sure were fun! Until next time!

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