Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E3

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E3


  • Ooh episode title “we got a rat” – do they have a rat in the tribe or do they literally find a rat? I’ve seen shows where rats are eaten so it’s not a crazy thought!
  • Will Spencer still be on the outs? Let us see. He did mention a lot about change. It’s going to be interesting if he can carry that mentality through the game. I feel like yes it’s a game, but it’s much easier to play a game where you metaphorically have to slit someone’s throat if you don’t play an emotional game. Bringing emotions into a game may be harder to then play the game. Hence, the game of Survivor.
  • “The people who have been able to change have been rewarded” – Spencer
  • Terry has gone from the top to the bottom – and feels so stoked to have voted out one of the most stratigic players in Survivor history … erh, if you say so, Terry!
  • “Tasha, always with a smile” – “I’m glad to be here, Jeff”
  • “Wow” – Kass, on getting rid of Shirin. I don’t know if that was a happy ‘wow’ or what, but it certainly was something! Vote her arse out!
  • Woo feels at one with his new tribe. But oh no! Jeff has come in to “change things up!” and now from two tribes to three …
  • Gosh, it would suck to be in tribe #3 and have to start tribe again and win rewards and all that. But I guess that’s the game you play.
  • “So much to fear … [there’s] so much love over here … I don’t know anybody over there” – Terry is anxious if he has to start over with new people in a new tribe.
  • What cute little boxes with the buffs in them. I want a buff box. So cute!
  • “Pink power!” – Stephen is excited!
  • I found the whole “4 of the original whatever tribe” really confusing! But basically, all three tribes have four members from an original tribe and two from the other. I’m not good with remembering names or who was on what so google if you want to find out more on that.
  • “It’s a dangerous game going into a mix up … We’re in a good spot” – Joe is happy, they also seem to have the stronger girls.
  • “It’s devastating” – Terry, not so much. He feels in trouble.
  • “The Survivor Gods have looked upon me and said ‘Spencer, you do deserve a second chance. Where were you? And where are you now?” – Spencer is happy to have a new tribe of people to work with … even if the odds are against him as he’s in the minority of ex-tribe numbers.
  • Everyone, please welcome the new tribe “Angkor”
  • “That dude is going to get on my nerves. I can feel it” – Jeff hates Andrew already.
  • Woo just wants to keep the peace “don’t do anything stupid, please” but that’s really hard to do when you’ve got Abi and PG, who are both really unpredictable players. They really can be set off by anything. Let’s see how this goes. Funny how they wound up on the same tribe again. I feel like that’s some ironic twist of fate.
  • “The only luxury we have is that there’s two people in the line in front of you to be voted out” – PG is happy to be in the majority.
  • Tasha has learnt that she’s “strong at heart and [is] going to play the cards she’s dealt” I like Tasha. I liked her back then and I like her now. She seems like a nice person. Smart but with a good head on her shoulders. I hope she does well.
  • “A little bit of confidence in there that I don’t think we are going to loose a challenge” – Terry is happy to be in a good tribe-place. He also is glad he has Kelley on his side.
  • Joe, why did you have to go and kill the chicken? My heart breaks.
  • “I feel really good with Joe. I feel solid” – Kass to Ciera.
  • “As long as us four stick tight, we have the numbers” – Ciera.
  • Kelley, way to kick Terry under the bus! I guess Terry doesn’t have Kelley in his pocket at all!
  • Wow, those are some incredible rock statue things!
  • “No camp-macho anymore! For the first time, I know that I’m safe” – Stephen loves his new tribe!
  • Stephen, way to kill that coconut! Ehrm, I mean, attempt to kill that coconut! Way to make yourself appear so incredibly weak in front of the whole entire world.
  • “I’m not that easily emotional with anyone” – Spencer on his non-reply to his girlfriend saying ‘I love you’. Spencer falls to see emotions and is trying something new on this new tribe. “Trying to find feelings”
  • I feel like Spencer is playing a sneaky sneaky game. Yes, Spencer is trying to get to know somebody but he is still playing a game. I once read a book called Click which tells of how people feel closer together and sharing emotional, private stories is a good way to feel closer to someone in a short amount of time. I’m not saying that Spencer isn’t doing it for the right reasons – but in trying to better himself and his emotions, he is doing it for the game. If emotions weren’t involved in Survivor, he never would be trying to be more emotional. So hence, he’s still doing it for the wrong reasons. But I feel like he will probably get more out of the game than he expected and it will make him a better well-rounded person out of the game, I think.
  • Jeremy thinks Spencer is a “stand up guy” but still feels like he can use him.
  • “I hate this place” – Jeff hates the rain.
  • “I know what it’s like not to have food. I know what it’s like not to have shelter” – Tasha is playing a bad game x2
  • “Our team were golden” – Tasha to Abi, but of course, that won’t last once they get to the merge. Old alliances don’t always have sway once tribes break and reform.
  • “I just want to make the jury this time” – Jeff, perhaps they shall keep you and then vote you out first then. Mission accomplished.
  • “I’m always open” – PG, shut your legs. Oh you mean in the game of Survivor and alliances. I get you.
  • Geez! That’s on big-arse centipede!
  • Stephen is back to his old ways and has his eyes on the idol.
  • “I hate that the idol is out there and I have no idea where it is” – Stephen
  • “I will help you look” – Jeremy to Stephen – aka, “I will help you look, find it, then not tell you about it and keep it for myself”
  • Stephen and Jeremy are on the hunt. Oh, and so are numerous other people it seems.
  • “I don’t know nothing. It could be anywhere” – Jeremy is sick of looking for the idol.
  • Oh wait.
  • “It just popped out like ‘ahh'” – Jeremy is excited that he thinks he found the idol. “Two seasons it takes me, but is it an idol? No. It’s a clue to the idol!”
  • Bring on the challenge. I hope he is able to snatch up the idol like Kelley did.


  • ┬áThe Idol looks like it’s a pretty obvious place. What if someone else is to see it? I also wonder is the Idol on the other tribes boxes too, even if someone hasn’t found the clue?
  • Ooh mirrored idols.
  • What a cool dragon puzzle!
  • “Spencer, Kazz and Tasha all competed and failed miserably” – Jeff, yes two will redeem themselves and thus, one will again fail.
  • Go Jeremy! Way to not be subtle with your idol grab!
  • Everyone looks so exhausted during this challenge.
  • One tribe moves their obstacles and end up way ahead while the rest suffer moreso.
  • Joe and Kass have a nice big lead in the puzzle building. Of course, this could not mean a thing.
  • It’s Joe and Kass vs PG and Tasha vs Monica and Spencer. See how the three are all doing the puzzle? I guess it really is some kind of redemption.
  • Although, this puzzle/challenge really isn’t fair for short people.
  • Joe is perfect. Yes, he is.
  • And Joe and Kass finish on top!
  • You can see the panic in Spencer’s eyes!!!
  • Jeremy and Spencer come in second!
  • Angkor up for tribal tonight.
  • Jeff looks pissed!
  • “Ooh, we got a rat” – Tasha about Jeff.
  • Wait, what just happened?
  • Redemption for Kass and Spencer
  • “We are trying to bond as a tribe” – Tasha explaining what happened and the said ‘rat’ comment. “I made a deal with you and you, and they’ve turned right around” – Jeff is pissed that it appears that his tribe is turning against him.
  • Wow, what an outburst. This looks bad and is super awkward and uncomfortable to watch. This, I’m sure, will not end well going into tribal tonight.
  • “In order to be an underdog, you have to hit rock bottom” – way to see the upside Jeff P of loosing your first immunity as a tribe.
  • Jeff is in trouble. Oh no! I like him. I hope he doesn’t get voted out.
  • With ten minutes of the show left, not taking into account ad times, I think it is going to be a quick and easy vote tonight. I think Jeff is in trouble. Moral is low and Tasha is right, it would be hard to keep picking yourself up when everyone is feeling so low and negative. Negativity can kill a tribe so easily.
  • “Oh my gosh, he can’t be trusted. He just handed me ammunition on a silver platter” – Andrew is happy that Jeff’s name is being passed around as this puts him in a good place to not be voted out.
  • “I think you made a really good case” – PG thinks that Andrew should stay
  • Woo reminds PG that they’re still in the majority of numbers with Abi on board.
  • “You’ve got to take everything that desperate people say with a grain of salt” – I guess PG isn’t really feeling what Andrew is throwing out …
  • Abi calling Jeff unpredictable is rich coming from her. I think he’s more stable than you are, honey.
  • “I know I’m not on the bottom with them. And I know I’m on the bottom with you guys” – Abi bluntly telling PG and Woo that she’s not voting with them.
  • PG now wants Abi gone. Abi now wants PG gone.
  • What an incredibly stupid move of PG to now want to go after Abi just because of the way she spoke to you. That shows that you can so easily flip and how easily your emotions take over. Don’t ever give a reason for your tribe mates to vote you out. You were all united in voting Jeff out and then you go and do something stupid.
  • Everyone remembers the last thing that happened. Jeff will no longer matter because all the focus will be on PG and Abi. It’s how society works. If you’re in trouble you throw someone else under the bus to take the focus off of you. But in this case, PG threw herself under the bus for no reason. Such a silly stupid move!
  • “I can’t believe how quickly everything changed on this tribe” you and me both, Andrew.
  • “I came back to this camp thinking I was done” – Jeff
  • “Options are opening up” – Tasha “[Andrew] and I were down to two. Now [we’re] making the decision about who will be gone tonight”
  • This is going to be one interesting tribal!


  • Jeff P sums it up that Andrew and Tasha are not in the majority. And then Jeff went and had an emotional meltdown, which he can’t recall the details.
  • “Keep your family business at home” – Tasha about Jeff
  • “Take him out now, so we don’t have to worry about him later” – Andrew’s reasoning for taking out the emotionally unstable Jeff.
  • “Wouldn’t it be crazy to leave this thing without a vote thrown my way” – Jeff “[Andrew] and Tasha have found their way from the bottom of the heap to the top”
  • Abi thinks she’s going home.
  • “If I gave you my word, I’m good with it. I’m steady. I’m loyal” – P(“I’m always open”)G
  • “My level of commitment is huge” – Abi is committed, until you piss her off. But she works around camp. No one has mentioned in tribal how Jeff sleeps all day. But whatever.
  • I have no idea. [Andrew] and Tasha are in control of tonight’s vote” – Jeff
  • I have NO idea which way this is going to swing. My money is on Abi just because PG and Woo are tight, and because of Abi being Abi.
  • “I’ve wanted you out since day one. Hopefully it’ll work this time” – PG, showing that she voted for Abi.
  • “You talk way too much. Shut your mouth, girl” – Abi, showing that she voted for PG.
  • By the way, who did Abi’s hair? Did she do it herself? I want answers.
  • Jeff feels good.
  • And the results are in ….
  • Wow. PG. There you go.
  • Two votes for Abi from Woo and PG. Abi, Jeff, Andrew and Tasha voted for PG.
  • Woo is surprised.
  • “Well played guys. Woo, good luck” – PG, obviously is rooting for Woo to take the game
  • “[This is the] second time you write my name” – Abi to Woo. Note Woo’s eye-roll.
  • “You have to be able to adapt on a dime” – Jeff P’s advice to Angkor.
  • And PG’s wise words in confessional is for good luck trying to play with Abi. And she regretted trusting Tasha and Andrew. But hey, that’s the game.

Until next time!

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