Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E4

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E4

  • RECAP TIME! Tasha’s sweet talk to Abi *coughswayedcough* and Woo voted for Abi *coughagaincough* I think this is the season of the unfair screening time allocation. But any who. Let’s get on to this …
  • Jeff is shock! He “didn’t get one single vote” and “can’t believe [he’s] here”
  • Jeff now feels indebted to the group, and he’s “now sick” that he has to “kiss their asses”
  • Tasha, on the other hand, wants Jeff gone. “You’re not going anywhere, Woo”
  • Oh god, more drama from Abi! “What’s the beef?” Tasha says to her. Abi doesn’t like that Tasha is now speaking to Woo straight after he voted for her a second time, when Tasha is in an alliance with Abi. Way to have friends, Tasha!
  • Andrew – “Abi has paranoia. [Which] makes her unpredictable”
  • “To me, it’s coming off as personal” Abi, on Woo voting for her twice. It’s not – it’s just Survivor. And he still just kind of hates you …
  • Does Abi have sway?  That is the question. The problem with having an alliance with Abi is that, yes, she will be loyal but that’s up until you wrong her. Or also, the other thing you have to worry about is that she’s very one minded. So even if you don’t wrong her, if she’s wronged by someone else, she will then want to go for them, even if it’s the wrong decision. So it’s basically Abi’s way or the highway, because in the end, if you don’t vote with her, you’re voting against her to which she will turn on you. The only way this will be of benefit is to keep her until before the merge and then vote her out, because she will not vote for someone who voted her out.
  • It is also a good idea to take Abi to the end because no one will vote for her. The problem with that, of course, is that it’s going to be so hard to be in her alliance for reasons above, and also to just put up with her in general. And thus, I don’t see her going to the end because it’s just too much work to get her there.
  • Jeremy on finding the Idol “It’s a thing of beauty”
  • And now he’s going to play Stephen for a fool. “This is my idol. I’m not telling anybody” “We’re got to find it. It’s out there” Very clever going to look for the idol with Stephen because he has no idea. It’s always smart to keep the idol to yourself because it can always bring up complications. But saying that, that also depends on the situation of the game and who you’re with. It’s such a complex game.
  • “Best friends forever for life” – Jeremy, on his relationship with Stephen. Naw, Stephen finally has a friend
  • It’s a “dead cove” on Angkor. They’re living in the “Survivor ghetto”
  • Does Angkor have enough in their tank to pull off a win?


  • Ugh. And Kass is the first person I see. God, her face annoys me so much!
  • Who will win the Survivor BBQ set major and minor?
  • Joe would be perfect for this challenge. PICK JOE! PICK JOE! PICK JOE!
  • And they pick … not Joe. It’s Andrew vs Jeremy vs Terry.
  • So why not Joe? Would it have been too unfair as he’s younger than the other two? Is it because he’s such an amazing stud that it would be an unfair advantage to the other tribes? Or was it simply so he could keep his energy up for the next challenge? Not too sure – but I think it’s a stupid idea nonetheless.
  • Wow. Terry bags a bag (?) in one! Jeremy is just short. Andrew is way off!
  • “Slow and steady, bud” – Kelley’s advice to Terry. Hey, it worked for the tortoise, why not Terry?
  • And Terry struggles with his second bag. “That’s how quickly you can forget what you did the first time” – Jeff P
  • “Andrew contacts on his first launch” ie, he gets his second bag bagged in one go!
  • Oh, it’s down to a run! It’s between Andrew and Terry. Who’s going to make it? Which senior citizen will pass out first? The (slow) race is on!
  • Wow. And Angkor gets a win! And it’s a “thank you so much” from the tribe … and now we will vote you out! muahahahahahaha *twirls mustache*
  • Tasha – “Andrew just did that on true love for this tribe” Naw. Tears.
  • “Good job, Andrew” – Kelley. Did anyone notice this? Perhaps she will work with him come merge time. Speaking up might be a bad move! People have been voted out for less …

And back to the beach …

  • And now Andrew feels like he’s earned his weight. He’s got “vindication”
  • “Oh my god, we’re gonna eat!”
  • “[Andrew] you’re a freaking legend” – Woo
  • Settle down, Andrew. It’s not like you saved the world or something. You won your tribe a BBQ set. Someone get this man a sparkly g and a cape! I am Andrewman!
  • It’s great you now feel like you can compete again the big wigs, but just because you can compete again Jeremy and Terry does not mean that you’re team has enough in it to win anything as a group. Those are two completely different things. You’re only as strong as your weakest player. If the team is weak, you can only do so much to pick up the slack. Just saying. This proves nothing. But hey, I’m proud he got a win.
  • And my quote of the episode … “Come in here and be a little turd?” – Kass
  • Kass has come into the game after reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. And will not be that turd she was last time around. This is very similar to how Spencer was, it seems, from last episode. A turd will always be a turd. That’s all it knows.
  • Kass thinks the “people who will win Survivor will [be one who] embraces evolution and change” That’s pretty much Survivor 101.
  • Nice wet arse, Spencer!
  • Spencer will now “throw Kelly under the bus” “She’s good with all of them” – Spencer, on Kelly. Monica sees right through this. “Spencer, he’s a little bit sneaky” and she wants him gone.
  • Yeah, Spencer is. He’s being nice to your face so you will keep him around and then he’ll vote your skinny arse out! Vyas tried the same thing, but clearly it didn’t work! Spencer, you’re trying WAY to hard! You need to find a happy medium between being a Kass and being a Vytas, otherwise you’re going to be on your way home!


  • Great sound effects on the puzzle building!
  • Terry, you’re funny!
  • Jeff is doing a great job!
  • Keith can’t hear anything!
  • “Terry is waiting for an invitation to dance” – Jeff P on Terry standing around
  • “Joe basically did it all on his own” – Jeff P. Joe is perfect. Yes, he is.
  • Go Joe! He’s doing this challenge all on his own. It just goes to show, that he probably would have won the reward all on his own too. But whatever.
  • “This challenge will kick your butt” – Way to go on the pep talk, Jeff P!
  • “Joe on a full on sprint!” – Jeff P
  • Cue the hurting oneself montage. Ow! Ow! Ouch! Ow! Agh! etc.
  • “Ah. It’s so bright!” Woo, on being able to see again.
  • “I can’t see!” – Abi
  • “Jeff dropped a piece on himself” – Jeff P
  • “Bayon was last to get all their pieces” – Jeff P
  • Does Angkor simply have no puzzle builders on their team?
  • Abi can’t hold the puzzle piece all by herself!
  • “It’s almost like [Angkor are] waiting for Te Kao to finish” – Jeff P
  • And Angkor is going back to tribal council.
  • Andrew thinks it’s scary how bad they went. He says it’s the hardest challenge he’s ever experienced.

The Beach (not in relation to that terrible Leonardo DiCaprio movie)

  • “Good effort, guys. We did our best” Angkor is grieving
  • “We just got bumped by the hardest and most physical challenge I’ve ever done” – Andrew
  • Jeff has hurt is toe! Now he is telling everyone that he’s “no threat to anyone” bad bad bad move! If the tribes were merged into one then Jeff would be no threat to anybody and would have no chance of winning an immunity challenge, but in a situation where you’re still playing as a tribe and you’ve already lost a member as is, it’s a silly thing to bring this up, because if you have hurt yourself, then you’re basically another member down and have no chance of not going to tribal next week if Jeff is still around. It’s just how it is. Of course, this is only true if the challenge is physical.
  • “It’s me or you, and I think it’s me” Jeff to Woo
  • “Abi is so in their laps right now” Jeff. I hope Abi goes for Woo because I like Jeff, even though I think it would be a silly decision to keep him around in his currant state.
  • “He says he wants to vote with me, but then he goes and stabs me in the back” Abi, on Woo. “She was pretty upset” Woo, on Abi.
  • Tasha is trying to push for Jeff. Abi is fixated on loyalty and wants to vote Woo.
  • Tasha is again still trying for Jeff. Abi is still fixated on Woo.
  • “I’ll just listen while you think” Tasha, on Abi wanting to vote Woo.
  • Tasha thinks Jeff is “manipulating”
  • “I hate having to be the decision maker” Abi, you’re not really. You just can’t see how you’re not. Everyone wants Jeff but you’re too fixated on revenge. Silly silly. Tasha, you should let her pick or she’s going to flip again!

Tribal Council

  • Jeff has a cane! His foot is purple! Ouch!
  • AGH BUG!
  • “[Jeff] hasn’t been a help at any of the challenges” way to rub it in his face, Jeff P
  • Woo – “the merge is not going to happen for a long time”
  • Is Woo really a threat? Does he really have power? He’s not really that much of a strategic player. He’s not the best communicator either. So really, he’s probably not going to be that much of a threat down the line. Yes, he is quite likable but I don’t see him having a chance of winning the money at the end unless it’s a matter of the others being so hated! That’s just my opinion though. I don’t think people should worry too much about Woo. I think Tasha is a big threat actually. I’d watch out for her.
  • “You voted for Abi twice” – Jeff, to Woo “You haven’t been in the alliance”
  • Jeff is a great speaker. He’s definitely doing well to plead his case – aka throwing Woo under the bus! “That was a good pitch” See even Jeff P thinks that Jeff worked it!
  • “I adore you” Jeff to Abi
  • “I give you my loyalty and my strength” – Woo
  • “One of us has proven they’re there. The other hasn’t” Jeff, on Woo’s loyalty
  • “Wow” “Wow” “Wow” “Wow” Wows all round from the tribe. What a fight!
  • “Abi, I promise you, right here, right now” – Woo
  • Who is going to go home?! They’ve both fought so hard! It’s kind of a shame that one of them now has to be voted out.
  • “Make sure you don’t write my name down” Such sass to Woo, Abi!
  • “You rock!” Jeff, when writing Woo’s name down
  • My money is on Woo. I just don’t see Abi coming around.
  • And the result is … Jeff!
  • So that’s one vote to Woo (from Jeff). And Andrew, Tasha, Abi and Woo all voted for Jeff.
  • I’m so sad. I really liked Jeff.
  • “You little bitch” Jeff, to Abi as he kisses her on the cheek and grabs his torch (not his cock, his torch). He says this in a joking way. He’s lovely.
  • Aww heart hand symbols between Abi and Jeff. Love.
  • “Thanks” – Woo “You’re welcome” – Woo, on being saved
  • Jeff is grateful for the opportunity to play the game again. It’s been a long time between seasons for him!
  • And haha Tasha’s “Jeff (not Probst)” written vote

Until next time, folks!

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