Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E8

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E8



  • So let’s see what I missed last episode …
  • Kass makes a BIG move!
  • Stephen cries (again)
  • Spencer is making relationships that are saving him from the vote
  • Joe wins the first individual immunity
  • Kass, wants to vote out Tasha
  • Ciera, Abi and Kelley find themselves at the bottom of the heap


  • Stephen looks exhausted
  • Andrew is happy to have made it to the jury (or, will be if/when he gets voted out, he means). He plans on keeping his alliance solid.
  • “I can see they’re planning a big move. I can see it in their eyes” – Andrew, speaking of the bottom of the heap
  • “This game is always changing” – Ciera
  • Ciera “thinks Stephen wants to make a big move” – so she wants to try and use him to get her and him further in the game
  • Stephen sees in Ciera “both going to make the moves we need to make to get ourselves in a winning position” (you need 6)
  • “I don’t want to sit around and be run over by a bunch of (WHAT?!). It’s time to do something” – Stephen. (I rewound over and over and still couldn’t understand what he was saying. Any ideas?)
  • Stephen wants to make moves, the problem is, I feel like he thinks he is more control over the game than he actually is. Yes, this season is based on voting blocks but you will probably need a core alliance to get you to the end, and I don’t feel like Stephen has that with anyone still left in the game. I smell the desperation. He wants it, but I don’t think he has any chance of getting it. He’s not playing the game coy enough. You shouldn’t throw all your cards on the table.


  • Oh yeah, I forgot that Keith was still in it!
  • Basically, they have to collect crates with a boat and stack them up.
  • This challenge is redemption for Kelly – “I lost to the guy who couldn’t swim” 15 years ago.
  • It’s Tasha, Andrew, Stephen, Abi, Spencer and Jeremy
  • vs
  • Ciera, Kelley, Kelly, Keith, Joe and Kimmi
  • I feel like team two have a better advantage. For one, they have Kelly who has done the challenge before. And well Joe, I always feel like that’s a good advantage to have. They also have Kelley on the team who may be an asset.
  • And we’re off!
  • Haha, oh gosh, team 2 can’t go straight. Oh dear. They’re in trouble already!
  • Oh wait, it’s dead even now. Cut. Them. Off.
  • Why not send Joe to do the heavy lifting?
  • Also, why not replace Abi? Surely, someone else is the better fit for this.
  • “He’s replaced Abi” – Jeff, speaking of Spencer. You took the words right out of my mouth …
  • “Joe and Keith, working together well on these crates” – Jeff. They’re currently one up on crate collecting.
  • “I’m on the ground. I’m on the ground!” – Joe. He’s perfect. Yes, he is.
  • Well, the other team start drifting away “forcing Spencer to win to the boat” – Jeff.
  • They have a BIG time advantage.
  • “Joe taking one (crate) alone. That is how you get it done on Survivor!” – Jeff, always a fan girl for the big boys.
  • Team 1 have a lot of time to make up!
  • “Take a lot of teamwork to make up time” – Jeff.
  • Jeremy is carrying a crate by himself. “Work of two people” – Jeff. You definitely need muscle power on this challenge. That leaves Spencer and Stephen in the clear …
  • And team 2 wins! That’s redemption for Kelly. A much deserved win.
  • Kelley has great tits.
  • “The thought of Joe being on the reward with the girls terrifies me!” – Stephen, always the optimist – and always thinking about the game. How about being more upset because you don’t get to go eat? Huh?
  • “This could ruin everything” – Stephen, so fixated on Joe.
  • Stephen is like Sauron. He’s the one eye with his mind so fixated on the one thing, the one ring, the one Joe. I feel like it blinds him from playing a much better game.
  • Will their be an idol clue?
  • Kimmi is happy to eat as it’s her first food reward ever.
  • The other team, “lacking team work”
  • Ciera plans on making everyone feel relaxed and then to hit them with strategy. “Opportunity to plant seeds, make new relationships” and she hopes “someone takes the bait”
  • It is a shame that that bait-taking person would probably only be Stephen … but I guess we shall see …
  • Back at camp, Tasha, Jeremy, Andrew and Spencer are not breaking.
  • “Stephen will try to make a move” – Joe, wants to also make a move at the right time.
  • Keith riding that tuktuk. So funny!
  • “We’re gonna see Keith retired on the beach in ten years, this’ll be what he’ll be doing” – Joe
  • Keith wants to get his Cambodian driver’s license “You call, I’ll haul. I’ll come get ya” – Keith
  • Stephen has a low moment. Abi, always tactful “get over it”
  • Let’s sum this up with Stephen quote grabs. “No food. No chance to bond” “You lost your season by not bonding” “Joe is the enemy” “Nightmare”
  • “Since day #1, Stephen has been trying to get Joe out” – Jeremy. He must not have been doing a good job if it still hasn’t worked. This should be a wake up call for Stephen to change his tactics as clearly what he has been doing is not working.
  • Stephen doesn’t want to be a goat. “Stephen is doing what he’s got to do to get Joe out”
  • Andrew, on the other hand. “I love the guy” (meaning Joe) Andrew hates the lying and deceit. “He keeps throwing your name out” – Andrew to Joe, showing his true colours that he’s more on Joe’s side than Stephen, even though Stephen thinks he has loyal votes coming from all sides. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad game play.
  • “I knew this was coming, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon” – Joe, on his name being brought up
  • “On my kid’s life, I will never write your name down” – Andrew to Joe … and a new bromance is formed. Can you imagine how excited his kid’s would be when he brings Joe over for dinner?!


  • Wow what an incredibly girly fabric necklace aka the immunity necklace
  • Keith and Jeremy have participated in the game before. Jeremy was first out, and Keith won the game.
  • The game, I guess you’d say, is you have a ball on a plank held on to by a rope. So the aim is to keep the ball (and later, balls) on the plank. If you drop, you’re out.
  • The ball looks like an onion
  • “Seconds in, Kelley is out. Followed by Ciera. Kelly drops” – Jeff
  • “Jeremy is out. This challenge is moving quickly” – Jeff
  • “Abi is out” – Jeff. We’re down to seven.
  • Stephen is out. Andrew too. Kelley is amused by this.
  • “Kimmi, right on the edge” – Jeff “Kimmi drops out” And we’re down to four.
  • Tasha drops. It’s just the three men now – Joe, Keith and Spencer
  • Keith has movement. A little moment from Joe.
  • Oh. Spencer is out.
  • It is Keith vs Joe. Sorry to put a damper on wonder Joe, but I think Keith has this. He has won it before, I believe he can do it again. But gosh, I hope Joe wins so he can stay in the game longer!
  • And ten minutes in, they add a second ball to make it a little more difficult.
  • “Keith and Joe both have two balls on their disk” – that’s for the anatomy lesson, Jeff.
  • “You can’t afford any movement” – Jeff
  • “Joe’s balls start to move” – Jeff
  • “Joe’s balls move a little more” – Jeff
  • “Keith, (is) solid” – Jeff
  • ^ those were all necessary. Girlish immature giggling included.
  • Keith drops. Joe wins!
  • Stephen and Kelley both don’t look happy by this. Spencer, too, looks worried.
  • By the way, does the other Kelly ever speak? She never gets any screen time.
  • “Let’s go get Stephen” – Joe is gunning for Stephen


  • “I couldn’t let Keith beat me” – Joe laughs. Yes, though technically, he said it in a playful joking matter, but he is making that target all the more bigger, although it’s easy really – he has to keep winning to stay in the game. No one will take Joe to the end – I don’t even think Andrew would given the chance. Although, I think his daughters would never forgive him if he was the reason for Joe’s leaving.
  • Stephen is frustrated. “Joe is my white whale” in regards to the tale of Moby Dick.
  • Joe – “gonna use the three girls who are at the bottom (to vote out Stephen)”
  • “You’re so evil right now” – Kelley complimenting Joe’s first real game play.
  • “At this point, I’d be happy on anybody, as long as it’s not me or you” – Ciera to Kelley.
  • Jeremy doesn’t want to vote Stephen out. “Wants to keep him in the game – once the big guys are gone – wants the bullets”
  • “Trimming the fat on our side” – Jeremy
  • Andrew, as a lawyer, is used to getting his own way.
  • Tasha “doesn’t want to create a divide so soon (if they go for Stephen)”
  • “Joe will not grow a pair” – Kelley, on Joe not wanting to make a big move.
  • “I’ve been begging these people to wake up and play the game and make a move” – Ciera is frustrated, and is hoping for a miracle.


  • Ugh. Kass.
  • Everyone is wearing a lot of green today
  • “Nobody is fighting for their place in the game” Ciera is frustrated.
  • “Nobody wants to make a move” – Kelley
  • Apparently there are five running the show, that’s Jeremy, Tasha and Andrew, plus Stephen and Joe for inserts where needed.
  • But hey, where’s Kimmi, Kelly and Keith in all this?
  • “Perspection is truth” – Joe
  • Andrew believes he is “one of the core”
  • Ciera – “Time to wake up” and get people to play, as someone is at the bottom of the alliance and unless they are willing to step up, they will be dragged along and voted out at the appropriate allocated date and time.
  • Ciera – “at the bottom of the alliance, but has everyone believing it’s equal”
  • “What Ciera is saying probably is true” – Spencer. Ya think, Spencer?
  • I’d totally be frustrated. It’s hard to make a move, a big play, if no one will play along with you. You can’t win the game alone and if you don’t have the numbers for a big shift, you’re basically screwed. Why has no one come to Abi, Kelley and Ciera and use them? How about Keith, Kimmi or Kelly? Somebody who I’m sure also thinks they’re equal. Maybe Spencer even. Somebody. You plus three = four. That’s a big number to control a game.
  • Andrew believes Ciera can say anything at this point because she’s at the bottom. Anyone at the top wouldn’t say that.
  • Fight for your position in the game.
  • The game is different to all previous seasons. Same rules. Someone top and someone is bottom.
  • Hence the voting blocks – which, I don’t think have been mentioned yet. More on those at a later time.
  • “Easy vote, one of us” – Kelley, on her, Abi or Ciera. Hence the frustration of no one using them for a big power move vote.
  • It’s the fear that if you cut a person “what if tomorrow I have to work with them?” – Kelley, that’s basically Survivor 101. It’s a difficult game.
  • Well, I basically have no idea who anyone is voting for tonight. I guess one of the girls, if no one is making a play.
  • Did Spencer vote for Ciera as he had the back to the camera and said “I would have played the game game, if I was in your spot. Luckily, I’m not” Spencer, afraid to make a move against the others.
  • “I may be at the bottom, but I’m not ready to go home yet” – KELLEY IS USING HER IDOL! EVERYONE IS SHOCKED!
  • “You didn’t know?” – Spencer to Ciera “No”
  • “This is my favourite moment” – Ciera. I wouldn’t get too happy – they could have split the votes and all the votes could still be going her way … or maybe they haven’t voted for Kelley at all. What then?
  • Wow. That’s a LOT of votes for Kelley! … It looks like goodbye, Andrew.
  • Ouch. What a way to go. But what epic game play! That’s how you use an idol well. Well played!”
  • “Damn” – Joe is not happy to see Andrew go
  • Andrew is shocked! Although, I think the girls should have gotten rid of a bigger power player – someone with more swing. But maybe Andrew had more sway than I thought he did.
  • “You made it to the jury” – Abi’s parting words to Andrew. His response is the finger.
  • “When will someone makeĀ  a big move? Turks out it’s tonight” – Jeff
  • “That’s stunning” – Andrew
  • So everyone voted for Kelley, except for Ciera, Kelley and Abi who voted for Andrew. Will someone work with them next week to shake up the game? Here’s hoping!

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