Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E10

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E10


  • “Took me two years to find two idols” – Jeremy now has two idols
  • “We need to make a big move – before its too late” – Ciera
  • And, to note, Stephen still has his right to steal a vote from somebody.
  • “Every vote is like a new game” – Jeremy. “Knew Tasha was gonna be upset”
    “They left me out of the vote” – Tasha
    “You’re still in the power” – Jeremy, tries to tell Tasha he’s still with her.
    “They have one opportunity (to leave me out of the vote)” – Tasha, won’t be left out again.
  • “Yeah. I’m pretty pissed right now” – Joe “One of my biggest allies in the game went home”
  • Joe this should be a wake up call to go to the others and make a big move! DO IT! DO IT NOW! You COULD have the numbers. But he knows that everyone is coming for him, too.
  • Lots of rain. Looks so cold.
  • Poor Ciera can’t have one on one conversations with people because she’s stuck in the shelter. Perhaps Joe won’t be able to make a move because of this reasoning too …
  • “I’ll sit here for 50 days for a chance of one million” – Keith, not a fan of the game Survivor but instead, of the money.
  • Eww toes!
  • “Survivor ain’t fun, going on a cruise is fun!” – Keith. “Dang” “Golly”


  • “No highs, if there’s no lows” – Jeff
  • The rain is so heavy! Kimmi’s teeth are chattering! It’s hard to see rain on camera – this just goes to show how heavy it was! As someone who has stood in the cold, heavy rain for ten hours straight, I know how miserable it is.
  • S0 anyway, three people battle for a ball to shoot into a basket. First to three, wins reward.
  • It’s Kelley, Kimmi, Keith, Stephen and Jeremy
    Tasha, Abi, Ciera, Joe and Spencer
  • I feel like group one have a better chance (this should, in theory, be a challenge based on agility and strength), although I feel like the girls in two may play dirty.
  • This game was previously played by Stephen, who played and scored the winning basket for his tribe.
  • Jeremy scores
  • Stephen takes down Joe
  • “Kill him!” – Stephen (about Joe)
  • “Kimmi has been holding Joe down” – Jeff
  • Joe pushes Kimmi down and scores (teehee)
  • Spencer scores
  • So it’s 1 vs 2 right now.
  • Ciera moves around, but is of small help
  • “Tasha has the ball, but she’s also got Kimmi” – Jeff
  • “Tasha (is) dragging Kimmi” – Jeff
  • But it doesn’t do any good – Tasha scores!
  • “Head out. Get warm” – Jeff
  • Ciera is excited to have conversations out of the shelter for a bit. It would be a great way to try and way Joe and Spencer, but why is Tasha always there? She just can’t seem to catch a break! She really needs to work with Stephen, I think.
  • “Having been wet for two days” – Spencer, is happy to get out of the rain.
  • “May not be immunity, but it feels as important as immunity” – Spencer
  • Ciera is missing her babies. Sadface.
  • “Gotta keep trucking along for them” – Ciera, is doing it for her kids.
  • “Stephen’s advantage is scary” – Spencer
    “All the more reason to blindside him” – Ciera
    “I think Stephen is the most powerful person in the game” – Joe
  • Everyone seems to want Stephen out.
  • “I can’t bank on them, when I know they want me out of the game” – Joe, wants to make a move, but knows everyone wants him gone too.


  • There’s Kimmi, always looking on the brightside.
  • “Joe is just pushing two girl’s down. Is Joe playing every person?” – Jeremy, compliments Joe-amazing.
  • “Everyone knows how (important) it is to get rid of Joe” – Stephen. “I think I’m in a really great position right now”
  • ^ That is usually the death quote … You should never get too comfortable.
  • Survivor looks like a miserable game. Use your inner strength.
  • Stephen’s body is breaking apart. He has terrible stomach pains. He looks very very ill.
  • “Even though your body says ‘you can’t’, you’ve got to say, ‘yes, I can” – Stephen, crying, again.
  • “Every part of me has given up. I just need a ray of hope. Sun to come out for 15 minutes” – Stephen, crying, again.
  • I feel so sorry for Stephen. The game is obviously taking a tole on him, and I don’t only mean psychically, but it’s probably the mental side of things that are causing the physical sides too. I mean, Survivor is a mental game and if you’re constantly in game mode, in worry mode, in strategy mode, that’s where all your energy is going. You’re not sleeping and you’re not eating, so basically you’re drained. People are strong, but strength comes from the head, not from the muscles, in this game. You need to have inner strength to get you through it. Stephen should turn off for a bit and that would probably help him a little bit. It is also good to have something more to play for, rather than just money and revenge.
  • “I’m not quitting. There’s no way I’m quitting” – Stephen
  • “Stephen does not look good. He looks so bad” – Jeremy
  • Eww Stephen’s feet look so gross!
  • “If we can get warm for one day, we’ll be all right” – Jeremy, on the brightside of life.


  • “I’m just wondering what this could all be” – Keith
  • Well, you must balance on one foot, while balancing a ball on a plank of wood, with a block of wood.
  • This is redemption for Keith who participated, but did not win previously.
  • “#severegastrointestinaldistress” – Stephen
  • Jeff has a twist, if five people give up their immunity, he will send a construction crew to their camp to make their shelter all the more livable.
  • “I vs me” – Spencer, do you give up for the better of the group, or do you play for yourself?
  • It is that “I will give up for the better of the group”
  • “Surviving is more important than immunity” – Ciera
  • “Everybody willing to give up their spot except for Joe and Keith” – Jeff
  • “Come on” – Keith, is shocked by how many people would give up their immunity.
  • “I’m a competitor and I want to play” – Keith
  • “I totally considered it” – Joe. “I can suck it up”
  • So Keith and Joe are both in … who will win? It’s a showdown!
  • Keith may have an advantage having played it before, but it’s hard to win against Joe-wonderful. I’d put money on Joe, as always.
  • “This challenge for immunity is on” – Jeff
  • “Doesn’t take long for the fatigue to set in” – Jeff
  • “This’ll take everything you have” – Jeff
  • And with that, Joe wins his fourth immunity!


  • “I remain undefeated” – Joe, makes himself a bigger target, but a safe one – at least, for now.
  • Poor Keith gets no redemption.
  • “Of course, Joe the amazing wins another immunity” – Stephen is jealous again … But with a new shelter, he can think and play now.
  • Ooh what a nice looking shelter – and they have food now too! Nice!
  • “Best. Shelter. Ever” – Spencer is impressed.
  • “Selling your soul to the devil” is giving up your chance at immunity – Spencer
  • “(Ciera) is too dangerous” – Stephen, sets his sights on Ciera. I think she was dangerous last episode too, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Also, why is no one bringing up Kelley again? I thought she was a threat when they tried to blindside her episodes ago?
  • Stephen doesn’t want to waste his advantage too early.
  • Stephen’s new name is “poopy pants”, thanks to Abi
  • Ciera, is like the godfather. Apparently.
  • “Ciera has unhinged several groups” – Tasha. There are groups now? I thought it was all just one big happy, yet slightly dysfunctional family. (quote, from St Trinians)
  • Spencer wants Stephen gone.
  • “I feel like Ciera is the biggest threat right now” – Tasha, wants Ciera gone.
  • “My head is in two minds right now” – Joe, on whether to vote out Ciera or Stephen.
  • Jeremy has Stephen’s back, and won’t vote for him.
  • Spencer knows that Stephen will make a move if he can. He has no trust in him at all.
  • “Something has to give. Something has to break” – Spencer is 100% voting for Stephen. Jeremy is 100% voting for Ciera.
  • So, the votes should be. Spencer and Ciera (I guess, too, Kelley and Abi) will vote Stephen. Jeremy, Tasha and Stephen, will vote Ciera. The others, not too sure.
  • Either way, it should come down to either Stephen or Ciera. I’d like to see Stephen go, although I don’t mind too much which of the two go.


  • Kelley is at her lowest low
  • “We have to come together to survive” – Ciera
  • “Who’s gonna be selfish? And who’s gonna be unselfish?” – Tasha
  • That’s basically what today came down to … but surviving is also about gaining immunity.
  • “I give the white rock, I go home tonight” – Joe (meaning, if he hadn’t played, he would have been voted out. Period.)
  • “Kill the golden boy” – Keith, quote of the episode.
  • “Whoever goes home will second guess their decision for a long time” – Spencer. And that’s what it comes down to – surviving.
  • “You may have an idol that no one may know about, but everyone knows (about the advantage) as given in public” – Jeff, putting a target on Stephen’s back.
  • “It’s a disadvantage” – Stephen, who really should have taken this as a wake up call and realise his game is not working.
  • “Haven’t established lines yet” – Ciera
  • “Look at it as ‘a million dollar mistake'” – Jeff, rubbing it in the face of the person who is soon to go home.
  • At this point, I’m putting my money on Ciera.
  • And it’s time to vote …
  • OMG! Jeremy is using his one of his idols to SAVE Stephen! Say what?!
  • Stephen is shocked. Everyone is shocked.
  • “I’m with you, all the way” – Stephen is now on team-Jeremy.
  • And the votes are read:
  • Ciera is voted out.
  • “Well played, well played” – Ciera, to Jeremy
  • Kelley and Ciera voted for Kimmi (why? I have no clue)
  • Stephen, Jeremy and Kimmi voted for Ciera
  • Abi, Keith, Joe, Tasha and Spencer voted for Stephen

I find this vote very interesting. Tasha voted for Stephen even though she thought that Ciera was a bigger threat. It’s also weird that her biggest allie, Jeremy, voted differently. I feel like maybe it was spite for the week before. I’m not too sure. Also, who fed Keith information?

And also, why did Ciera and Kelley vote for Kimmi (when her name wasn’t even brought up), when Ciera clearly was gunning for Stephen. All I can think is that they thought that maybe an idol would be used – but hey, if only Abi had voted with them, it may have gone down a different way.

I do like that Spencer is playing his own game though. His independence yet relationships are impressing me right now. Although, right now, I don’t think anyone is playing a winning game. It’s hard to tell who is in the position of power when everyone seems to be on the chopping block. Survivor, you are an interesting, wicked game.

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