Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E11

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E11


  • “I would have done the same for you” – Jeremy, to Spencer on using the idol on Stephen.
  • Do I sense a three-strong alliance? No, because Spencer voted for Stephen. This season of Survivor is so weird. You can be true to one person, but they may be true to another you want out. It’s all very complicated, yet exciting, in a way! Although, it makes things a lot less easy to predict …
  • “Sneaky Jeremy” – Joe, on using the Idol.
  • “He saved my life in the game and I owe him that” – Stephen, on Jeremy
  • “I knew in the tribal, I was going” – Stephen
  • “It’s like a new game, ever time we come back from tribal” – Spencer. “Pretty sure I’m being lied to”
  • ^ I wonder who he’s referring to. I can only imagine Jeremy? I’m not too sure. Perhaps everyone? It’s hard to remain strong when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, I guess.
  • “After last night’s vote, I’m annoyed for myself, for being so out of the loop” – Stephen is not happy
  • “Totally didn’t see that coming. Zero.” – Stephen
  • “I call myself a know-it-all, but last night, I knew nothing” – Stephen
  • “Feeling completely overwhelmed by everything” – Stephen
  • I feel sorry for Stephen, it’s hard to predict the unpredictable. Also, as a watcher of the game, it is hard to predict from the outside, so I can only imagine how hard it is from the inside. You think you make the right moves, but how does one know if they’re the right ones? I just wish Stephen could see how single focused he is so he could play a better game – or at least try.


  • So Jeff is telling a Cambodian story. They must listen and then run into the jungle where they must answer questions. You get a gold ring  for a right answer, and a wooden one for a wrong answer. First person to get all five rings wins reward.
  • The winner gets to go hang out at a pool resort with cocktails – transported by helicopter.
  • Spencer and Tasha should go well, Stephen too. It’ll all depend on how fast people can run, especially Stephen with his manky feet.
  • Such a very cool challenge and no redemption for anybody.
  • “Gold means you’re right. Wood means you’re wrong” – Jeff
  • “Keith missed again” – Jeff, on Keith really sucking at the game.
  • “Abi just slow” – Jeff, on Abi walking through the jungle, perhaps she just doesn’t want cocktails.
  • KELLEY JUST GOT AN IDOL CLUE! “How lucky am I?” – Kelley
  • ^ The clue was hidden in one of the ring parchments she picked up. Note that, it could have been picked up by anybody.
  • “Joe has been terrible in this challenge so far” – Jeff
    “Thanks Jeff” – Joe
  • “Spencer’s wrong!” – Jeff. It’s Spencer vs Stephen to see who gets the fifth …
  • Stephen wins reward by seconds!
  • Stephen gets to pick a person to go with him.
  • Tasha, really? What’s she ever done for you?
  • Oh. Stephen gets to pick a second.
  • “It’s Jeremy. 100%” – Stephen. Should it not have been Jeremy the first time?
  • “Stephen makes a very questionable move” – Spencer, on Stephen choosing Jeremy and Tasha
  • I don’t see who else he could have taken which would have helped in any way. I mean, I personally would have taken Kelley as she would be good to work with, but I don’t think Stephen wants to. Jeremy would be the most likely to pick – but no idea why Tasha was chosen. None.
  • “Running on my monster feet was very hard” – Stephen


  • “Having an idol clue in this game is huge!” – Kelley
  • The idol clue says that the idol is hidden under the shelter. Kelley is happy that three are on reward as its, “Three less bodies I’ve got to keep an eye on”
  • This brings up voting blocks. “Every vote is a different game” but Jeremy’s voting shows there is trust in this game. Stephen, speaking of Jeremy using his idol to save him.
  • “Need to repair my alliance with Tasha” – Stephen, now it all becomes clear.
  • Does he see Tasha and Jeremy as the power couple in the game? It certainly looks like those two are the tightest, but saying that, they have voted differently through the game. But this also doesn’t show that they don’t have each others back. It’s interesting.
  • “That’s a three-vote game” – Stephen
  • Stephen tells Tasha and Jeremy that he is able to steal someone’s vote.
  • Did Stephen show all his cards by taking Tasha and Jeremy on the reward? That is the big question. Joe is worried by the connection.
  • “Why don’t you let me win the challenge tomorrow?” – Abi
    “Hmm, no” – Joe
  • Then Joe, Spencer, Keith and Kimmi go into the water for food, leaving Kelley and Abi alone in the shelter.
  • “Home girl will not leave the shelter. She’s like an annoying little sister, like a pest” – Kelley wants to look for the idol.
  • Oh. There goes Abi … come on, Kelley. Be fast. Be sneaky!
  • “I’m trying to get the immunity idol. All of a sudden, everyone comes back in” – Kelley
  • But Kelley has the idol. She’s got it! There’s now two idols back in play. Jeremy has one and Kelley has the other.


  • Using your feet to build a castle out of blocks with a flag.
  • Keith and Jeremy both played before and lost. And this challenge loss was the one that got Jeremy voted out that night.
  • Will tonight repeat itself?
  • This’ll really come down to who has the most core strength and is good with their feet. It really could be anyone’s game.
  • Stephen is struggling!
  • “I’ve got some problems with my feet, Jeff” – Stephen
    “Feet look prehistoric” – Jeff
  • “Spencer’s made up a lot of time” – Jeff
  • It’s Kelley vs Joe vs Spencer at this point.
  • “Only five people have won five individual immunities in one season” – Jeff, putting the jinx on Joe
  • Ooh. Joe is sparkling. His sweat is glistening.
  • “This’ll be a huge win for Spencer, come from behind, to dethrone Joe” – Jeff
  • And with that, Spencer wins immunity!
  • “Damn. That was good” – Joe, reaction to Spencer’s win.


  • Is it all over for Joe tonight? Will everyone finally vote him out?
  • “For the first time, I’m really nervous” – Joe, is in trouble
  • “Joe has never been up for elimination. Not once, in 29 days” – Stephen, clearly wants Joe out.
  • “Now I finally have my shot” – Stephen
  • Ooh. It’s Joe vs Stephen at this point. Who has more sway?
  • It looks like Stephen, Tasha, Jeremy and Kimmi want to vote Joe out. Spencer, Kelley, Keith, Abi and Joe want to vote Stephen out.
  • Kelley’s got some sway … when did this happen?
  • “Tribal’s only a couple of hours away. I’m hoping for the best” – Joe
  • “Abi is insane. She’s suspicious of me” – Spencer, is worried that Abi won’t vote the way she hopes she will vote. Spencer needs Abi’s vote to make it all happen. But he really is relying on the most unreliable person out there.
  • Abi is torn between voting for Joe or Stephen.
  • “Oh god. Abi is freaking out right now.” – Kelley
  • Gosh. It would be so difficult to deal with Abi’s mood swings. And it would be really hard to vote with him when her emotions would take her from one person to another for the smallest of reasons. We’ve seen it before. It really only works in all follow Abi and vote how she wants. But it would be hard work. And I don’t think Abi has a chance of making it to the end. I 100% can’t see that happen. Just like I can’t see Stephen or Joe in the final either. Anyone else, I can see the possibilities, but those three, I would put money on not making it.
  • There is paranoia that Joe could have an idol. Are they going to split the vote?
  • Stephen too, remember, still has the advantage he can play.
  • My theory on people voting out Stephen instead of Joe is Joe is less sneaky. And thus, may be less of a threat – perhaps just not in challenges. I hope Joe makes it through!
  • I would say that Joe is probably going home tonight. It would be silly to not vote Joe out at this point, but if he has lost once, it is possible this may kill his momentum and he could loss again.


  • First time Joe doesn’t have immunity.
  • “So far, there’s been no trust at all. Going forward, the voting blocks might not be the way going forward” – Tasha, did she just out that she’s now aligned with Jeremy and Stephen? If that’s true, of course.
  • “It’s so complicated” – Jeff
  • “Limbo” or “What-ifs” – Spencer, that’s how this game goes.
  • “I think a shift is starting to happen. You need people to stick with to the end” – Tasha, again, cards on the table.
  • Oh. Stephen is taking Joe’s vote.
  • He really could have taken anyone’s vote but I think he just wanted to out of spite. Yes, Joe was probably going to vote for Stephen, thus sparing himself a vote, and then can vote twice for Joe, but meh. I still feel like he did it for personal satisfaction.
  • “It sucks, but that’s the game” – Joe’s reaction to his vote being taken away. I’d describe it as nonchalant.
  • “Powerful” – Joe, when he learns of the vote.
  • “Joe will be voting for Joe” – Stephen, on using Joe’s vote. “This has been 29 days. I just want to take a moment. *Pause* Thank you” – Stephen.
  • Ugh, way to be humble. He’s not dead, buried and out yet. Way to show your complete arrogance. I hope you go home tonight.
  • I’d say, at this moment, Joe will be going home.
  • And the votes are in …
  • “Wow. Nice. Great blindside, guys” – Stephen, shocked.
  • How even did that happen?
  • “The only predictable thing about the game has been the unpredictable” – Jeff, you said it!
  • “I think Spencer might of turned. But good on him” – Stephen.
  • “I regret splitting the votes” – Stephen, ya think?
  • And the votes went like this:
    Joe (well, Stephen) and Jeremy voted for Joe
    Stephen, Kim and Tasha voted for Abi
    Spencer, Keith, Abi and Kelley voted for Stephen
  • That’s some pretty tight voting right there!

It appears that Stephen didn’t have all his ducks in order like he thought he did. Just goes to show you, or showing that, it just shows you that you take a big chance in splitting votes.

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