Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E12

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E12



  • It’s all about the love.
  • It was Spencer vs Stephen – and Spencer came out on top!
  • ^ which shocked Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi
  • Also, to note, Jeremy and Kelley both still have an Idol up their sleeve.


  • “That was a great move last night” – Jeremy to Spencer, what a suck up!
  • “For the first time, I made a move. Can’t treat people like game bots” – Spencer. I guess he was saying that is part of the reason why Stephen got voted out too. He thought it had his ducks.
  • “I still trust you” – Jeremy, to Spencer
  • “These voting blocks keep moving” – Jeremy
  • “I need to be in control of my destiny” – Kimmi, finally opens her eyes to playing the game. Why didn’t you listen to Ciera episodes ago?
  • Now Kimmi, wants an all-girl alliance thing. Wait, what?! Wasn’t this the EXACT reason why she went gunning for Monica? Funny that.
  • “I didn’t come out here to be someone’s pawn. Time to make my move” – Kimmi, I don’t see this happening. You’re at the bottom with no where to go really.


  • Jeremy talking about his family is oh so sweet.
  • What is the reward, you ask – well … Jeff tells of how they like to bring loved ones to the game, but sometimes they do things a little bit different …
  • “Today we are not doing anything different. Today we bring your love to you” – Jeff
  • First up, Jeremy!
  • “It’s a baby boy” – Pregnant Val (Jeremy’s wife) whispers to Jeremy
  • “I’m having a song. That’s wild!” Jeremy, in his private interviews. No one knows this in the game … sssh, it’s a secret!
  • “This whole game, all I think about is family” – Jeremy
  • And then, Tasha’s cousin. She seems like she’d be a lot of fun!
  • “We’re more like sisters than cousins” – Tasha
  • Then Spencer’s girlfriend.
  • “Spencer has a girlfriend” – Jeff
  • “Saying I love you is a big thing for me” – Spencer, tells his girlfriend he loves her.
  • And then Abi –
  • “She’s my angel” – Abi’s Mum
  • Then Keith’s wife “Big D”
  • “This is a boost for every one of us” – Keith
  • Then Kelley’s Dad – I remember him!
  • “I have new respect for the loved ones who stay home” – Kelley’s Dad, who appeared on the show himself a previous season.
  • Now Joe’s Dad. So funny to see Joe’s dad is as laid back as him.
  • Joe had a dream that his Dad came on a family visit, but on his season that never happened. So he is super excited by this!
  • “You made my dream come true” – Joe
  • “Family is the most important thing in my life” – Joe
  • “Give him a huge, or a kiss, much better” – Jeff, to Joe on saying goodbye to his Dad.
  • And now Kimmi’s Dad.
  • “Oh my God, my Daddy!” – Kimmi
  • “This is the best gift I can give my Dad” – Kimmi
  • So obviously, the winner gets to spend time with their loved one – but they also get to have an American barbecue.
  • The challenge is to dig up bags in the sand, then spin, then balance and then finish with a puzzle.
  • I think it’s a pretty equal playing field. Anyone could probably win it. Although I’m going to rule Abi and Tasha out as they have been pretty useless.
  • And this challenge is on!
  • “Ah. Sorry Keith” – Joe, when he accidentally throws the rope at Keith. So sweet and funny!
  • “The faster you spin, the quicker you finish and the dizzier you get” – Jeff
  • Ooh puzzle time!
  • “I don’t know what is is, Jeff” – Keith, trying to solve the word puzzle.
  • “You can get it in an instant and win it out of nowhere” – Jeff, on it kind of being an equal playing field.
  • Nourishment is the word
  • And Kelley has it!
  • “I was going for redemption” – Abi
  • Kelley is allowed to pick three. She picks Keith, Abi and Kimmi.
  • “Thank you so much, Kelley” – Abi
  • And then.
  • “Choose one more” – Jeff
  • And she picks Joe.
  • This is a good chance for Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer to bond. Might not be the best choosing she could have done, although I don’t think she chose based on strategy.
  • “I could just tell that everyone was excited to be here” – Kelley
  • “I wouldn’t have cared if you’d brought my fifth cousin from my Daddy¬† – just to see some relative” – Keith “But Big D was the ultimate prize”
  • “I’ve never had a friend like you. You’re my hero” – Joe’s Dad, to Joe
  • Joe’s Dad tells Joe that he’s been a loner his whole life and he never let anyone in. Their relationship is so sweet.
  • Joe says that his father was always tough on his and not affectionate. But “I’ll remember (what he said and him being on the island) for the rest of my life”
  • “It’s kind of what I expected by it still hurts” – Spencer, on not getting picked. “I’ve never felt heartbreak like that”
  • I love that when Spencer talks about his girlfriend, there’s no real love or emotion behind his words. It very much reminds me of myself.
  • “It was a thing against Stephen. It was not a thing against you” – Spencer to Tasha and Jeremy
  • “How do you feel about this being the final three?” – Spencer, to Tasha and Jeremy
  • Yes, see called it. Leaving the three alone may not have been the best idea. Does Spencer now have some kind of power? Is he now in charge on the game? I am not sure.
  • Tasha feels like she’s in a good place as she can go with Spencer and Jeremy, or she can go in the all-girl alliance. Personally, I think if she goes with Spencer and Jeremy, she has no chance of winning. If she’s with all girls, she has a chance to win against Kimmi and Abi, but if Kelley is in the finale, she doesn’t win.
  • “I think Joe is setting himself up nicely” – Tasha, wants Joe out.
  • Spencer let Joe through because he needed his vote for the game, now I guess, all loyalties are off – or I guess, it’s back to voting blocks.
  • “If you give him an inch, he will go a mile” – Spencer, now wants Joe out.


  • The challenge is to balance a wooden statue on a pole. If it drops, you’re out.
  • Oh. It’s a two-person immunity. One guy and one girl will win.
  • It seems like a very hard challenge. Lots of looking up. Lots of them are doing so well though.
  • And with that, Kimmi, Abi, Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy drop out.
  • Kelley wins the girl’s.
  • It’s Joe vs Keith, again, for the win.
  • OMG, Joe just fainted? Or dropped? Not sure. That is so scary!
  • “Oh my god, he just passed out!” – Kelley
  • The medics say that his blood sugar is low and he used up all his energy in the challenge.
  • Jeff, the shade is for Joe, not for you!
  • Joe is fine, but a little shaken. I’m so glad he is okay.
  • “A group of people willing to push themselves further than they’d ever push themselves in their normal lives” – Jeff


  • “Last thing I remember (is I) See stars and then I’m going down” – Joe
  • “See Joe lose to a 52-year-old man. It was awesome” – Abi, oh so tactful, as usual.
  • “Kimmi wants the all-girl alliance so bad” – Kelley to Abi
  • “The fact that Joe pushed himself until he passed out, that is frightening! Because I can’t compete with that!” – Kelley
  • “Once we get him out of here, the girls are in control of this game” – Kelley, on voting out Joe.
  • No necklace, last vote. “Pretty confident, I can do it again” – Joe, thinks he will be safe tonight.
  • Oh Joe, don’t target Abi. What a rookie mistake. She is not a treat. If you want to target someone, you have to go for a bigger threat than yourself, which Abi is not. Or, an easier way, would be to put doubt in Abi’s mind and suspicion and make her go nuts and vengeful. That saying though, it would probably make more sense to go for Jeremy or Spencer, for brawn and brains. Kelley would obviously be the next in line to win, but she’s got immunity so she is safe.
  • Saying that though, I don’t think Joe has any chance of staying because there literally is no one else to vote for in the grand scheme of things.
  • “Sitting next to Abi would be easy money” – Jeremy
  • “It is a little calm” – Spencer is worried about the vote and the all-girl alliance.
  • Tasha tells Jeremy and Spencer about the all-girl alliance, but it only creates suspicion. Tasha should go for it. I feel like the biggest threats/chances to win are (in order): Joe, Kelley, Jeremy, Spencer – then basically Tasha, Abi, Kimmi and Keith are all pretty equal. She would have a better chance with the all-girl thing then with Jeremy and Spencer.
  • “If we keep Joe, I’m terrified. If we get rid of Joe, I’m terrified” – Spencer, doesn’t know whether to vote out Joe incase the girl’s plan on taking over.
  • Spencer is not convinced that Tasha is with them.
  • I personally don’t see Tasha flipping. I’d be so surprised if Joe doesn’t go home tonight, but I hope he stays. Please.


  • “I’m okay. I’m not great by any means” – Joe, is doing okay after his ordeal. How horrible and vindictive to send him out after all that!
  • “It was an epic battle between them” – Kimmi, speaking of Joe and Keith
  • “He stood there until he passed out. These guys will literally pass out to win a challenge!” – Kelley
  • It’s not sounding good for Joe. All talk is on Joe – which is never a good sign. Ever.
  • “Gotta start picking an alliance” – Jeremy
  • Abi and Joe feel like they’re at the bottom.
  • “Yet she’s sitting up straight, happy as a clam” – Joe, doubts Abi is worried about the vote.
  • Spencer mentions that the person sitting next to you at the end is no help unless they help you get to the end. “That’s when it’s a problem” – which means, you have to pick an alliance, at this stage, who can help you get to the end but also who you want to be sitting next to.
  • “There’s a mold going on and its affecting the other players” – Joe, speaking about Abi, I guess.
  • “If you don’t have four you can absolutely trust, you’re gonna be 8, 7, 6” – Joe, fighting for his place, but not doing such a great job of it.
  • I wish he was a better speaker. The problem is that he’s so laid back and chill, that he doesn’t know how to manipulate people, and that will be his down fall. Like Boston Rob won a lot and was a big threat but he won challenges and could also influence people. He needs that.
  • To the voting …
  • “You’re moldy, you gotta go. And please get a haircut, you look like a clown” – Abi, when voting for Joe.
  • Poor Joe. Joe is voted out. And the nation cries.
  • “A winning or a losing vote” – Spencer, still unsure if he made the right decision.
  • “Was an alliance formed tonight, or the perfect opportunity to take out a threat?” – Jeff, that is an important question.
  • And the votes were:
    Abi, Jeremy, Kelley, Kimmi, Tasha and Spencer voted for Joe
    Joe voted for Abi, and Keith voted for Tasha

Why did Keith vote for Tasha? Is he just out of the loop. I feel like Keith has no idea what is going on or who is voting for who. Why isn’t someone coming to him? Or are they and he just isn’t listening? I find it all very very odd.

Even though I’m sad to see Joe go, I think they made the right decision. He was loved. Although, I don’t know if he would have taken out the money. I think if someone spoke well and had a good case to win, they could totally have taken it over Joe. Yes, Joe has an impressive resume, but I’m not too sure if he deserved the win in terms of strategy. But that always comes down to what people respect at the end of the game in terms of who they give their vote to. The end is nigh!

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