Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E13

Recap of Survivor: Second Chance S31E13


  • “Tribal tonight was definitely a spectacular” – Abi “Everybody is happy that he’s gone”
  • “Hey, now we all have an equal shot at winning challenges” – Kelley
  • Keith left out of the loop, and wanted to get Tasha out.
  • “Keith decided to vote for me” – Tasha
  • “Keith just put a target on his back” – Tasha, I don’t think he did really … really? No one is going to vote for him just because he sent one random vote one way. It clearly shows that he’s not a part of anything, thus, makes him not a threat at all.
  • Kelley is keeping her options open.
  • Spencer and Jeremy feel like they are in trouble. Spencer is worried about Tasha. He has to work at Tasha and also Kimmi, to stop them turning to an all-girl alliance, which I don’t believe will happen anyway … I think Tasha is with Jeremy until the end.
  • “I don’t want to play from the bottom again. It’s exhausting. It’s demoralizing” – Spencer wants to be in an alliance. Perhaps that will be his downfall. It could get him to the end but he may not have any moves to show for it.


  • Second chance for Keith to win again.
  • The challenge is untangling the rope (as much as you think you need) and then going through a bunch of obstacles. You win once you knock over all bricks off a table.
  • The win is to be blessed by monks, sleeping in a temple and food. Very cultural stuff.
  • “Nothing is easy on Survivor, especially on day 33” – Jeff
  • This is all like the tortoise and the hare! I think this a matter of slow and steady will win this race.
  • “Do they have enough rope to get them to the end?” – Jeff
  • Spencer doesn’t have enough rope.
  • Keith has a big lead!
  • Nice toss Tasha – not even close!
  • Jeremy does not have enough rope – he’s got to go back.
  • And Keith wins again!
  • Others didn’t even come close!
  • “Only person to ever win this challenge, and you’ve won it twice!” – Jeff, to Keith
  • Keith takes Kelley, as a thank you for his wife, and Spencer, because he didn’t get to spend time with his girlfriend.
  • “I can’t think of her name” – Keith has forgotten Tasha’s name.
  • Tasha looks frustrated by this.
  • “He couldn’t even remember my name” – Tasha, is pissed “Or is he really that slow?”
  • “I haven’t had a strong alliance this entire game” – Kelley, tells it like it is.
  • I think Keith’s choices show that he is not thinking strategy at all.


  • “Keith has been very good in challenges” – Abi, describes Keith as “underestimated”
  • “He’s the new golden boy” – Kimmi, about Keith, now wants Keith gone.
  • Abi believes everyone thinks she’s a goat in the game – which she pretty much is. Being unpredictable does not not make you a goat. It makes your unpredictability less useful in the grand scheme of things.
  • “I’m a villain. Villains have more fun” – Abi
  • Jeremy is worried about the all-girl alliance. Still. He regrets voting out Joe and not voting out Abi now. It’s a little too late for that now though.
  • If Tasha wants to make a move over Jeremy, otherwise she’ll go elsewhere. Maybe Tasha is open to changing up the game more than I thought?


  • The reward is pretty neat. I would have laughed through it though. I’m not very good during quiet moments.
  • “Where’s Keith? In a temple? Cambodian, or did her just get off a shuttle on Mars? I’d say on Mars, because that’s how amazing this is!” – Keith can’t believe the reward he is on.
  • Spencer, shut your mouth. He’s totally in awe!
  • Kelley is not worried about Abi going with Tasha, Spencer and Kimmi.
  • Spencer is happy with Kelley and Keith as being the final three.
  • “Anytime you’re at a reward with this few people in the game, you’re probably going to make a finale three deal” – Spencer, all good but I don’t think Kelley will believe you. Keith, probably.
  • Spencer wants to go to the end with Abi and Keith. He wants the easy vote. But one of those people he has to rely on is Abi, which will not be possible.
  • “You need four people in the game right now” – Abi
  • ^ If that be true, why not go with Abi, Kelley, Keith and Spencer as four strong?
  • The problem with this season is that no one is doing what you’d expect them to do. The obvious moves are not being made. It’s such a fickle season!
  • “Is Abi a Scorpio? Because Scorpios are crazy. I have two of them in my house. That’s why I drink” – Jeremy. As a Scorpio, I take offense to this.
  • “I can’t imagine dating her” – Jeremy, can’t imagine dating Abi
  • “I’ve come two far to let Abi ruin my game” – Tasha
  • “We cant have any messiness coming into the finals” – Tasha, wants Abi gone. Why couldn’t she think this last week and keep Joe around?



  • To sum up. Water. Key. Puzzle. Obstacles.
  • It’s a second chance for the puzzle? Hmm.
  • Jeremy and Spencer are going a good job.
  • Ouch. That looked painful for Spencer.
  • “Big fall by Keith” – Jeff
  • “Tasha struggling to stay in this” – Jeff
  • Tasha is so behind, it’s embarrassing.
  • What do they say about black people and water? I was going to say this but then Jeremy is going so well … and well, it’s racist and not true. Chill people, it was a joke.
  • “Spencer made up a lot of time in the water” – Jeff
  • “Big hit by Spencer” – Jeff Ouch. “Took it right on the chin”
  • “This is my game out here – to see what you’re made of” – Jeff, tells everyone to push it and keep going.
  • Spencer solved that puzzle in a moment. Wow.
  • Spencer wins immunity.
  • “Less than 15 seconds” – Jeff. To be honest, it didn’t look too hard.
  • Tasha’s in trouble. Needs help!
  • Lack of energy, hard to break and took in a lot of water – that’s the reason why Tasha was struggling.
  • I feel like you can’t vote Tasha out after going through that.
  • “You scared me” – Kimmi, to Tasha
  • “I scared myself” – Tasha
  • Oh yeah, I forgot that Kimmi was still in this thing.
  • Jeff explains that that puzzle was tried and tested, and no one has ever done the puzzle that fast.
  • “Tasha almost drowned” – Keith


  • Tasha went under water several times. Scary!
  • Tasha worried that Kelley, Spencer and Keith bonded during the reward.
  • Abi thinking of who to take with her to the end.
  • It’s a disservice to the fans who voted to “take a goat” to the end
  • Spencer could go with Kelley, Abi and Keith – or will he go with Jeremy and Tasha … that is the question.
  • “Take out the big guns and pray I get to the end with these green goats” – Spencer wants to take the easy road.
  • “Point of no return” – Spencer
  • Stephen is in awe of the reward.
  • Stephen shocked again when hearing about what happened to Tasha.
  • I wonder if Stephen gets shocked afterwards when he watches the show back on television. It must be an interesting experience.
  • “Do we have numbers to have a back up plan?” – Kimmi, there’s talk about splitting votes in case an idol is played.
  • “I am officially in club ‘we'” – Spencer, is playing the game for him.
  • Tasha makes a good point. If people are keeping their options open, they may in fact miss their opportunities.
  • “I feel pretty confident that my ‘we’ will run supreme” – Keith, is confident with his vote tonight and the people he is trusting. Will it pay off? He is confident in his we.
  • Unnerved or excited, Abi’s a risk taker herself.
  • And it’s time to vote … Abi is going home.
  • And the votes are:
    Kimmi, Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer voted for Abi
    Keith and Kelley voted for Tasha
    Abi voted for Keith
  • “Another blindside” – Jeff
  • Kelley had a strange look on her face …
  • “Happy to not be with these annoying people anymore” – Abi, in a strange way, is happy to have been voted out.

I find the vote from Abi to Keith odd. Why did she vote for Keith? Was this some weird stubbornness to not vote with the others for Tasha? Spencer, it seems, I guess, didn’t want to go with the goats. He wants to make it to the end based on who deserves it.

I am happy to see Abi go, but I don’t see why no one is bringing up Kelley’s name as a threat. She was episodes ago but now people seem to have forgotten about her and voted for others. She has been very lucky – or perhaps very skilled – in getting as far as she has.

Also, why is no one thinking about Jeremy as a threat? He mentioned before that he is what is left of the brawn. Is it because he hasn’t won anything? Or is his alliances too strong? Or perhaps he is actually using people as bullets. He’s playing a good game though, not great but good enough. Making moves but not making enemies – but I guess that really is the benefit of the voting blocks. It’s hard to make enemies when everyone is using the blocks and accepting this fate.

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