Recap of Survivor S32E3

Recap of Survivor S32E3


Is anyone else not really enjoying this season of Survivor, or is it just me? I can’t really wait until the merge or until things are switched up a little – although next week’s episode looks quite intense …

Anywho …


  • Scot, okay, what a jerk! You kept your promise to Jennifer by not writing her name down, but do you really have to be such a dick and tell Alecia that? I know you don’t like her – but she’s really done nothing wrong to deserve this kind of bullying. If she wasn’t such a strong person (see, she is on the right tribe), others may have cracked.
  • “If you’re going to write my name down, your never going to win my trust” – Alecia
  • “How are we gonna win the challenge with 3 1/2 people?” – Scot, believes the tribe made the wrong decision in voting out Jennifer.
  • Alecia now believes she is close to Cydney – even though she’s 100% with the guys.


  • Caleb mentions how Tai eats everything!
  • Tai is going for the Idol again!
  • Tai believes everyone likes “me in the game – but only thing that’ll make me feel safe in the game (is getting the Idol)” – Tai
  • Tai lost the tool that he needs to get the idol – but it’s cool, he’s going to make another.
  • Ooh, he’s got something … and then he kisses the tree. “Thank you tree” – Tai, on finding the Idol. “I worked so hard for this” “Idol and I are meant to be together”
  • Ooh the super idol sounds like a great twist! Basically, if you get two idols that fit together you can use it as a super idol, meaning you can use it after the votes have been read. That’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I hope it comes to be.


  • Peter mentions how he is trying to figure out how to win the game, while Joe is working on his abs. “We’re the brains tribe!”
  • “Debbie is like our court jester” – Liz
  • “We’re playing like bosses right now” – Peter, to Liz. Oh the arrogance of you! Your downfall will be underestimating those around you, and your arrogance will make people dislike you/not trust you and you’ll be sent home.
  • “Liz is our pre-Madonna princess” – Debbie
  • Debbie has a plan – to shut up and be on surveillance.
  • “We need to move with a purpose, Joe and we need to do it now!” – Debbie, wants Liz and Peter voted out.
  • “Nobody pays attention to me” – Debbie, is trying to fly under the radar. And yes, she is, although everything thinks she’s crazy …


  • “It’s the circle of life” – Tai doesn’t want to kill the chicken.
  • Tai holds down the chicken while Caleb kills it. Tai cries. I cry too.
  • “Just the sight of life draining out of my hand. It feels wrong. It’s still a life that you took” – Tai, so so sad.
  • “My friends would compare me to a robot” – Nick, has no feelings whatsoever.
  • “He’s hurting, you can tell” – Julia, feels for Tai.
  • Anna doesn’t like Nick’s fake smile and believes he’s “so hard to talk to”


  • Scot is looking for the idol, as the “last person we’d obviously want to find it is Alecia”
  • Alecia is looking for the idol to be at the top.
  • “Jason’s watching us” – Alecia, to Cydney, as they look for the Idol.
  • “So I found the idol and now I’ve got to wait til she’s gone” – Cydney, finds the idol box but doesn’t want to open it with Alecia around.
  • Oh no wait, Cydney has found the box, but doesn’t have the key to the lock.
  • “She found the clue” – Cydney, tells the boys about Alecia finding the clue.
  • Jason and Scot make a run for the idol.
  • “You’re either going to keep up or get left behind” – Jason
  • “You told him?” – Alecia
    “No. He saw us, period” – Cydney, is lying through her teeth!
  • And Scot and Jason find the idol – well the key, then the box and then the idol.
  • “That height paid off!” – Jason, about Scot being so tall and being able to reach the key easier.
  • “I was the one who found the clue, but unfortunately Jason has the idol” – Alecia, isn’t happy.
  • A switch up in the game would really help Alecia’s game. If she could make a strong girl’s alliance, I think they may be inclined to take her to the end with her.
  • “Wonder twins activate” – Scot, commenting on the power of the power idol.
  • “She’ll be next” – Scot, on Alecia.


  • “Come on in, guys” – Jeff, every. single. time.
  • Everyone is surprised to hear that Jennifer got voted out last tribal.
  • The challenge is for the players to start on a platform and swim to a boat. On the boat is bags on rice. One player hopes in the boat and hands the three other plays a bag of rice each. They must then carry the rice through a series of obstacles. Open the bags of rice to find a ball, and then get the balls into the three holes while balancing on a balance beam.
  • The winner gets to choose between comfort or emotional items. So basically, cushions or something from home – the winner chooses, second gets whatever is left.
  • Anna and (whatever the other female’s name is??) from Beauty, and Aubry and Joe from Brains are sitting this one out.
  • Jeff mentions how the bags of rice get heavier if they’re wet – then cue to Cydney, as she dunks two bags into the water. Idiot.
  • “Beauty in a big early lead!” – Jeff
  • Cydney is awful at this puzzle. Big moves just don’t work when you’re trying to avoid holes. Slow and steady sometimes wins the race.
  • Julia and Tai both have one for Beauty. Liz has one for the Brains.
  • “Once again, the brawn tribe is dead last in a challenge” – Jeff
  • Caleb is the last to score for Beauty – and with that, Beauty wins immunity!
  • Perhaps that can come down to them eating the chicken, as much as it pains me to say, because it makes me sad every. single. time. But it seems to be working for them. But I consider this, brawn are meant to be strong so they are probably going to think they’re strong. Brains are meant to be smart, and so that’s what they will consider themselves to be. Beauty don’t really have anything to prove in the game. They can basically be whatever they want to be, because beauty doesn’t really have anything to prove in terms of personality – if that makes sense?
  • I hope Brains loose. Come on Brawn! I want Alecia to stay!
  • Ooh. It’s neck and neck – last few seconds …
  • “Brawn tribe does it!” – Jeff
  • Brawn hug it out over their win – anyone notice how Alecia was left out? She might have actually been good in the challenge if anyone had given her a chance.
  • Beauty takes comfort items. Brawn gets emotional items.
  • “Jason with the teddy bear” – Jeff, to Jason.
  • “Money is money. Game’s a game. Survivor is Survivor” – Peter, once again, so arrogant.
  • *Fun fact – Neil stole some rice into his pockets during the challenge so the tribe could eat it later. As mentioned on his twitter page @nealhgottlieb


  • “I was just three seconds behind her” – Debbie,speaking of their loss.
  • “Loosing today was good for Peter and I” – Liz, has a plan to get Neil out.
  • “Easy for them, don’t have to think about anything complicated” – Liz, makes a simple plan for the other brains can follow … Idiot.
  • “I think loosing today was a blessing in disguise” – Liz, to Debbie.
  • “Liz wants us to follow the rules like a good little soldier” – Debbie, doesn’t want to be told what to do.
  • “As a result, they need to be punished” – Neil, upon hearing that Liz and Peter have been “spreading lies” and targeting him.
  • “We’re good looking with great smiles (but), we’re out for blood” – Peter (speaking of Liz too), you’re not on the beauty tribe you know!
  • “He doesn’t have emotional intelligence, I’m not sure that’s someone we can move forward with” – Aubry, on Peter.
  • Everyone thinks Peter is narcissistic and egotistical.
  • “Liz and Peter will slit anyone’s throats” – Debbie
  • “Tonight’s vote will be a total blindside. And it’ll be ugly when we get home, kids” – Debbie


  • Peter believes that there is three voting units in the tribe – he and Liz; Neil and Aubry; and Debbie and Joe.
  • “We are overly analytical” – Peter
  • “Or maybe we just think we’re the smartest one in the game” – Neil, ooh low blow.
  • “There’s comments and silences that you’ve got to pick up on too” – Aubry, ooh low blow.
  • Liz mentions that if you’re not a little bit worried about the vote then you’re “probably not thinking hard enough about how to play”, even though, I’m pretty sure she’s not worried about the vote tonight.
  • “Unless you’re a part of the plan” – Jeff, mentions that you should worried if you’re not part of the majority plan.
  • “The guy in the ice cream pants, could be a snake in ice cream” – Peter, on Neil. Although, for one, his ice cream pants are sick. And also, no snake would wear ice cream pants. That’s just obvious.
  • “Good on him for just throwing it all out there!” – Debbie, on Peter.
  • “I think the person who goes home tonight will be surprised” – Liz
  • Neil believes that after the vote they will “go ahead as a stronger tribe”
  • Ugh. There’s Peter’s arrogance again. He’s sure he’s not going home tonight – even though, I mean, how could you not pick up on all the blows that the tribe said in regards to him and Liz this tribal. I just don’t understand.
  • “The world does not revolve around you – but good luck” – Aubry, clearly wrote Peter’s name down …
  • “We have a three way tie” – Jeff
  • Peter and Liz voted for Aubry
    Aubry and Neil voted for Peter
    Joe and Debbie voted for Liz
  • Well, Peter was right about one thing, there are three voting units.
  • Liz looks worried. Peter looks smug.
  • And so, for a tie – Peter, Liz and Aubry don’t get to cast an re-vote.
  • And that’s two for Liz .. so basically, all three would have voted for Liz.
  • Farewell, Liz. Moral of the story, is to never get comfortable in the game.
  • “Survivor is all about emotional intelligence – the ability to pick up cues” – Jeff, comments on Liz’s downfall.

Personally, I think they should have voted out Peter. I know they need the strength to win challenges – and I understand the idea to “cut the head of the snake” per say, but I think they may have missed an opportunity. Although, if it comes to a merge – there are bigger, stronger threats in the game than Peter, and that may just save him. Although, I don’t think anyone would ever give money to a smug doctor. I just don’t see it happening – especially considering the people who are in this season. It seems unlikely that there is any way he can win the game. He’s going to have to play a flawless game, if he has any chance of taking home the money.

Until next week!

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