Recap of Survivor S32E11

Recap of Survivor S32E11



  • “It’s a game, guys” – Tai, trying to cover his own guilt.
  • “The littlest guy, took out the biggest guy” – Tai, on being the reason Scot was voted out last tribal.
  • “I’m so happy for you” – Aubry
    “I’m so happy for us” – Tai
  • ^ You got to love Aubry trying to kiss Tai’s arse because she’s working him knowing that Jason and Scot never listened to him, so Queen Bee is manipulating him so he thinks he has all the power in the game. Which he does, and doesn’t. Aubry is running the show – Tai is kind of just riding shotgun until they feel the need to blindside him – which they should asap – when they get the chance.
  • Tai says him voting out Scot was his way of getting control over his game.
  • “You’ll never rid of Tai now” – Jason, is bitter.
  • So once you are voted out, you can’t give your idol to another person. I always wondered that. It seems unfair considering the idol did belong to Jason and not Scot. But alas. Scot took home Jason’s idol last tribal. Boo hoo.
  • “I love my partner and I love an idol all in the same moment” – Jason
  • “You know I’m the person to be nutty” – Jason, wants to make a nutty move.
  • Michele and Julia are frustrated to have been left out of the vote for Scot.
  • Julia mentions the new alliance between Aubry, Tai, Joe and Cydney.
  • “Now Michele and I have gone down a few notches” – Julia
  • ^ Although, I don’t think that’s true. I think they’ve very much still in the alliance – they just had to be left out of the vote because Julia was getting too close to Scot and playing a double agent. You don’t tell Julia you’re going to be voting for Scot, so he can play the idol, when you know she’s just going to run over and tell him the plan.
  • “We’re guaranteed four” – Tai, on being in the final four.
  • ^ Actually, this is not true. If the person they want out fifth wins immunity, there’s going to have to vote for someone … Nothing in this game is ever guaranteed.
  • “We voted out Scot and it feels so good! And it changed the whole dynamic of the game” – Aubry.
  • “Hopefully Jason loses and we can be on our merry way” – Aubry, wants Jason to not win immunity next challenge.
  • “I feel bad” – Tai, feels bad that he had to lie and betray.
  • Tai goes and talks to Jason, to apologize for his wrong-doing.
  • “You might cut me loose” – Tai, tells Jason he was worried they were going to vote him out because Jason and Scot were so tight.
  • “I did it in the name of the game” – Tai, to Jason.
  • Tai was worried that he’d come back to camp, and Jason would be so angry that he would have snapped Mark – the chicken’s – neck. But he didn’t.
  • “Thank you for understanding my reasons for screwing you guys over” – Tai. Ouch. Wrong word’s to use, Tai, when you’re trying to apologize.
  • Jason can’t let it show how angry he is. But he’s angry. Really angry.
  • “Angry no idol, ally and Tai’s still got all of his stuff” – Jason
  • “Where can I get in?” – Jason, says to himself, and his position in the game.


  • Challenge is for teams of two to be tethered together in pairs, race through a series of obstacles collecting rings, then land rings on a swinging hook.
  • After a random draw – the teams are …
  • Michele and Cydney vs Joe and Tai vs Julia and Aubry
  • Jason, sadly, wasn’t so lucky. Poor Jason. He’s having no luck.
  • Winners get a helicopter ride and a picnic.
  • “He said wine” – Michele, on hearing there will be wine at the picnic.
  • I think the girls have this in the bag. Not sure which duo, but I pretty much rule Joe out of any challenge.
  • And the challenge is on …
  • Joe is doing a nicejob at tossing the rings.
  • Julia and Aubry are struggling tossing their rings.
  • And with that – Cydney and Michele win reward.
  • “I just want the chicken, Jeff” – Cydney, on the win.
  • “It’s said that alliances in this game are forever shifting” – Jeff, reveals Cydney and Michele can invite an extra person on the reward – but warns to choose wisely.
  • “Someone hasn’t eaten and that person should eat” – Michele
  • Michele and Cydney quickly decide to take Aubry with them.
  • Julia looks pissed – but is trying to hide it.
  • Michele is happy for the opportunity to get back into the alliance.
  • It’s her way to prove that they “trusted in win and want to move forward with me” – Michele


  • “This is incredible!” – Michele, during the helicopter ride.
  • “Oh, look at this, reunited. Beauty, brawn and brains!” – Cydney, on being in the helicopter with Michele and Aubry.
  • “Perfect” – Aubry, during the helicopter ride.
  • 11 days of Survivor to go! Wow. That feels like a lifetime!
  • “It’s ours to share together” – Aubry, on the picnic win.
  • Michele mentions how she’s right with Julia.
  • “Just because I was out in the vote, doesn’t mean I’m out of the alliance” – Michele, wants back in.
  • “I think everyone wants to work with you” – Aubry, to Michele.
  • Aubry says she trusts Michele. Michele says she trusts Aubry.
  • Michele now feels part of the group.
  • “Staying happy, humble and sane” – Michele, on the reasons the others trust her.
  • “Hopefully my loyalty will make them want to keep me around for a little longer” – Michele
  • ^ She really should be making sure she is able to keep herself around for a couple more days – not relying on others to keep her because of her nice personality. If anything, it’s more than likely that they’ll keep her around because she hasn’t made a move and has no claim at the end of the game for why she’s sitting at the end.
  • Cydney wants to go to the end with Joe or Michele, with Aubry, because she feels like they have a better chance sitting against one of the two of them. Donkey votes.
  • “When to make this big move, that’s the big question” – Cydney, on when to vote out Tai.


  • “It’s pretty bleak right now” – Jason, on his chances in the game.
  • “Try to manipulate these people and find a crack somewhere” – Jason, on his game play.
  • “There’s gotta be a way in, Julia … for both of us” – Jason, to Julia.
  • “I can’t believe I’m this close. But I want to get closer” – Jason, on being near the end of the game. He says how he’s doing it for his family and kids.
  • Jason and Julia need four votes to get Tai out. They mention that Michele will vote with them – but they need a fourth. And that can only be Cydney.
  • Jason actually comes up with a really smart plan. If the four of them vote for Tai, then Tai goes home with the idol. If the four of them vote for Tai, and Tai uses his idol – Tai is safe and whoever the others vote for – Jason or Julia – it won’t matter either way to the overall game. The idol is gone, one way or another. To me, this is the perfect plan. The best plan. The plan that makes sense. If they don’t do this – they are idiots. Idiots, I tells you. It’s perfect. It’s great. I love it. I hate Jason – but I want this plan to work!
  • “Puppy dog, Joe, aren’t moving. Aubry told him to sit while she was gone and not move” – Jason, on Joe. Cue to Joe sitting there idle. Funny. Great edit, guys.
  • “Cydney likes to blindside, it’s obvious” – Jason, hopes Cydney will be open to making a big move to send home Tai.
  • “I gotta sell, sell, sell” – Jason, when the time comes to talk to Cydney.
  • “If you want to use us, we’re here” – Julia, to Cydney, on the vote.
  • “You’re not gonna kill one of your own” – Jason, on the next vote.
  • “It’s a me game. It’s not a we game” – Cydney, on her options.
  • “It’s meant to be vicious” – Julia, on the game of Survivor.
  • I disagree with Julia. I don’t think Tai wins the game if he makes it to the end – I think Aubry has much greater odds against Tai if they both sit at the end.
  • Julia wants to eat the chicken as soon as Tai is gone from the game. And she’s not even joking …


  • Challenge is to race to a platform, memorize symbols with corresponding numbers, and solve a combination to release a key, to open a box with puzzle pieces inside. First person to solve their word puzzle, wins immunity.
  • “Just win it again” – Jeff, to Jason on having to give up the necklace.
  • Challenge starts.
  • Jason is a quick lead.
  • All are at the platform.
  • Cydney is first to leave. Everyone follows suit – except Joe.
  • Aubry heads back out. Cydney follows. Tai follows.
  • Jason tries a key. It’s wrong. Jason heads back out.
  • Julia gets her box open in one go. Julia has her puzzle pieces.
  • Michele then gets her box open in one go. She’s working on her puzzle.
  • Jeff mentions Julia and Michele have an early lead.
  • Joe is sitting this one out. He “ran out of gas, Jeff” – Joe, to Jeff.
  • Joe really is hopeless. What is he even doing there? He doesn’t strategize. He doesn’t do well in challenges. You never even hear him speak. He is basically just hanging out on the island for a non-luxurious vacation.
  • “Julia and Michele got it very quickly” – Jeff, is impressed.
  • Jason and Aubry are heading back.
  • Michele solves the word puzzle – BLINDSIDED
  • “Michele will not be blindsided tonight at tribal council” – Jeff
  • “I memorized all of them” – Michele, on the challenge.
  • “That finished so fast” – Jeff, is still impressed. “Wow”
  • “Get rid of Tai or I’m screwed” – Jason, on the vote.


  • “My family is going to be so excited” – Michele, on her win.
  • “Tonight seems like a super easy vote, but I don’t think it’s the smartest move right now” – Aubry, on getting rid of Jason.
  • Aubry says Jason is a physical threat but his polarizing personality means that people either love him or hate him – so she doesn’t think he has a chance of winning. Aubry says Julia is well rounded, with no blood on her hands, strategic but able to dodge and move in the game to make her stick around.
  • “Julia has to go” – Aubry.
  • “In a perfect world, I’d love to go further with Julia. I definitely don’t want to write down the name of my biggest ally” – Michele, on having to vote Julia out.
  • Tai doesn’t like hearing his name being mentioned.
  • “I’m not gonna go home with an idol in my pocket” – Tai
  • Julia sees if Michele is going to vote for Tai with her and Jason.
  • “It’s killing me to think I’ve got to go against her” – Michele doesn’t know if she should vote for Tai or Julia.
  • Jason sees if his plan to vote Tai is still a go ahead with Cydney.
  • “You’re down. I’m down” – Jason to Cydney.
  • And now, all of a sudden, Cydney and Michele are all chummy, best friends, together. Look how they strategize together in the forest. Naw.
  • “Are they going after Tai or are they blindsiding me?” – Jason, to Julia.
  • ^ Although, it’s not technically a blindside when you know they’re gunning for you. Just saying. Technically, that would just be called voting you out.
  • “A lot is riding on tonight’s tribal for me. I don’t want to back stab either side” – Michele still is unsure who to vote for tonight.


  • Scot looks pissed!
  • “I think we’re at a crucial point in the game right now” – no shit, Julia.
  • “You gotta way all options because someone at the alliance is at the bottom” – Jason.
  • See how no one talks to Joe. Or mentions Joe. Or anything Joe. He just sits there. SOMEONE TALK TO JOE!
  • “Why shake the boat” – Tai, on sticking with the five alliance.
  • “You have to rely on the relationships you make with people and trust them” – Aubry.
  • Jason throws Tai under the bus, saying how he was in a tight alliance with Tai – and that got his biggest ally voted out of the game. So who’s to say that Tai won’t do it again? He says how can you really trust Tai’s words at all?
  • ^ Now I think Jason is pushing too hard. He is being really forceful during this tribal – trying to get his way – as he did with the scare tactics having the idol. Although he makes a good point, and everything he is saying is true. It’s coming from a place of fear and anger – which is one of the reasons the others didn’t like him in the first place. So if he’s trying to convince Michele and Cydney at this time – which I think he is – to vote with him and Julia for Tai, I think he’s going about it the wrong way. It will scare them off, rather than bring them closer. It’s a bad move. Great words – but said in the wrong kind of way.
  • Tai mentions how he had to leave his alliance with Jason because he and Scot were just two close. Jason then mentions how Tai left the alliance to move over to another alliance when the tightest duo in the game is Aubry and Joe.
  • ^ Now, yes, in theory, this is true. But with Joe really not having a leg to stand on, he really just follows Aubry. So although, a tight twosome, that really has nothing to do with Joe in the game. Also remember, the only move Joe only made was to stand up and not vote for Debbie. His alliance voted her out, but he wouldn’t have a part of it. So it shows that you can vote differently and get back into the alliance.
  • ^ It’s like what happened with Michele this episode.
  • ^ Also, I think if Michele and Cydney were to vote for Tai this episode, I don’t think it would impact the alliance at all. I think the two of them could easily slide back in with Aubry and Joe without any consequence – also, because Aubry and Joe would need the numbers. I think it’s a smart move on their behalf, to vote out Tai and then get back in the clique. It’s the only plan that makes sense to move their game play further. That means they would be the top four – Aubry, Joe, Michele and Cydney (forgetting about possible immunity wins, of course)
  • “You sit at the end and you have to have something to say” – Michele, on making big moves.
  • “You want back in. The five need to make a move” – Jeff, on using Jason as a pawn to make a power move in the game tonight.
  • “We all know from tribals with me, I like doing crazy stuff” – Jason, wants someone to use him to shake up the game.
  • It really sounds like Michele and Cydney plan on voting Tai out tonight. If nothing else, they’re making him paranoid.
  • Michele says in this game you have to trust your gut and instinct.
  • It really does sound like they’ve just giving away the game plan. Shut up, guys. Don’t make him use his idol!
  • Tai looks worried.
  • “I’m really not comfortable” – Tai, on tonight’s vote.
  • And off they go to vote …
  • Tai whispers in Aubry’s ear, “Should I use my idol tonight?”
    “I think you’re fine but it’s your gut” – Aubry.
  • And with that – the votes are.
  • Jason and Julia vote for Tai
    Aubry, Michele, Cydney, Joe and Tai vote for Julia.
  • Goodbye, Julia.
  • Julia and Michele hug it out.
  • Michele cries seeing Julia go.
  • It’s so sad that she had to vote off her friend. You can tell it hurt her. It’s like when that chick had to vote out her Mum to stay in the game. Ciera, right. And her Mum’s name was something … I’m not good with details like that.
  • Anywho.
  • “No one came into tribal not uncomfortable. Fear has entered the game” – Jeff.
  • “I’m bummed but I’m proud of the way I played” – Julia
  • “At least I know I played and didn’t get dragged along” – Julia

Julia was a good player. Not a great player, but a good player. I think it was too obvious that she was playing both sides and that was her downfall. I also think, though, that she was never in a position to make big moves and decisions. Yes, as she said, she was a part of big blindsides and moves, but she can’t take the big credit for those moves made. So I repeat, she was a good player – but not a great player.

I think voting her out was a stupid move. But I also think this vote doesn’t affect the game at all. Jason now has no room to move and is down for the count. He will stick around for as long as the others want to keep him around for – which will probably be next episode, unless he wins the necklace. Actually, if that does happen, it will be interesting as to who in the five they vote out … that’ll probably be the most interesting of things that could happen next episode.

I do think Jason is right though about Tai. It’s going to be near impossible to vote out Tai now. The only real chance will be at four. But who knows, Survivor is a hard game to predict.

Until next week!

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