The Deni Ute Muster Files – An Interview with Busby Marou


Making their Deni Ute Muster debut, Tom and Jeremy had literally just arrived and been thrust into doing a series of interviews when they spoke to me, but mentioned that they were keen to have a look around.

“We’ve got gumboots now, so we’re free to roam,” Tom joked.

I asked if it was likely that they’d recognised in the crowd. Tom says, “I think if we walk together – “There’s a black fella, white fella; that must be Busby Marou! But if we’re separate, no.” Jeremy adds, “If I’m walking by myself people think I’m Sam Thaiday!” When I drew a blank, Tom pointed out he’s an NRL player for the Brisbane Broncos. Jeremy joked that maybe he’d be safe after all.

They duo had not only not played a show in a year, but hadn’t seen each other in quite a while either, since they finished work on their latest album. Tom explains, “We finished it earlier this year. It’s now all been done. All ticked. Ready to roll. November, we should hopefully have new music, a single at least, and then early next year, the album’s coming out; maybe February or late January.”

The theme of the album is a bit of a nostalgic island-vibe to it. Described as a bit like an island holiday, they recorded a couple of the songs in Great Keppel Island, just off the coast of Yeppoon, where they both grew up. The nostalgia, they say was more of an accident.

“I think both of us have grown up and [are] reflecting a bit. I dunno how it happened, but [it] seems to be a little like that. A bit growing up, a bit nostalgic, a bit happy in a weird way …” Tom says. “I’m married [with a] new baby and another one of the way. Jeremy’s coming through that side.”

Jeremy added, “Yeah, I’m done and dusted. I’ve got three children, well they’re not old old, but they’re old enough to change their own arses!”

“I can’t wait for that!” Tom says. “You don’t realise it until you have a baby. It’s awesome, but you’ve got to change their nappies and feed them – and it’s like this is everyday.”

With both their wives left at home to take care of the kids, I asked how their families feel about them being constantly on the road. “They’re all supportive,” Jeremy says.

“My wife’s been very supportive,” Tom adds. “I don’t know how she will be once the second baby is born – she’s pretty strong, but wow, it’s going to be hard work!”

I suggested to Tom that he take the baby on the road with him and play with it strapped to his chest. “I actually went to Splendour on the Grass this year. On the last day, my wife and I went with my mates and the baby. I strapped her in and she sat and watched every band – it was awesome. But all these young kids, who were drunk and off choppies, were coming up and thinking [I was that guy from The Hangover]. It was great [but] eventually I just passed her over to my wife. It was too much attention.”

They’re played some big shows themselves and worked with some pretty big names. I should mention; they’re toured with Dolly Parton and James Blunt. Of Dolly, Tom says, “Dolly Parton that was just a massive scale. We got to meet her and get a photo. She was amazing!”

The James Blunt tour was unbelievable, as Tom remembers. “I didn’t know how that was going to go or what he’d be like, but he’s a crack up. I think he got voted the funniest celebrity Twitter guy. He’s English, quick witted and so smart. The haters try and give it to him and his one line responses just immaculate.”

Even though they don’t have the same awesome stories ‘those big rock stars have’, the boys still enjoy a bit of a rowdy crowd. Tom says, “I want it to be absolutely loud!” They joked about air-born beer cans and tit flashing. Tom joked, “If we could get a bit of that, that’d be great [to] tell my Mum, ‘I’ve hit the big time!’”

Jeremy promised, either way, it would be a party. “We tend to get ourselves in trouble at these country music ones. We hit things hard early. We hit the headlines not with our on stage performance, but with our offstage performance,” he joked.

With their on stage reunion of sorts, a new album and baby on the way – can one really blame them?

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