The Bodyguard – The Musical: Interview with Paulini

Here is part three of the group interviews with performer Paulini.

What: The Bodyguard media call
Where: Regent Theatre, Melbourne
When: 24th August, 2017

Playing at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne from August 24.
For more information and tickets, go to:

Paulini as Rachel Marron

On how she handles the demanding role:
“A lot of rest. As soon as I finish the shows, I go straight back to my hotel room – everyone does. We all try and get as much sleep as we can [and] look after ourselves so we don’t get sick. It’s not easy getting up every night performing fourteen songs – they’re big shoes to fill! These are songs I grew up listening to and she’s one of my childhood inspirations, so I’m really lucky to be doing that.”

On what she’s learnt from doing musical theatre:
“I take my hat off to every single musical theatre cast member because I had no idea how much work they put in until now. It’s amazing to see different talents come together every night. These are people who can act, dance and sing – triple threat – so it’s a great feeling. This cast, we’re so supportive of each other. You can lean on each other while you’re up there on stage. When we’re not on stage we’re at a café exchanging notes and stuff like that. These guys have helped me so much throughout the whole process so I’ve actually learnt so much from all of the guys on the cast.”

On acting:
“I never thought I could act – I actually surprised myself. It is very different. You do feel self conscious because you are around other actors who have been doing it for such long times.”

On why audiences will enjoy the musical:
“They’re going to be listening to the biggest selling soundtrack of all time – Whitney’s Bodyguard soundtrack. There’s amazing actors, singers, pyrotechnics – you don’t get that in a lot of musical theatre! The dancers are phenomenal and you get the beautiful storyline that we all love of the Bodyguard with all Whitney’s music intertwined in-between. It’s kind of like a concert/musical. It’s awesome. It really is a fun show.”

On quick costume changes:
“There’s a lot of changes we do. The first half I change seven times. The second, it’s about nine. I run out and [put my arms out] and they change me. At first when we were doing tech rehearsals I gotta say, I was really nervous about it. But now it’s such a breeze because we’ve got such a great team behind.”

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