Exclusive EP Premiere: ‘Keeping Secrets’ by Ryan Daykin

It’s ironic that Ryan Daykin’s debut EP is called Keeping Secrets – as we’re choosing to do the complete opposite and give you an exclusive sneak peek! Featuring collaborations with Aleyce Simmonds and Hayley Marsten, whom we interviewed and premiered her music video of Coming Home last year; his influences stretch from Motown, to Shania Twain, and almost everything in between.

If you’re into earthy, country-alternative pop with strong hooks and compelling lyrical themes, then definitely take a moment to check out Ryan Daykin’s music.

Ryan tells provocative stories that have been sun-drenched with pure, honest expression, and are derived from his own life experiences and personal encounters. To him, real, relatable experience is the essence of music, and with well over a decade’s worth of impassioned songwriting, Ryan is recognised for his ability to connect with his fans on a level that far exceeds what currently exists in an age of mass produced, cookie-cutter music.

Originating from the high country of Victoria, Ryan has spent the last few years building his fan base across Australia. The 2015 release of Ryan’s debut EP ‘Dreams’ received an amazing critical response from country radio and fans, with the first two singles both achieving top 40 radio spots. On its release day, ‘Dreams’ made its mark on the national iTunes country charts. The success of this initial release ultimately led to Ryan achieving 2 nominations in the 2016 Australian Country Music People’s Choice Awards.

With an ‘outside the square’ approach to music, Ryan Daykin’s mission is singular in that he seeks to perform good music without the constraints of genre limitations. In his words, “a great song is simply a great song”.

My personal favourite is the cover of The Way She Loved Me. I adored this song (and still do!) off Shannon Noll’s 2004 debut album, That’s What I’m Talking About. It’s great to see a different interpretation of a great, under-rated song.

Keeping Secrets is released this Monday 18, and can be pre-ordered from his website.

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