An Interview with Paul Hammer from Savoir Adore


The Savoir Adore duo originated out of Brooklyn, New York, releasing two albums with ex-member Deidre Muro. The band’s third album, The Love That Remains (out now) features new vocalist, LaurenĀ Zettler, and helped to define the band’s new sound and dynamic. Founder and vocalist, Paul Hammer joined me, via telephone in sunny Los Angeles, to chat about band changes, romance and the aftermath of the photo to the left.

Your new album, The Love That Remains has been out for just over a month. How does it feel to have your music reach Australia?

It is very exciting! With this album, we’ve had little bits of success around South America and Europe – with the last record too – so, for me, I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that it connects with people in Australia so we can get down there and play eventually. Hopefully next year – once we get a little bit more of a fan base there, because it’s hard to tour in Australia, especially for a five piece band. Hopefully things keep catching down there. It would be a dream to come down!

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